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ollee (gen.) bovine: ta mee er choyrt dhyt eoylley ollee Bible; swans

Inexact matches:

bee ollee cattle food

bochilley ollee cowherd

breck ollee (f.) cowpox

bwoaillee ollee (f.) cattle fold

carthan ollee cattle bot

cassan ollee cattle path

chingys ollee (f.) cattle disease

cleeah ollee (f.) cattle grid

close ollee stockyard

cragh ollee cattle raid

doghan ollee cattle disease

eoylley ollee (f.) cow dung

fer ollee byreman

gaddee ollee cattle lifter

geid ollee rustle

guilley ollee cowherd, stockman

kip ollee (f.) stockwhip

margey ollee cattle market, stock market

moddey ollee cattle dog

mooyn ollee cattle urine

oltaghey ollee cattle fight; cattle salute

ransh ollee cattle ranch

taishbynys ollee cattle show

tarroo ollee farm bull

thie ollee byre, cattle house, cowhouse: Va dub mooar 'sy vaghey er gerrey da'n thie ollee as ayns shen dod shin shiaulley baatyn beggey, as ec traaghyn jeh rio creoi 'sy gheurey tra va'n ushtey riojit chiu dy liooar dy hassoo er JG

traen ollee cattle train

truck ollee cattle truck

Aah yn Ollee Oxford, Cattle Ford

bentyn da lheeys-ollee veterinary

cartage yn ollee (f.) warble fly

chingys yn ollee (f.) foot and mouth

Close yn Ollee Cattle Enclosure

coar-vane yn ollee (f.) cattle egret

Dayll yn Ollee Plain of the Cattle

giarey son y vreck-ollee vaccinating, vaccination

giarrey son y vreck-ollee vaccinate

guilley yn ollee cattle drover

lus y chingys 'syn ollee (f.) alexanders

lus yn ollee (f.) alexanders

Poyll yn Ollee Cattle Pool

cattle disease (n.) chingys ollee, doghan ollee

cowherd (n.) bochilley baa, bochilley ollee, guilley ollee

alexanders (n.) lus y chingys 'syn ollee; lus yn ollee

bovine (n., adj.) lutchynagh; ollee

byre (n.) baaieagh, thie ollee

cattle bot (n.) carthan ollee

cattle fight oltaghey ollee

cattle fold (n.) bwoaillee ollee

cattle grid (n.) cleeah ollee

cattle lifter gaddee ollee

cattle market margey ollee

cattle path (n.) cassan ollee

cattle raid (n.) cragh ollee

cattle ranch (n.) ransh ollee

cattle salute oltaghey ollee

cattle show (gen.) taishbynys ollee

cattle train (n.) traen ollee

cattle truck (n.) truck ollee

cattle urine (n.) mooyn ollee

cowhouse (n.) baaieagh, thie ollee

farm bull (n.) tarroo ollee

Oxford (n.) Aah yn Ollee

stockman (n.) guilley ollee

stockwhip (n.) kip ollee

stockyard (n.) close ollee

swans (npl.) ollee

byreman (n.) fer baaieagh, fer ollee

cattle drover (n.) guilley yn ollee

cattle egret (n.) coar-vane yn ollee

Cattle Enclosure (n.) Close yn Ollee

Cattle Ford Aah yn Ollee

Cattle Pool (n.) Poyll yn Ollee

cowpox (n.) breck ollee, bolgagh baa

stock market (n.) margey ollee, sthockvargey

cattle dog (n.) moddey cloh, moddey ollee

cattle food (n.) bee maaish, bee ollee

cattle house baaieagh, boalane, thie ollee

cow dung (n.) eoylley ollee, keck y vooa

Plain of the Cattle (n.) Dayll yn Ollee

rustle craa; farrym; geid ollee; moostrey

vaccinating (v.) giarey son y vreck-ollee

veterinary (adj.) baagh-lheeyssagh; bentyn da lheeys-ollee

warble fly (n.) cartage, cartage yn ollee

foot and mouth (n.) chingys yn ollee, gorley crubbane as beeal

vaccinate (v.) giarrey son y vreck-ollee; jannoo booaghey; vacseenaghey

vaccination (n.) booagheyr, giarey son y vreck-ollee, vacseenaghey

gamylt crawl: Cour y ghib er, Barney'n speyr ghorrym As barney'n ghrian airh Tayrn er y traa shen Tra nee bleaystey ny gib As sperriu streeuagh Gamylt 'sy joan neesht As bee ollee baney Ry-akin reesht. Dhoor; swim


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