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olley (gen.) of wool: cha jig eaddagh olley erbee orroo Bible; woollen, woolly

Inexact matches:

Boayl Olley Place of Wool

caart olley (7lb) wool card

cass olley (f.) old wool on sheep

eaddagh olley tweed, wool cloth

eaddeeyn olley woollen goods

fooillagh olley wool waste

grease olley (f.) woolwork

halley olley (f.) wool hall

kaart olley (of wool) card

margey olley wool market

mwyljyn olley woollen mills

mwyllin olley wool mill

oashyryn olley (f.) woollen stockings

ooill olley (f.) lanolin

poagey olley woolsack

sahll olley wool fat

shapp olley wool shop

smarrey olley wool grease

snaie olley knitting wool, woollen yarn

cullee eaddagh olley (f.) tweeds

eeast y vraain-olley cuttlefish

of wool (gen.) olley: Ball of wool - Bluckan olley. DF idiom

card3 (n.) (of wool) kaart olley

knitting wool (n.) snaie olley

lanolin (n.) ooill olley

wool card (n.) (7lb) caart olley

wool cloth (n.) eaddagh olley

wool fat (n.) sahll olley

wool hall (n.) halley olley

woollen (n., adj.) olley

woollen goods (npl.) eaddeeyn olley

woollen mills (npl.) mwyljyn olley

woollen stockings (npl.) oashyryn olley

woollen yarn (n.) snaie olley

wool market (n.) margey olley

wool mill (n.) mwyllin olley

woolsack (n.) poagey olley

wool shop (n.) shapp olley

wool waste (n.) fooillagh olley

woolwork (n.) grease olley

Place of Wool (n.) Boayl Olley

tweed (n.) cloh mooar, eaddagh olley

wool grease (n.) sahll-keyrragh, smarrey olley

woolly1 (adj.) clooieagh, loamragh, ollanagh, olley

old wool on sheep (n.) cass olley

tweeds (npl.) cullee cloh mooar; cullee eaddagh olley

card1 caart, kaart, kaart olley, screbban; (v.) caartey, kaartey; screeu er caartyn

cuttlefish (n.) eeast y vraain-olley, peie vreinn, peie-vroghe

jeshaghteyrys engineering: Va'n chooid smoo jeh ny obbraghyn ayns Keighley ayns jeshaghteyrys as mwyljyn olley. Dhoor

loamrey (=Ir. leomradh, leomar) (f.) pl. loamraghyn fleece; (on sheep) wool: Hig eh neose myr y fliaghey ayns loamrey olley Bible; fell; shear; shearing

mooir-hraie (f.) ebb, low tide, low water: Ta mee deinagh jeh'n chaggey, lesh bratagh as roon, D'aag mooir-hraie jeh'n olley mee Keeirit, annoon . Coraa


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