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ollan cadee cotton wool

Ollan (f.) (Yn); (The) Netherlands

ollan (f.) (pl -yn) wool: Teh tilgey sniaghtey myr ollan: as skeayley yn lheeah-rio myr leoie. Bible

Inexact matches:

ollan laamey vicuna

ollan phaggey (f.) pack wool

ollan staillinagh (f.) steel wool

ollan vrisht (f.) waste wool

speeyney ollan picking wool

pack wool (n.) ollan phaggey

picking wool (v.) speeyney ollan

steel wool (n.) ollan staillinagh

waste wool (n.) ollan vrisht

wool1 (n.) cannagh; ollan: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom

cotton wool (n.) ollan cadee; ollan-chadee

vicuna (n.) laamey feie, ollan laamey

ollan-chadee (f.) cotton wool

Netherlands (n.) (The); (Yn) Cheer Injil; Cheer y Vagheragh; (Yn) Ollan

mooyn piss, urine: Ta mooyn feer vie dy veeinaghey ollan. DF

goat (n.) goar; goayr: Hadn't you a goat? - Nagh row goayr eu? JJK idiom; goair: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom

going (v.) goll: Going to the goat's house for wool - Goll gys thie yn goair dy hirrey ollan. JJK idiom; immeeaght

cha gial as sniaghtey snow-white: Va e chione as e olt bane myr ollan, cha gial as sniaghtey; as va e hooillyn myr lossey dy aile Bible

chrackan See crackan skin: My she 'sy ghloo ny 'syn innagh te, dy lieen, ny dy ollan; ny ayns crackan, ny ayns obbyr erbee jeant dy chrackan Bible

feer vie excellent, exquisite, first rate: Ta mooyn feer vie dy veeinaghey ollan. DF; pretty well; very well

sneeuit annoyed, piqued; spun: Gow kiarail dy vel yn clane thie skeabit as yn lhiabbee jeant lesh aanrit laue-sneeuit, as lhuishagyn jeh ollan Vanninagh, yn cooid share t'ayns y thie. Coraa

vane See bane white: son mooarane lught jeh dy chooilley cheint dy verchys: ayns feeyn veih Helbon, as ollan vane. Bible


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