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ooilley smaghtys totalitarianism

ooilley all, entire, whole: As d'insh Moses da Aaron ooilley goan y Chiarn Bible; everyone; everybody [O.Ir. uile]

Inexact matches:

dagh ooilley every: Va'n skeeal ayns beeal dagh ooilley pheiagh 'sy valley DF; all

er-jerrey ooilley last of all: Er-jerrey ooilley hooar y ven ee hene baase myrgeddin. Bible

erskyn ooilley besides, chiefly, moreover: harrish as erskyn ooilley ny ta mee er chiarail Bible

gagh ooilley all: Ta three-feed bleeaney er ngholl shaghey neayr's va 'Finn as Oshin" prentit as foddee nagh vel gagh ooilley lhaider er nakin yn daane. Coraa

hoshiaght ooilley first of all: Son livrey mee diu hoshiaght ooilley shen ny hooar mee hene myrgeddin, kys dy dooar Creest baase son nyn beccaghyn cordail rish ny scriptyryn Bible

lurg ooilley lastly, moreover, notwithstanding: As lurg ooilley ny t'er jeet orrin Bible

ooilley bun-ry-skyn all awry

ooilley cooidjagh all together: As hug eh ad ooilley cooidjagh ayns pryssoon three laa. Bible; utterly

ooilley fud-y-cheilley all in a flurry: Myr ec margey, my t'ou er eaishtagh rish cauaig y chaglym, agh cha bee ayd fys cre un ockle ta fer gra rish fer elley, agh y thassane mooar ooilley fud-y-cheilley PC

ooilley kiart all right, alright, OK: Ta ooilley kiart er-lhimmey jeh'n raa shoh. JJK

ooilley mygeayrt all around, everywhere, round about: as cur-my-ner, va'n slieau lane dy chabbil as dy ainee aile ooilley mygeayrt Elisha. Bible; rampant

ooilley smaghtagh totalitarian

skimmee ooilley-ghoaillagh inclusive team

son ooilley nevertheless; for all: son nyn ghrogh-yannoo, as son ooilley nyn obbraghyn eajee Bible

agh son shoh as ooilley notwithstanding, nevertheless, but for all this: Agh son shoh as ooilley, ghow goan y ree raad noi Joab, as noi captanyn y cheshaght-chaggee Bible

dagh ooilley ard everywhere: Haink ad voish dagh ooilley ard dy akin eh. DF

dagh ooilley nhee everything: Shegin dooin lhiggey da dagh ooilley nhee cheet gys kione. DF

dagh ooilley oor ever

dagh ooilley pheiagh all-comers, everyone, one and all, everybody: Ta graih orrym ec dagh ooilley pheiagh DF

dagh ooilley phersoon everybody

dagh ooilley raad everywhere

dagh ooilley red everything: Hie dagh ooilley red dy mie DF

dagh ooilley voayl everywhere: Ta ny paraantyn oc voish Mannin, voish Sostyn, voish Nerin, dagh ooilley voayl. Dhoor

er dagh ooilley chor absolutely, in every respect

er e hon shoh ooilley nevertheless: Er-y-hon sho ully, gy ta mi nagaerun aglagh : foyst ta mi toyrt my hreisteel anyds. Psalm1610

er son ooilley (=Ir. ar son uile) for good and all; for all: Er son ooilley ny deiney shen t'er vakin my ghloyr, as my virrilyn ren mee ayns Egypt, as ayns yn aasagh Bible

goaill stiagh ooilley bar none: Va cooid elley jeh'n 'eailley goaill stiagh ooilley ny cooishyn lhisagh oo jerkal rish. Carn

Jee ooilley niartal Almighty God: As ren Abraham keyll y hoiaghey ayns Beer-sheba, as ayns shen ren eh geamagh er ennym y chiarn, yn Jee ooilley niartal. Bible

Laa ny Nooghyn Ooilley All Hallow's Day, All Saint's Day

marish shen as ooilley moreover, therewithal

marish shoh as ooilley withal

ooilley as ass all and all, out and out: Ooilley as ass, v'eh kione shiaghtyn ree-vie. Dhoor

ooilley ayns cassaghyn all in tangles

ooilley dy lieragh altogether

ooilley mee hene egoistical; all myself: Cha nel mee ooilley mee hene jiu. DF

ooilley myr yien all sham

ooilley ny huilk all the evil: shaghney ooilley ny huilk shoh. Bible

ooilley yn grih eu all the sort of you: kaid smuiniys shiu drogh red nyaei gygh ully guyney bi shiu er nan marru ully yn gryaei aggu, gy jaru mar ball lou viis shiu, as kasly rish klei brist. Psalm1610

ooilley yn seihll all the earth: cha vel dooinney faagit er nyn son er yn ooir, lurg cliaghtey ooilley yn seihll Bible

ooilley yn skeeal whole story

She nyn mea diu ooilley (intj) Hullo everybody

son shen as ooilley all the same: Son shen as ooilley va shin imneagh dy roshtyn dy valley Myr shen va'n skimmee gaase red beg neufeagh. GK

son shoh as ooilley (=Ir. son so agus uile) nevertheless: Agh son shoh as ooilley, hie ad ny sodjey er nyn doshiaght ayns peccah: as cha chred ad ny obbraghyn yindyssagh echey. Bible

yei shen as ooilley (ny) nevertheless, still: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

nevertheless (adv., conj.) son ooilley; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; (ny) yei shen; agh son shoh as ooilley; ny-yeih; er e hon shoh ooilley; son shoh as ooilley; ga ta

all (adj., adv.) cagh: All mowing hay - Cagh buinn traagh. DF idiom; fey; (pref.) ooilley-; (dy) chooilley; ooilley: All is right except this sentence - Ta ooilley kiart er-lhimmey jeh'n raa shoh. JJK idiom; dagh ooilley, gagh ooilley: All hands on deck - Dagh ooilley pheiagh er y lout. DF idiom

everywhere (adv.) dagh ooilley ard; dagh ooilley raad: English is spoken everywhere - Ta Baarle loayrit dy-chooilley raad. JJK idiom; dagh ooilley voayl: Man is everywhere the same - Ta dooinney yn lheid cheddin dy- chooilley raad. JJK idiom; dagh ynnyd; gagh ynnyd; ooilley mygeayrt: The water had got in everywhere - Va'n ushtey er jeet stiagh ooilley mygeayrt. DF idiom

everybody dagh ooilley pheiagh; dagh ooilley phersoon: Everybody has his faults - Ta dy-chooilley phersoon as e oiljyn echey. JJK idiom; cagh: Everybody is speaking of this new discovery - Ta cagh loayrt mysh yn feddyn-magh noa shoh. JJK idiom; ooilley: It becomes us to be polite to everybody - Te cheet jesh dooin dy ve cooyrtoil da ooilley. JJK idiom

everyone (pron) cagh; dagh ooilley pheiagh; ooilley: Give everyone his due - Cur da ooilley nyn gair. JJK idiom

everything (pron) dagh ooilley nhee; dagh ooilley red

moreover (adv.) agh foast, as red elley, erskyn ooilley, foast, foastagh, harrish shen, lurg ooilley, marish shen as ooilley, myrchaagh, red elley jeh, tooilley elley, tooilley foast; ny-sodjey; sodjey; sodjey na shen; (ny) sodjey; (ny) sodjey na shen; marish shen

notwithstanding (adv., prep.) agh son shen as ooilley, agh son shoh as ooilley, er son shen, foast, kione harrish shen, lurg ooilley, ny-yeih; (ny) yei shen; ga ta

cheer sleitagh (f.) hill country, wold: As huitt aggle (arrymagh) er ooilley nyn naboonyn: as hie goo jeh ooilley ny reddyn shoh magh trooid ooilley cheer sleitagh Yudea. Bible

ammyryn channels: as hig eh seose harrish ooilley e ammyryn, as lhieenee eh harrish ooilley e vrooinyn Bible

croutyn imaginations: Tou er vakin ooilley yn eulys oc, as ooilley ny croutyn oc m Bible; craftiness; devices

dyn ymmyd dud, naught, unserviceable, useless, void: T'ad ooilley er n'gholl ass y raad, t'ad ooilley dyn ymmyd Bible

fakyderyn seers: Foast dymmyrk y Chiarn feanish noi Israel, as noi Judah, liorish ooilley ny phadeyryn, as ooilley ny fakyderyn

jeant jeh made of: glen-jee ooilley nyn goamrey, as ooilley ny ta jeant jeh craitnyn Bible

ooilley-niartal all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent: ta'n Ooilley-niartal dy my heaghney. Bible

pictureyn pictures: As er ooilley lhongyn Tarshish, as er ooilley ny pictureyn aalin Bible

pilotyn pilots: As ooilley adsyn ta loaghtey yn maidjey-raue, ny shiolteyryn, as ooilley pilotyn ny marrey Bible

all around ooilley mygeayrt

all awry ooilley bun-ry-skyn

all-comers (n.) dagh ooilley pheiagh

all right (adj., adv.) ooilley kiart

all together ooilley cooidjagh

altogether (adv.) ooilley dy lieragh; ooilley-cooidjagh: It's off my beat altogether - T'eh ass my reir ooilley cooidjagh. DF idiom; trooid as trooid

astrologers (npl.) rollaageydee: better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm - share na ooilley ny deiney-creeney as rollaageydee vayns ooilley e reeriaght Bible; rollageydee

but for all this agh son shoh as ooilley: But for all this they sinned yet more - Agh son shoh as ooilley, hie ad ny sodjey er nyn doshiaght ayns peccah Bible

every side dagh cheu; dagh ooilley ard: They came from every side to see him - Haink ad voish dagh ooilley ard dy akin eh. DF idiom; dy chooilley heu

for all son ooilley: Every man for himself and God for all - Dy-chooilley ghooinney er e hon hene as Jee son ooilley. JJK idiom

necessary (n., adj.) femoil: Everything necessary - Dagh ooilley nhee femoil. DF idiom; ymmyrchagh: It is absolutely necessary - T'eh ymmyrchagh er dagh ooilley chor. DF idiom

totalitarian (n., adj.) ooilley smaghtagh

totalitarianism (n.) ooilley smaghtys

ardjyn ny marrey sea coast: Lesh shen v'eh feer jymmoosagh, as deie eh er ooilley princeyn Voab, as captanyn Ammon, as ooilley kiannoortyn ardjyn ny marrey Apoc

berree will overtake: dy reayll dy tastagh ooilley e oardaghyn, as e lattyssyn ta mish dy harey dhyt jiu; dy jig ooilley ny mollaghtyn shoh ort, as berree ad ort. Bible

caslyssyn pictures: Eisht nee shiu geiyrt magh ooilley cummaltee yn cheer veih kiongoyrt riu, as stroie ooilley caslyssyn ny jeeghyn oc, Bible

chiarnyn lords, peerage: As dooyrt Samson, Lhig dou baase y gheddyn marish ny Philistinee. As chroym eh eh-hene lesh ooilley e niart; as huitt y thie er ny chiarnyn, as er ooilley yn sleih vayn Bible

feer shenn great antiquity; very old: Nish va Eli feer shenn, as cheayll eh jeh ooilley ny va e vec er nyannoo rish ooilley Israel Bible

fer lurg fer Indian file; one by one: Son foddee shiu ooilley phadeyrys fer lurg fer, dy vod ooilley gynsaghey Bible

fynney down, fur, pile; hair: er y chiaghtoo laa nee eh baarey ooilley e olt jeh e chione, as e aasaag as e volleeyn, eer ooilley yn slane fynney nee eh baarey jeh Bible; film on the eye [O.Ir. finna]

goaill rish accept, acknowledge; receive: nee ad ooilley goaill-rish dty ghoan Bible; recognition; admit guilt, confess: As ver Aaron e ghaa laue er kione y ghoayr bio, as harrishyn goaill-rish ooilley peccaghyn chloan Israel Bible; (of guilt) acknowledgement, admission, confession; (treaty etc.) sign

gyn ynsagh 1 (person) lowbred; 2 uncultured, uneducated, unlearned, unlettered, unread, unscholarly, unschooled: a: Agh my ta ooilley phadeyrys, as dy jig stiagh fer nagh vel credjal, ny gyn ynsagh, teh coyrlit lieriu ooilley Bible

jewellyn jewels: hug ad da Jacob ooilley ny jeeghyn joarree vayns nyn laue, as ooilley ny jewellyn vayns nyn gleayshyn Bible

oardyn 1 hammers a: tad brishey sheese ooilley yn obbyr grainnit eck: lesh teighyn as oardyn. Bible; 2 mattocks a: As myr shoh ren eh ayns ard-valjyn Vanasseh, as Ephraim, as Simeon, eer gys Naphtali, lesh nyn oardyn ooilley mygeayrt Bible

podjal (f.) jug: As nee ad eshyn y choamrey lesh ooilley gloyr thie e ayrey, yn sheeloghe as yn sluight, ooilley ny siyn beggey, voish siyn-cappan eer gys siyn-podjal. Bible

traa jinnairagh dinner hour, dinnertime: Ta ooilley ny brastylyn, Gaelgagh as Baarlagh, cheet ry-cheilley ec traa jinnairagh as rish oor fastyr Jeheiney agh shen ooilley! Dhoor

vrish broke: hug y sniaghtey-garroo naardey ooilley glassyraght y thallooin, as vrish eh ooilley biljyn y vagheragh Bible eish haink ny sajuryn, as vrish ayd lurghyn yn ghied 'err, as yn 'err elle va erna ghrossy marishsyn. PB1610; burst

yeeilley (f.) satiety: Eisht faag-ym oo er y thalloo, as tilg-ym oo magh er y vagher foshlit, as ver-ym er ooilley eeanlee yn aer dy hannaghtyn ort, as jeed's ver-ym nyn yeeilley da ooilley maase y thallooin. Bible

all-blessed ooilley-vane

all-conquering ooilley-varrialtagh

all-creating ooilley-chrootagh

all-destroying ooilley-stroiagh

all-devouring (adj.) ooilley-sluggagh

all-Island (adj.) ooilley-ellanagh

all-judging (adj.) ooilley-briwnyssagh

all-knowing (adj.) ooilley-tushtagh

all-powerful (adj.) ooilley-chummaghtagh; ooilley-niartal

all-purpose (adj.) ooilley-aignagh, ooilley-chooishagh

all-seeing (adj.) ooilley-fakin, ooilley-reayrtagh, ooilley-reayrtys

all sham ooilley myr yien

all-sufficient ooilley-liooar

all-wise (adj.) ooilley-chreeney

almightiness (n.) ooilley-niartallys

almighty (adj.) ooilley-niartal

Almighty God (n.) Jee ooilley niartal

armour (v.) armal, plaaitail; (n.) eilley: he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted - teh goaill veih ooilley e eilley, huggey veh treishteil Bible; eilley chaggee: all of them clothed with all sorts of armour - ooilley coamrit ayns dy chooilley cheint dy eilley-caggee Bible; ejy

bar none goaill stiagh ooilley

commandments (npl.) annaghyn: he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, - scrieu eh er ny buird focklyn y chonaant, ny jeih annaghyn DF idiom; currymyn: For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments - Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh Bible; saraghyn: and remember all the commandments of the Lord - as cooinaghtyn er ooilley saraghyn y Chiarn Bible

comprehensive (adj.) ooilley-ghoaillys

cure-all (n.) ooilley-lheeys, ooilley-lheihys

dominion (n.) ard-chioneys, ard-rheam, chiarnys; reilltys: despise dominion - soiaghey beg jeh reilltys Bible; ard-reill: or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us? - nee ayds vees yn ard reill harrin? Bible; chiarnaght; reill: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea - as lhig da reill ve oc harrish eeastyn ny marrey Bible; barriaght: it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion - hig eh gy-kione, tra vees oo er chosneyn varriaght Bible; rheam: and in all the land of his dominion - as ayns ooilley cheer e rheam Bible; reeriaght: nor in all his dominion - ny ayns ooilley y reeriaght echey Bible

egoistical (adj.) froaishagh, ooilley mee hene

en masse (adv.) ooilley-cooidjagh, ry-cheilley

every (adj.) dagh: The doctor attends her every day - Ta'n fer-lhee tendeil urree dagh laa. DF idiom; gagh: Every couple of minutes - Gagh cubbyl dy vinnid. DF idiom; dagh ooilley: Every other week - Dagh ooilley cor hiaghtin. DF idiom; dy-chooilley, dy chooilley; dagh un, gagh un

excellency ooilley-niartallys; ooashlys

exhaustive (adj.) myn-; ooilley-ghoaillagh

inclusive team (n.) skimmee ooilley-ghoaillagh

last of all er-jerrey ooilley

likewise (adv.) lheid elley; myrgeddin: And likewise did he for all his strange wives - As myrgeddin hrog eh son ooilley e vraane joarree Bible; neesht: in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand - ayns y choorse echeysyn neesht va kiare thousaneyn as feed Bible; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh: Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab - Myr-chaagh, tra va ooilley ny Hewnyn y ayns Moab Bible; er yn aght cheddin: he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise - hie eh magh mysh y cheyoo as yn nuyoo oor, as ren eh er yn aght cheddin Bible

lovers (npl.) gliminee, maarderyn; caarjyn: My lovers and my neighbours did stand looking upon my trouble - Hass my chaarjyn as my naboonyn jeeaghyn er my heaghyn Bible; gimmanyn; graihderyn: All thy lovers have forgotten thee - Ta ooilley dty ghraihderyn er dty yarrood Bible; ainjyssee: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her - mastey ooilley e ainjyssee cha vel unnane dy gherjaghey Bible

muddle broagey; brock: She made a muddle of it - Ren ee brock jeh. DF idiom; brockey; corvaal; fud y cheilley: She's all in a muddle - T'ee ooilley fud y cheilley. DF idiom; mestane; whumm: She's all in a muddle - T'ee ooilley ayns whumm. DF idiom

oecumenical (adj.) ooilley-chadjin

oecumenicalism (n.) ooilley-chadjinys

of the forest keilley: For all the beasts of the forest are mine - Son lhiams ta ooilley maase ny keilley: Bible; keylley: He built also the house of the forest - Hrog eh neesht thie keylley Lebanon Bible; (y) cheyll: wherein all the beasts of the forest do move - ayn ta ooilley beïyn y cheyll rouail mygeayrt Bible

omniform (adj.) ooilley-chrootagh

omnipotence (n.) ooilley-niartallys

omnipotent (adj.) ooilley-niartal

omnipresent (adj.) ooilley-ynnydagh

omniscience (n.) ooilley-fysseraght, ooilley-toiggaltys, ooilley-toiggalys

omniscient (adj.) ooilley-creenagh, ooilley-fysseragh, ooilley-toiggalagh

omnivorous (adj.) ooilley-eeagh, ooilley-jeeillagh

panacea (n.) ooilley-lheeys, ooilley-lheihys

pan-American ooilley-Americaanagh; pan-Americaanagh

pan-Celtic (adj.) ooilley-Cheltiagh; pan-Cheltiagh

pan-Celticism ooilley-Cheltiaghys; pan-Cheltaghys

pantheism (n.) ooilley-jeeaghys, panjeeagys

pantheist (n., adj.) ooilley-jeeagh; panjeeagh

pantheistic (adj.) ooilley-jeeagh, panjeeagh

pantheistical (adj.) ooilley-jeeagh, panjeeagh

racking guintagh; ooilley-chorpagh

round about2 mygeayrt: the food of the field, which was round about every city - arroon vagher, va mygeayrt dagh ardvalley Bible; cruin mygeayrt: But the Levites shall pitch round about the tabernacle of testimony - Agh nee ny Leviteyn goaill grunt cruin mygeayrt cabbane y chonaant Bible; ooilley mygeayrt: your sheaves stood round about - hass ny bunneeyn euish ooilley mygeayrt Bible; runt mygeayrt: and the wall of Jerusalem round about - as voalley Yerusalem runt mygeayrt Bible; slane mygeayrt: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long - van voalley echey slane mygeayrt, queig cheead cron er lhiurid Bible

ubiquitous (adj.) ooilley-laaragh, ooilley-ynnydagh

ubiquity (n.) ooilley-laaraght, ooilley-ynnydys

whole story ooilley yn skeeal

erskyn shen additionally: Shegin dou cur my wooise da'n ving son ooilley yn obbyr vie jeant oc, agh erskyn shen as ooilley lhig dooin cur nyn mwooise da Audrey ta cur seose obbyr y Scrudeyr lurg mysh queig bleeaney as feed. Dhoor

gleashagh seose (emotionally) touch: Ta niurin veih heese er ny ghoostey er dty hon, dy heet dty whail tra hig oo: te gleashagh seose ny merriu er dty hon, dy feer ooilley ard-gheiney yn theihll; te er hroggal seose veih nyn stuill-reeoil ooilley reeaghyn ny ashoonyn. Bible

gow reesht (impv) retake, take again: Gow reesht lioar elley, as scrieu ayn ooilley ny goan va role ayns y chied lioar, ta Jehoiakim ree Yudah er lostey. Bible; return: Immee, gow reesht gys Egypt; son ta ooilley ny deiney marroo va shirrey dty vioys. Bible

ooilley- (pref.) all: bannit dy row uss jeh'n Chiarn Ooilley-niartal son dy bragh farraghtyn; as dooyrt ooilley'n pobble, Myr shen dy row eh. Apoc

ooilley-aignagh all-purpose

ooilley-Americaanagh pan-American

ooilley-briwnyssagh all-judging

ooilley-chadjin oecumenical

ooilley-chadjinys oecumenicalism

ooilley-Cheltiagh pan-Celtic

ooilley-Cheltiaghys pan-Celticism

ooilley-chooishagh all-purpose

ooilley-chorpagh racking

ooilley-chreeney all-wise

ooilley-chrootagh all-creating, omniform

ooilley-chummaghtagh all-powerful

ooilley-cooidjagh altogether, en masse, quite: Agh t'ad ooilley-cooidjagh bolvaneagh as gyn tushtey; ta'n jalloo ny ynsagh dy ardalys. Bible

ooilley-creenagh omniscient

ooilley-eeagh omnivorous

ooilley-ellanagh all-Island

ooilley-fakin all-seeing

ooilley-fysseragh omniscient

ooilley-fysseraght (f.) omniscience

ooilley-ghoaillagh exhaustive

ooilley-ghoaillys comprehensive

ooilley-jeeagh pantheist, pantheistic, pantheistical

ooilley-jeeaghys pantheism

ooilley-jeeillagh omnivorous

ooilley-laaragh ubiquitous

ooilley-laaraght (f.) ubiquity

ooilley-lheeys cure-all, panacea

ooilley-lheihys cure-all, panacea

ooilley-liooar all-sufficient

ooilley-niartallys almightiness, excellency, omnipotence: Coamree nish oo-hene lesh ard-ooashley as ooilley-niartalys Bible

ooilley-reayrtagh all-seeing

ooilley-reayrtys all-seeing

ooilley-sluggagh all-devouring

ooilley-stroiagh all-destroying

ooilley-toiggalagh omniscient

ooilley-toiggaltys omniscience

ooilley-toiggalys omniscience

ooilley-tushtagh all-knowing

ooilley-vane all-blessed

ooilley-varrialtagh all-conquering

ooilley-ynnydagh omnipresent, ubiquitous

ooilley-ynnydys ubiquity

all and all ooilley as ass

all in a flurry ooilley fud-y-cheilley

all in tangles ooilley ayns cassaghyn

all the earth (n.) ooilley yn seihll

all the evil (n.) ooilley ny huilk

chiefly (adv.) erskyn ooilley, hoshiaght, son y chooid smoo

first of all (adv.) hoshiaght ooilley; (yn) chied red


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