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opinion (n.) barel: To cling to an opinion - Dy lhiantyn rish barel. DF idiom; coyrle; smooinaght: Common opinion - Smooinaght chadjin y phobble. DF idiom; tuarym: I respect his opinion - Ta mee cur geill da'n tuarym echey. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

opinion poll (gen.) towse-barel

prevailing opinion barel cadjin

public opinion (n.) aigney yn phobble; aigney yn theay

Sunday Opinion (n.) Barel Jedoonee

in my opinion er jeeym; er lhiam

it is my opinion stroo hene; er lhiam pene: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

public opinion survey (n.) creearey barelyn y theay

barel cadjin prevailing opinion

Barel Jedoonee Sunday Opinion

towse-barel opinion poll

aigney yn phobble public opinion

aigney yn theay public opinion

caghlaa aigney veer, change opinion

creearey barelyn y theay public opinion survey

er jeeym in my opinion, I think

smooinaght (f.) concept, impression, notion, opinion, sentiment, think, thought: Ghow mee smooinaght elley Bible

stroo hene I imagine, I suppose; it is my opinion

deceit (n.) cluigid, croutys, foall, grooish-volley, kialg, kialgeyrys, molley, molteyraght, molteyrys; foalsaght: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

glad boggoil: I am glad that you are of our opinion - Ta mee boggoil dy vel shiuish smooinaghtyn myr ta shinyn. JJK idiom; gerjoil; gennal

barel (=Ir. barúil) (f.) pl. barelyn appreciation, estimation, hypothesis, mind, opinion, presumption, review, surmise: Nish dy vel mee ny shinney ta barel elley aym. DF; contention

coyrle (=Ir. comhairle) (f.) pl. coyrleyn advice, consultation, council, counsel, deliberation, guidance, hint, opinion, persuasion, policy, suggestion, exhortation: As hir David coyrle veih'n Chiarn Bible; notification

er lhiam (=Ir. dàr liom) in my opinion, I presume, it seems to me, I suppose, I think, methinks: Er-lhiam dy vel caslys y doghan dy louraanys ayns y thie

er lhiam pene I imagine: Er lhiam pene dy row startey mie jeant ain shiaulley y vaatey as foddee eer ny smoo scanshoil, cur Ellan Vannin er e toshiaght as soilshaghey magh Feailley Thousa GK; it is my opinion

tuarym (f.) pl. tuarymyn conjecture, estimation, guess, guesswork, opinion, review, surmise, view, viewpoint: Ta mee cur geill da'n tuarym echey. DF


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