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ommidjagh (=Ir. amaideach) See ommijagh absurd, brainless, crackpot, fatuous, foolish, idiotic, imbecile, madcap, nonsensical, scatterbrained, silly, stupid: As shen-y-fa gys y dooinney dooghyssagh ta'n Sushtal dy jarroo ommidjagh, chamoo oddys fys ve echey er ny reddyn t'er ny loayrt. CS

Inexact matches:

Gant ommidjagh Red-footed Booby

gant ommidjagh booby

punt ommidjagh pound-foolish

red ommidjagh piece of folly

fatuous (adj.) ommidjagh

idiotic (adj.) moal-hushtagh, ommidjagh, thootagh

madcap (adj.) ommidjagh

nonsensical (adj.) meecheeayllagh; ommidjagh; sou-cheeayllagh

pound-foolish (adj.) punt ommidjagh

scatterbrained (adj.) ommidjagh

absurd (adj.) gyn cheeayll, meecheeayllagh, ommidjagh

foolish (adj.) blebbinagh, bolvaneagh, meecheayllagh, neuhushtagh, sou-cheeayllagh; ommijagh: My uncle isn't foolish enough to believe that - Cha nel my naim ommijagh dy-liooar dy chredjal (eh) shen. JJK idiom; ommidjagh: Take it, it would be foolish not to - Gow eh, veagh ommidjagh gyn goaill eh. DF idiom

piece of folly (n.) red ommidjagh

stupid (n., adj.) awaneagh; bolvaneagh: He isn't so stupid as he looks - Cha nel eh cha bolvaneagh as t'eh jeeaghyn. JJK idiom; bouyranagh, jeecheeayllagh, meehushtagh; ommidjagh: He is as fat and stupid as a wether - T'eh cha roauyr as ommidjagh as mohlt. DF idiom

booby (n.) fer s'jerree; gant ommidjagh; lutchynagh

brainless (adj.) bonkanagh; frittagh; gyn inchyn; neuhoiggaltagh; ommidjagh

crackpot (n.) bonkan, ommidan; (adj.) ommidjagh, er y veggan cheeaylley

Red-footed Booby (n.) Gant ommidjagh; Boobee jiarg-chassagh

mohlt (=Ir. molt) castrated sheep, mutton, wether: T'eh cha roauyr as ommidjagh as mohlt. DF

my-e-kione concerning her: Haink eh dy ve ommidjagh my-e-kione. DF

imbecile (adj.) anlheiltagh, jei-hushtagh, meecheeayllagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidjagh; (n.) ommidan: You imbecile! - Uss ommidan! DF idiom

silly (adj.) bolvaneagh, meecheeayllagh, sou-, eddrym; ommidjagh; thootagh, tootagh: The silly fellow has fallen down - Ta'n fer tootagh er duittym sheese. JJK idiom

ellanee islanders: ta'n fer boght gaccan, ta "mooar-heer" ec ellanee Albinagh as cha jean ny Eeslynee ommidjagh goaill rish y lheid! Carn

fat blennick; eeh; geirr; keish; maa, mea; riurey, roauyrey; sahll: Spread fat on a fat pig's arse - Slaa sahll er thoyn muc roauyr. DF idiom; smuirr; roauyr: He is as fat and stupid as a wether - T'eh cha roauyr as ommidjagh as mohlt. DF idiom; riurid: Ye eat the fat - Ta shiu gee yn riurid Bible


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