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only (adj., adv.) ynrican: You will be the only ones there - Bee shiu ny feallagh ynrican aynshen. JJK idiom; unrick, ynrycan, ynrickan; agh: I have only two - Cha nel agh jees aym. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

once only un cheayrt ynrican

only for myrragh

only one unnane ny lomarcan; ynrycan: she is the only one of her mother - teeish lhiannoo ynrycan e moir Bible

only the good die young cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg

ynrycan alone, only: Cur-my-ner, shoh ynrycan ta mee er gheddyn Bible; only one

unrick only

un cheayrt ynrican once only

unnane ny lomarcan only one

myrragh as like, as not, as were, only for, were it not for

committed er n'yannoo: He has not only stolen, but he has committed a murder - Cha nel eh ynrican er n'gheid, agh t'eh myrgeddin er n'yannoo dunverys. JJK idiom

courageous errooyrtagh; dunnal: Only be thou strong and very courageous - Ynrycan bee jeh cree mie as feer dunnal Bible; creeoil: be courageous, and be valiant - bee-jee creeoil, as prow-jee as prow-jee dunnal Bible

faking (v.) myr yein: He is only faking - Cha nel eh agh myr-yein. DF idiom

fathom (n.) feiy: There are only three fathoms here at low water - Cha nel agh tree feiy er diuinid ayns shoh ec y vooir-hraie. DF idiom; (v.) suntal, sunteil

jest spotch: I believe she only said it in jest - Ta mee credjal nagh dooyrt ee eh agh myr spotch. JJK idiom; (n.) spotcheraght; (v.) spotchal

joking spotchagh; spotcheraght: You are joking - Ta shiu spotcheraght JJK idiom; (v.) spotchal: You're only joking - Cha nel oo agh spotchal Bunnydys; springeragh

meagre (adj.) goan, gortagh, lhome, melley, moal, moaldey, thanney; beggan: There was only a meagre attendance at the meeting - Cha row agh beggan sleih ec y chaglym. DF idiom

middling castreycair: She is only middling - Cha nel eh agh castrey-cair. JJK idiom; cossyllagh; lane vie

murder (n.) dunverys: He has not only stolen, but he has committed a murder - Cha nel eh ynrican er n'gheid, agh t'eh myrgeddin er n'yannoo dunverys. JJK idiom; milley, foall, marroo; murder; (v.) jannoo dunverys

oppressed laadit; tranlaasit: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled - as bee uss dy kinjagh tranlaasit, as spooillit Bible; tromit

patient fuillaghtagh, fullynagh; meen, feagh; surransagh: If you will only be patient - My vees oo agh surransagh. DF idiom The patient is sinking - Ta'n surransagh goll sheese y lhargagh. DF idiom

resort couyr: It was the only resort - Cha row couyr erbee elley ayn. DF idiom; oayll; taaghey; ynnyd: Holiday resort - Ynnyd seyrey. DF idiom

scarce (adj., adv.) chiark; tiark: Good men are only scarce - Cha nel ny deiney mie agh tiark. DF idiom; goan, goaun, goun; neuhonnyssagh; scoan, s'coan

stump bun: only the stump of Dagon was left to him - cha row agh bun Dagon er-mayrn Bible; bwon; cutt; cuttag; brishey; stumpal; stumpey

three (n.) three; tree: It's only three o'clock - Cha nel eh agh tree er y chlag. JJK idiom; troor

two o'clock jees er y chlag: It's only just two o'clock - Cha nel eh agh jees er y chlag. JJK idiom

walk1 (n.) cosheeaght, immeeaght, walk; (v.) shooyl, shooyll: We can walk there - Fodmayd shooyl dys shen. JJK idiom; walkal: It's only half-an-hour's walk - Cha nel eh agh walkal lieh-oor. JJK idiom; (impv) immee, shooill, shooyl-jee

washings (npl.) ooanlaghyn: Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings - va shassoo ny lomarcan ayns bee as jough, as ymmodee ooanlaghyn Bible

agh (=Ir. achd, Sc. ach) 1 albeit, but, except, less, only, yet a: Agh ta taitnys ec y Chiarn ayndoosyn ta goaill aggle roish Bible; 2 riding horse, steed [OIr. acht]

cha nee agh adsyn mie ta geddyn baase as ad aeg only the good die young

ynrican 1 absolute, particular, unique; 2 only, sole, single a: Gow nish dty vac, eer dty ynrican vac Isaac, eh shynney lhiat Bible; b: v'ee e ynrican lhiannoo Bible; 3 alone; 4 singular

ynrickan only: Toig er-y-fa shen, dy nee yn Chiarn dty Yee, yn ynrickan Jee Bible

address1 (v.) cur hug; (n.) oraid; enmys: Now I've only the address to write - Cha nel aym agh yn enmys dy screeu nish. JJK idiom; ynnyd-vaghee: Will you give me your sister's address? - Der shiu dou ynnyd-vaghee nyn shuyr? JJK idiom

cover coodagh: Under separate cover - Fo coodagh er lheh. DF idiom; moggaid, brat, farkyl, coamree, coodee; breidaghey; gioal; keiltyn: It is only a cover-up - Cha nel eh agh keiltyn. DF idiom; mooinney; poagey screeuee; scaa: Under cover of your wings - Fo scaa dty skianyn. DF idiom; urrysaght; fastee: To break cover - Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF idiom; (v.) coodaghey; (y) choodaghey; cur harrish

devotion (n.) ooashley, padjer, jeirk; craueeaght: Under the mask of devotion - Fo scaa craueeaght. DF idiom; jeelysaght: He only recovered because of her devotion - Cha ren eh couyral agh son e jeelysaght. DF idiom; firrinys: Devotion to the truth - Firrinys da'n irriney. DF idiom

Gaelic (n.) Gailck; Gaelg: He is a Gaelic-speaking man - Ta Gaelg echey. DF idiom; (adj.) Gaelgagh: Mann, not only free but Gaelic - Mannin, cha nee seyr ynrican agh Gaelgagh. DF idiom; Gailckagh: Under the auspices of the Manx Gaelic Society - Fo scaa ny Sheshaght Ghailckagh. DF idiom

help cooinee; cooney lesh: He is only too glad to help you - Cha nel eh laccal ny smoo na dy chooney lhiat. DF idiom; couyr: He came to my help - Haink eh dy my chouyr. DF idiom; cooin: Help yourself - Cooin lhiat hene. DF idiom; (n.) cooney: He bawled for help - Dyllee eh son cooney. DF idiom; (n.) cooneyder

left er chlee, er hostal; kiare; (v.) daag: He left it there last night - Daag eh ayns shen riyr. DF idiom; hreig: He left his wife - Hreig eh e ven. DF idiom; toshtal: The left-hand house - Yn thie toshtal. DF idiom; faagit: It's the only avenue left - She'n un vollagh ta faagit. DF idiom

spoiled millit, speeiney; spooil: And they spoiled the Egyptians - As spooil ad ny Egyptianee bible; spooill: The sons of Jacob came upon the slain, and spoiled the city - As haink mec Yacob er ny merriu, as spooill ad yn ard-valley Bible; spooillit: thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore - bee uss dy kinjagh tranlaasit, as spooillit Bible


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