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ooashlaghey adore, pay homage to, revere, worship: chroym yn pobble nyn ghing, as ren ad ooashlaghey. Bible

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cur ooashlaghey da adore

adore (v.) cur ooashlaghey da, ooashlaghey

pay homage to (v.) ooashlaghey

revere (v.) cur arrym da; ooashlaghey

mee-ooashlaghey despise, profane

profane anchasherick, seihllt, seihlltagh; anchasherickey, mee-ooashlaghey, meenooaghey, trullaghey

golden image (n.) jalloo airh: and worship the golden image - as ooashlaghey yn jalloo airh Bible

worship (v.) cur ooashley da; ooashlaghey; ooashley: Worship of the gods - Ooashley ny jeeaghyn. DF idiom

aagail (dy); (to) leave: Bailliu mish dy aagail my veeaylys, lesh tad ooashlaghey Jee as dooinney, as mish dy ve soit harrish ny biljyn? Bible

dy row 1 certain a: hie eh stiagh ayns thie dooinney dy row va ooashlaghey Jee, enmyssit Justus Bible; 2 that was a: tra hoig eh dy row eh jeh Cilicia Bible; 3 may be a: scuirr shin, gra, Aigney yn Chiarn dy row jeant. Bible

jannoo jee jeh apotheosis, deify: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran, as towse argid ayns y veih, as t'ad failley gaaue-airh, as ta eshyn jannoo jee jeh: t'ad tuittym sheese; dy jarroo, t'ad ooashlaghey. Bible

Jupiter Jupiter: ney Ephesus, quoi yn dooinney nagh vel fys echey dy vel ard-valley ny Ephesianee dy ooashlaghey yn ven-jee vooar Diana, as yn jalloo huitt neose veih Jupiter? Bible

soit harrish promoted: Bailliu mish dy aagail my veeaylys, lesh tad ooashlaghey Jee as dooinney, Jee as dooinney, Bible

despise mee-ooashlaghey; s'beg lesh; soiaghey beg jeh: However rich you may be, don't despise the poor - Kied echey berchagh as foddee shiu ve ny soie beg jeh ny boghtyn. JJK idiom; toirey; jyimmyly

chasherickey (dy); (to) consecrate: Chamoo nee eh e luight hene y vee-ooashlaghey mastey e phobble: son mish y Chiarn ta dy chasherickey eh. Bible

sodjey na shen (ny) further, moreover: as ny sodjey na shen, t'eh er chur lesh Ashoonee stiagh ayns y chiamble, as er vee-ooashlaghey yn ynnyd casherick shoh. Bible


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