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ommijagh foolish, ridiculous: Ta peccah ayns smooinaghtyn ommijagh Bible; indiscreet

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peccagh ommijagh foolish body: Tan peccagh ommijagh er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee erbee ayn. Bible

skeeal ommijagh fable: Ta skeeal ommijagh dy kinjagh ayns beeal y vlebbin. Apoc

skeealyn ommijagh fables: bee ad er nyn jyndaa gys skeealyn ommijagh Bible

loayrt dy ommijagh speak foolishly: ta mee loayrt dy ommijagh Bible

fable (n.) far-skeeal; skeeal ommijagh

fables (npl.) skeealyn ommijagh; skeeallyn

foolish body (n.) peccagh ommijagh

ridiculous (adj.) faghidagh; gannidagh; ommijagh: However learned these ladies may be, they make themselves ridiculous - Kied echey ynsit foddee ny mraane shoh y ve, t'ad cur orroo hene jeeaghyn ommijagh. JJK idiom

foolish (adj.) blebbinagh, bolvaneagh, meecheayllagh, neuhushtagh, sou-cheeayllagh; ommijagh: My uncle isn't foolish enough to believe that - Cha nel my naim ommijagh dy-liooar dy chredjal (eh) shen. JJK idiom; ommidjagh: Take it, it would be foolish not to - Gow eh, veagh ommidjagh gyn goaill eh. DF idiom

speak foolishly (v.) loayrt dy ommijagh

indiscreet (adj.) neughlie, neufeeudagh, neughoaieagh, neureajagh, neuyeidagh; neuhastagh, meecheeayllagh, ommijagh, blebbinagh

beeallerey babbler: Ta ben ommijagh ny beeallerey Bible; clamorous, full of talk; chiff-chaff

greinyn instruments: Gow hood greïnyn yn vochill ommijagh Bible; engines

shaghyn avoid, eschew, forbear: Agh shaghyn questionyn ommijagh mychione sheelogheyn, as anvea Bible

skeealyn stories, yarns: bee ad er nyn jyndaa gys skeealyn ommijagh Bible

tort (f.) heed: Ta ben ommijagh ny beeallerey, t'ee gyn tort Bible; tort

don't (impv) ny jean: Don't do such silly things - Ny jean lheid ny reddyn ommijagh. JJK idiom

jesting craid: Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting - Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid Bible; feideraght; gamshogeys; spotcheraght

ladies (npl.) mraane: However learned these ladies may be, they make themselves ridiculous - Kied echey ynsit foddee ny mraane shoh y ve, t'ad cur orroo hene jeeaghyn ommijagh. JJK idiom; ladeeyn

such (adj.) lheid: Don't do such silly things - Ny jean lheid ny reddyn ommijagh. JJK idiom; myr

baih (=Ir. ) drown: Baih ny quaillianyn DF; flood, merge, saturate, submerge: ayns ymmodee sayntyn olk as ommijagh, ta baih deiney ayns toyrt-mow as coayl-anmey Bible; elide; elision, inundation, submersion

bockeeys lechery: Nane ennagh va er bockeeys, as veagh ad gra red ny ghaa nagh row eh lowal dy ve grait er yn cheayn, agh tra veagh yn eeastagh ec kione veagh ad gra focklyn feer ommijagh. Coraa; oestrum

chyndaa-ee shall return; shall turn: As chyndaa-ee ad ny cleayshyn oc ersooyl veih'n irriney, as bee ad er nyn jyndaa gys skeealyn ommijagh. Bible

er ny choyrlaghey admonished: Ny share ta lhiannoo boght as creeney, na shenn ree ommijagh, nagh bee arragh er ny choyrlaghey Bible

kiongoyrt rhyt before you: Cha ommijagh shen va mee, as cha mee-hushtagh: dy jarroo myr baagh kiongoyrt rhyt. Bible

ommidjagh (=Ir. amaideach) See ommijagh absurd, brainless, crackpot, fatuous, foolish, idiotic, imbecile, madcap, nonsensical, scatterbrained, silly, stupid: As shen-y-fa gys y dooinney dooghyssagh ta'n Sushtal dy jarroo ommidjagh, chamoo oddys fys ve echey er ny reddyn t'er ny loayrt. CS

avoid (v.) scapail; shaghney: Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife - Ny-yeih, dy haghney maarderys, lhig da e ven hene ve ec dagh dooinney Bible; shaghyn: But avoid foolish questions - Agh shaghyn questionyn ommijagh Bible; chea roish: Avoid it, pass not by it - Jean chea roish, ny gow liorish Bible

broid dirt: ta ny ushtaghyn eck tilgey seose laagh as broïd Bible; grime, nastiness, pollutant, smut, vileness: As tan cheer fo slane broid Bible; filthiness: Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid, nagh vel jesh; agh ayns ynnyd oc shoh coyrt booise. Bible; filth: cha nee liorish cur ersooyl broid yn eill, agh liorish yn ansoor dy chooinsheanse vie gys Jee Bible; pollution: Son lurg daue ve er haghney broid y theihll trooid tushtey jeh'n Chiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest Bible; corruption: Te er ny chuirr ayns broid; te troggit seose ayns glennid: Bible; impurity


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