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ones (npl.) feallagh: Give me a few halfpenny ones - Cur dou ghaa ny tree feallagh lhieng. JJK idiom

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certain ones (n.) paart

froward ones (npl.) (the); (ny) camlaagee

little ones (npl.) mooinjey veggey; myn-chyrl; myn-vooinjer; myn-vooinjerey; (yn) vooinjer veggey

many ones (npl.) feallagh ny ghaa

perfect ones (npl.) feallagh ny firrinys

young ones1 (n.) aeglagh, sleih aegey

young ones2 (n.) (insect) ingan

cross one's T's (v.) (to) obbyr y yannoo dy cruinn; (ny) T-ghyn y chrossey

rouge (n.) jiarg: Rouge one's cheeks - Jiarg y chur ort. DF idiom; (v.) jiargaghey: Rouge one's cheeks - Dty lieckanyn y yiargaghey. DF idiom

myn-vooinjer little ones

myn-vooinjerey little ones

feallagh ny ghaa many ones

myn-chyrl little cares, little ones

mooinjey veggey (f.) little ones, little people

obbyr y yannoo dy cruinn (to) cross one's T's

T-ghyn y chrossey (ny); (to) to cross one's T's

camlaagee (ny); (the) froward ones: Ta drineyn, as ribbaghyn ayns raad ny camlaagee Bible

feallagh folk, ones, people, persons: va feallagh ny lhie follit 'sy chamyr Bible

bestow (v.) feoiltaghey, giootal da, stowal er, giootal; baarail; cur da: Bestow one's affections on - Graih y chur da. DF idiom

little children (npl.) cloan veggey: both little ones and women - chammah cloan veggey as mraane Bible

only (adj., adv.) ynrican: You will be the only ones there - Bee shiu ny feallagh ynrican aynshen. JJK idiom; unrick, ynrycan, ynrickan; agh: I have only two - Cha nel agh jees aym. JJK idiom

provision1 aarlaghey: Make provision against - Aarlaghey y yannoo noi. DF idiom; kiarail: Make provision for one's family - Kiarail y yannoo da'n lught thie ayd. DF idiom

pucker cur rockey ayn; crapley: Pucker up one's eyebrows - Ny molleeyn y chruinnaghey. DF idiom; roagey; rockey; craplag; filley

record a vote (v.) (to) teiy y cheau: Record one's vote - Dty heiy y cheau. DF idiom

retract (v.) tayrn er ash, yrjaghey; goll er ash: To retract one's word - Dy gholl er ash er yn ockle eu. DF idiom

slur comys; kiangle; moandid; oltooan; skyrrey harrish: To slur one's words - Dy skyrrey harrish ny focklyn ayd. DF idiom

twopence (n.) daa phing: Give us a few twopence halfpenny ones - Cur dooin ghaa ny tree feallagh daa phing lhieng. JJK idiom

aeglagh adolescent, juvenile, young ones, young persons, youth: shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley, veih'n chenndiaght dys yn aeglagh. Carn

feallagh ny firrinys perfect ones: Son nee deiney ynrick cummalsy cheer, as nee feallagh ny firrinys tannaghtyn ayn Bible

ingan (=Ir. ionga) (f.) 1 (of stock) increase; 2 issue a: nee'n ingan oc lhie sheese cooidjagh Bible; 3 (insect) young ones; 4 anvil: eshyn ta cummey lesh yn oayrd yn fer ta goaill garrey er yn ingan Bible; 5 indention, inset

paart (=Ir. páirt) certain ones, moiety, part, role, sharing, some: paart keead-filley, paart three feed, as paart jeih fillaghyn as feed Bible

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

vooinjer veggey See mooinjey veggey (yn) little ones: As ooilley thie Yoseph, as e vraaraghyn, as thie e ayrey: cha daag ad agh y vooinjer veggey oc, as ny shioltaneyn, as ny immanyn oc ayns thalloo Ghoshen. Bible; fairies

entrance (v.) cheet, cur drualtys er, cur fo drualtys; (n.) entreilys: I have no entrance to that society - Cha nel entreilys erbee aym da'n cheshaght shen. DF idiom; stiagh; goll stiagh: To make one's entrance - Dy gholl stiagh. DF idiom; beeal: The harbour entrance is wide - Ta beeal ny purtey lhean. DF idiom

grave (adj.) fastagh, feeudagh, trome, trome-chooishagh, fudagh; (v.) grainnaghey, graue; (n.) oaie: To be in one's grave - Dy ve 'syn oaie. DF idiom; oaye: It will be time to dig my grave - Bee eh traa dy chleiy yn oaye aym. DF idiom

on high ayns flaunys; ayns niau; er ardjey; 'syn yrdjid: and my record is on high - as my recortyssyn yrjid Bible; dy ard: the man who was raised up on high - y dooinney ver ny hroggal seose dy ard Bible; er yn yrjid: with a loud voice on high - lesh ard choraa, er yn yrjid Bible; syn yrjey: the host of the high ones that are on high - sheshaght ny ard-vooaraleesyn yrjey Bible

part1 (n.) ayrn: He played a chief part in it - Va ayrn mooar echey ayn. DF idiom; cooid: Part of the way - Cooid jeh'n raad. DF idiom; lieh; meer: Part of the field - Meer jeh'n vagher. DF idiom; paart: I won't have any lot or part of it - Cha gowym aart ny paart ayn. DF idiom; ronney; (v.) paartail, scarrey, scarrey veih my cheilley; scoltey: Part one's hair - Dt'olt y scoltey. DF idiom


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