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ooh (=Ir. ubh, Sc.G. ugh. O.Ir. og) (f.) egg, nest egg, ovum: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible; dug, udder [L. ovum]

Inexact matches:

bayrneen ooh egg cosy

bleayst ooh eggshell

blinkeyder ooh egg whisk

bwoalteyr ooh eggbeater

feddan ooh oviduct

glassan ooh egg salad

gollrish ooh egglike

marchan ooh egg man

ooh chiark (f.) hen egg

ooh chirkey (f.) hen egg

ooh guirragh (f.) addled egg

ooh kiark (f.) hen egg: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

ooh lhearee (f.) infertile egg

ooh lheearee (f.) wind egg

ooh loau (f.) rotten egg

ooh noa-verht (f.) new laid egg

ooh oor (f.) fresh egg: Bee ooh oor eu? JJK

ooh vroieit (f.) boiled egg

ooreyder ooh egg timer

poodyr ooh egg powder

spein ooh (f.) egg spoon

'syn ooh in the bud

hen egg (n.) ooh chiark, ooh chirkey, ooh kiark

egg (n.) ooh: Will you have a fresh egg? - Bee ooh oor eu? JJK idiom

fresh egg (n.) ooh oor: Will you have a fresh egg? - Bee ooh oor eu? JJK idiom

addled egg (n.) ooh guirragh

boiled egg (n.) ooh vroieit

egg cosy (n.) bayrneen ooh

egglike (adj.) gollrish ooh; oohagh

egg man (n.) marchan ooh

egg powder (n.) poodyr ooh

egg salad (n.) glassan ooh

eggshell (n.) bleayst ooh

egg spoon (n.) spein ooh

egg timer (n.) ooreyder ooh

egg whisk (n.) blinkeyder ooh

infertile egg (n.) ooh lhearee

nest egg (n.) ooh, sproag

oviduct (n.) feddan ooh

ovum (n.) ooh, oohag

rotten egg (n.) ooh loau

udder (n.) ooh

wind egg (n.) ooh lheearee

eggbeater (n.) bwoalteyr ooh, bwoalteyr oohey

in the bud 'syn ooh

new laid egg (n.) ooh noa-verht

oviparous (adj.) ooh-vreyagh, oohagh, oohbertagh

pullet egg (n.) ooh-earrag

ooh-earrag (f.) pullet egg

ooh-vreyagh oviparous

fynnican albumen, white of egg, white: cre'n vlass t'ayns fynnican ooh kiark? Bible

jeb (interrog.) will offer: Ny my hirrys eh ooh, jeb eh scorpion da? Bible

dug cleiyit: Have you dug your potatoes yet? DF idiom; reuyrit; ooh; chleiy; sheeiney, sheeint

lay1 breh, brey: That's the place the hen goes to lay an egg in - Shen y boayl ta'n chiark goll dy vrey ooh ayn. DF idiom; (v.) cur, cur sheese, lhie, lhiaghtey; jibbag; layal, laiyal; (adj.) neuagglishagh, theayagh

berrish (f.) pl. berrishyn berry, currant: Va fys aym dy row berrish ayn roish thammag, As va fys aym dy row ooh ayn roish kiark GB

brishey magh 1 bud, burst open, burst out, crop out, declare, erupt a: veih'n ooh brisht ta ardnieu brishey magh Bible; 2 eruption, outbreak, outburst

doo-oallee (f.) spider: T'ad guirr oohyn yn chockatrice, as fee feegan y doo-oallee; te baase dauesyn ta gee ny oohyn oc, as veih'n ooh brisht ta ardnieu brishey magh. Bible

oghyr (f.) berry; roe, spawn: Ta cooid dy yeeastyn bishagh liorish spawn, oghyr as molg, as jeu cooid elley t'ayn, myr eeanlee, breh nyn ooh 'sy gheinnagh heh, as voue shen cheet yn dooghys t'ad hene jeh. PC; ochre

scolbey (=Ir. sgol) chip, chip off, get up: Ren y yeean scolbey jeh mullagh yn ooh. DF; peck a shell, scallop

scorpion pl. scorpionee, scorpionyn scorpion: Ny my hirrys eh ooh, jeb eh scorpion da? Bible


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