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order ayns shayll, order, reaghey; cur ayns oardagh, cur sarey da, gra, oardaghey; dy lieragh; foaynoo; oardagh: It's out of order - Cha nel eh ayns oardagh. JJK idiom; oardrailys: Pecking order - Ordrailys spulgee. DF idiom; oardreilys; oardyr, ordyr; reajid; reajys; reill; reir; reirey; rere; rick; sarey; goardrail; oardee

order order: ad dy ve soit ayns order

Inexact matches:

Order, Order (impv) Doaieid, doaieid

battle order (n.) oardyr caggee, order-caggee; reaghys chaggee

by order fo harey

chronological order rere ny dateyn; rere ny laghyn

good order mayn; smaght; stayd mie: They are all in good order - T'ad ooilley ayns stayd mie. DF idiom

in order er mod

mail order (n.) oardagh trooid yn phost

mail-order business (n.) post-traght

maintenance order (n.) currym bayr, oardagh meansal

marching order (n.) oardeyr co-hooyl

order book (n.) lioar oardagh

order in (v.) kionnaghey stiagh; oardaghey stiagh

order off (v.) oardaghey jeh

order out (v.) oardaghey magh

order paper (n.) claare obbyr, pabyr-obbyr

pecking order (n.) ordrailys spulgee

public order (n.) ymmyrkey-bea yn theay

receiving order oardagh resowirys

repeat order aa-oardagh

restraining order oardagh-lhiettalys

separation order (n.) oardagh scarree

standing order (n.) reill beayn

in order that do

in order to dys; gys; dy voddagh: In order to procure repose for others, he sacrificed his own - Dy voddagh eh geddyn fea da feallagh elley, ren eh cur seose yn fea echey hene. JJK idiom

Order of the Thistle (n.) Oardyr ny Honnane

set in order (v.) kiartaghey

supplementary order paper (n.) claare obbyr arbyllagh

The Speaker demands order Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral

turn out to order (v.) jannoo rere oardagh

Doaieid, doaieid (impv) Order, Order

aa-oardagh countermand, repeat order

currym bayr maintenance order

er mod (=Ir. ar mod) in order

lioar oardagh (f.) order book

mayn good order, property

oardaghey jeh order off

oardaghey magh order out

oardaghey stiagh order in

oardagh-lhiettalys restraining order

oardagh meansal maintenance order

oardagh resowirys receiving order

oardagh scarree separation order

oardeyr co-hooyl marching order

oardreilys (f.) order, system

oardyr caggee battle order

ordrailys spulgee pecking order

pabyr-obbyr order paper

reajys discretion, order

reill beayn standing order

array coamraghey; oardagh; straneys; order-caggee: and put themselves in array at Baaltamar as hug ad ad-hene ayns order-caggee ec Baal-tamar Bible

ayns shayll order; in turn

do long-stemmed; in order that

kiartaghey accommodate, adjust, adjusting, amend, appoint, dispose, even out, fix, make, mend, modify, prepare, qualify, ready, redress, setting, settle, settling; correct, true; correction, modification, preparation, rectification; set in order: nee oo kiartaghey ny reddyn ta dy ve soit er ayns nyn order oural-millish y lostey er Bible; dress: As nee Aaron lostey er oural-millish dy chooilley voghrey: tra t'eh kiartaghey ny lampyn, nee eh oural-millish y lostey er. Bible

order-caggee battle order: Cren feme ta rish ooilley ynvea shoh, shiu dy heet magh ayns order-caggee? Bible; array

post-traght mail-order business

rere ny laghyn chronological order

ymmyrkey-bea yn theay public order

claare obbyr agenda, order paper; platform

claare obbyr arbyllagh supplementary order paper

dy lieragh order, side by side; askew

kionnaghey stiagh import, order in; importation

oardagh trooid yn phost mail order

Oardyr ny Honnane Order of the Thistle

reaghys chaggee (f.) battle order, military array

rere ny dateyn chronologically, chronological order

copy copy: Va copy yn order son dagh cheer Bible

cur ayns oardagh conform, digest, marshal, order, set out

goardrail appoint, order: Quoi nee goardrail yn cheshaght-chaggee? Bible

jannoo rere oardagh turn out to order, turn out

ordyr order: dinsh arreyder yn phryssoon yn ordyr shoh da Paul Bible

arguments (npl.) arganeyn; resoonyn fondagh: I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments - Yinnin my chooish y hoiaghey magh kiongoyrt rish, as lhieeney my veeal lesh resoonyn fondagh Bible

council (n.) co-choyrle, coonseil, coyrle, ard-whuaiyl; coonceil: By order of the council - Fo harey ny cooinseil. DF idiom; fer coyrlee, leighder, pleadeilagh, turneyr: Council for the defence - Turneyr yn 'endeilys. DF idiom; (the); (yn) whuaiyl

midnight (n.) mean oie, main-oie; meanoie: He's been obliged to burn the midnight oil, in order to write his book - Beign da lostey yn ooil meanoie dy voddagh eh screeu e lioar. JJK idiom

oil (n.) ooill: He's been obliged to burn the midnight oil, in order to write his book - Beign da lostey yn ooil meanoie dy voddagh eh screeu e lioar. JJK idiom; (v.) ooillaghey

repose fea: In order to procure repose for others, he sacrificed his own - Dy voddagh eh geddyn fea da feallagh elley, ren eh cur seose yn fea echey hene. JJK idiom; gow saveenys; lhie; saveenys; soiaghey; soit er

shall do1 nee: He shall do it if I order it - My oardrym eh nee eh jannoo eh. DF idiom; jean

atchimyn terrors: ta atchimyn Yee soiaghey ad-hene ayns order-caggee m. Bible

cur sarey da command, order: cur sarey da ny claghyn shoh dy ve jeant nyn arran Bible

dys (=Ir. do) 1 See gys for, in order to, till, unto a: t'eh jeh'n chiaght, as goll dys toyrt-mow. Bible; 2 (motion) to

foaynoo avail, availment, consequence, essence, fame, fettle, function, import, importance, order, reputation, state, utility, value, worth: bee ad er beggan foaynoo dhyt. Bible; (sport.) form; condition

fockley magh declare, proclaim, proclamation, profess, promulgate, promulgation, pronounce, pronouncement, pronunciation: As ren ad fockley magh order, trooid Judah as Jerusalem, da ooilley cloan y chappeeys Bible; articulate

fo harey by order, mandated, under command: As deie ad orroo, as hug ad fo harey ad gyn dy loayrt eddyr, ny dy ynsaghey ayns ennym Yeesey. Bible

gra (=Ir. ) articulate, express, order, phrase, state; say, saying: Shimmey tayn ta gra jeh mannym Bible

greïney (gen.) of sun: Toshiaght, as jerrey, as mean ny traaghyn: caghlaaghyn, as chyndaaghyn ny greïney, as imbaghyn ny bleeaney: Coorse ny bleeantyn, as order ny rollageyn Apoc

gys (=Ir. go) 1 in order to, till, until, unto; 2 (motion) to, toward a: As roie Abraham gys y chioltane Bible

oardagh (=Ir. ordú) pl. oardaghyn arrangement, array, behest, commission, decree, decretory, direction, directive, dispensation, fiat, order, ordinance, rite, ritual, sequence: cordail rish oardagh yn Chiarn Bible

oardaghey (n.) appointment, commission, ordinance; (v.) appoint, authorize, bid, bidding, command, decree, dispense, indent, ordain, order, rank: Shoh oardaghey yn leigh Bible

oardee bid, command, order: Oardee da Aaron as e vec, gra, Shoh leigh yn oural-losht Bible

oardyr order: Ec lunney yn lioar, hie eh er fockley dy row yn Reejerey Chalse er ngeddyn Oardyr-Toilchynys Norlann son greesaghey kianglaghyn eddyr Mannin as Norlann. BS

reaghey 1 arbitrate, arrange, brush out, decide, decision, determine, disentangle, disentanglement, edit, lead, order, organise, organising, organize, rid, settlement, umpire a: as nagh vod ve er ny reaghey liorish ny briwnyn Bible; 2 (as hair) set

reajid decidedness, discretion, order, settledness: t'eh dy heet rish ayns quaiyl ayns Lerpoyll y chied laa Mee Vayrnt, as cassid jeant er dy ren eh loght noi reajid theayagh. BS

reill (n.) code, dominion, governance, policy, principle, reign: son ec y traa shen va reill ec ny Philistinee harrish Israel Bible; (v.) charge, govern, order, regulate, rule: ooilley reeriaght Sihon ree ny Amoriteyn, va reill ayns Heshbon Bible; subdue

reirey (=Ir. riarachán) 1 administer, casting, extend, manage, order, reach, serve a: Vel peiagh erbee reirey ort? DF; 2 administration, management, procuration; 3 dictation

rere (=Ir. de réir) (f.) cater, order; accordance; consonant; according to, pursuant: Rere yn earroo, nee shiu kiarail son oural Bible; according

rick 1 consistence, order, satisfaction, settled rule, settlement, steadiness, uniformity a: Cha row rick ny resoon ayn JK; 2 intelligence, news, story, tale

sarey pl. saraghyn charge, command, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, enjoin, injunction, instruct, mandate, order, precept, prescribe: Sarey noa ta mee dy choyrt diu Bible

shirveishyn (f.) 1 services: O Yee dy bragh farraghtyn, ta er n'oardaghey as er phointeil shirveishyn Ainleyn as deiney ayns order yindyssagh PB; 2 solemnities a: As ayns ny ard-feaillaghyn, as ayns ny shirveishyn casherick Bible

smaght (=Ir. smacht) castigation, chastisement, command, control, correction, discipline, empire, good order, restraint, restriction, subjection: Ny freill smaght veih'n lhiannoo Bible

stayd mie good order: Veih olkys t'ou sauchey dagh traa, She mysh dty stayd mie ta mee troo, Cha bee oo ayns treihys dy brâ; Ny peccagh myr ta mish ny smoo. LH

Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral The Speaker demands order

heet magh (dy); (to) issue forth: Cren feme ta rish ooilley ynvea shoh, shiu dy heet magh ayns order-caggee? Bible


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