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oil (n.) ooill: He's been obliged to burn the midnight oil, in order to write his book - Beign da lostey yn ooil meanoie dy voddagh eh screeu e lioar. JJK idiom; (v.) ooillaghey

Inexact matches:

almond oil (n.) ooil almon

castor oil (n.) ooill feayslee

cooking oil (n.) ooill vee

crude oil (n.) ooill aw

engine oil (n.) ooil jeshaght

fuel oil (n.) ooil lostee

hydrocarbon oil (n.) ooill hydrocarbon

lamp oil (n.) ooill lampey

linseed oil (n.) ooill rass lieen

lubricating oil (n.) ooill smarree

of oil ooiley; (dy) ooil: And the priest shall take some of the log of oil - As neen saggyrt goaill kuse jehn log dy ooil Bible

oil cake (n.) keeak ooill

oil can (n.) curneen ooill

oil colour (n.) ooill-yalloo

oil engine (n.) jeshaght ooill

oil field (n.) magher ooill

oil-fuel boiler (n.) coirrey ooill

oil gauge (n.) arreyder ooill

oil groove (n.) clash ooill

oil lamp (n.) lostan ooill, cressad

oil-linseed cake (n.) keeak ooill; keeak rass-lhieen

oil merchant (n.) delleyder ooill

oil paint (n.) peint ooill

oil painting (n.) caslys ooill

oil rig (n.) croan ooill

oil shop (n.) shapp ooill

oil stove (n.) sorn ooill

oil tank (n.) doagh ooill

oil tanker (n.) lhong ooill, lorree ooill

oil well (n.) chibbyr ooill

olive oil (n.) ooill olive

palm oil (n.) ooill phalm

pollution oil sollaghey lesh ooill

rape oil (n.) ooill reap

rock oil (n.) ooill ny greg

salad oil (n.) ooill salleid

sea oil (n.) ooill rauney

shale oil (n.) ooill chreg crayagh

sweet oil (n.) ooill vee

train oil (n.) ooil vuc varrey

whale oil (n.) ooill vuc varrey

cod liver oil (n.) ooil voiddee

ooill vee (f.) cooking oil, sweet oil

arreyder ooill oil gauge

caslys ooill oil painting

clash ooill (f.) oil groove

croan ooill oil rig

curneen ooill oil can

delleyder ooill oil merchant

doagh ooill oil tank

jeshaght ooill (f.) oil engine

lorree ooill oil tanker

lostan ooill oil lamp

magher ooill oil field

ooil almon (f.) almond oil

ooil jeshaght (f.) engine oil

ooill feayslee (f.) castor oil

ooill hydrocarbon (f.) hydrocarbon oil

ooill lampey (f.) lamp oil

ooill olive (f.) olive oil

ooil lostee (f.) fuel oil

ooill phalm (f.) palm oil

ooill rauney (f.) sea oil

ooill reap (f.) rape oil

ooill salleid (f.) salad oil

ooill smarree (f.) lubricating oil

ooill-yalloo (f.) oil colour

peint ooill oil paint

shapp ooill oil shop

sorn ooill oil stove

juiceless (adj.) neusoo-oil

like2 (suf.) -oil

mingled (ny) chione: And every meat offering, mingled with oil - As dagh oural-arran, ta ooil ny chione Bible; covestit; fud; mastey: whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices - yn uill oc va Pilate er gheayrtey mastey (fuill) ny ourallyn oc Bible; (ny) vud; seiyt; roie fud-y-cheilley: fire mingled with the hail - yn aile as y sniaghtey-garroo roie fud-y-cheilley Bible; mestit: a tenth deal of flour mingled with the fourth part of an hin of oil - omer dy flooyr mestit lesh yn chiarroo ayrn jeh hin dy ooil Bible; seiy: and mingled my drink with weeping - as er heiy my yough lesh jeïr Bible

oil-bearing (adj.) as ooill ayn

oil-fired (adj.) ooill-lostit

oil-hole (n.) towl ooill

oil-producing (adj.) ooill-ymmyrkagh

oil-ring (n.) fainey ooill

oil-works (n.) thie grease ooill

as ooill ayn oil-bearing

chibbyr ooill (f.) gusher, oil well

coirrey ooill oil-fuel boiler

cressad oil lamp, small lamp

fainey ooill (f.) oil-ring

keeak rass-lhieen oil-linseed cake

lhong ooill (f.) oil tanker, tanker

neusoo-oil juiceless

-oil (suf.) like

ooill chreg crayagh (f.) shale oil

ooill-lostit (f.) oil-fired

ooill rass lieen (f.) linseed oil

ooill vuc varrey (f.) whale oil

ooill-ymmyrkagh (f.) oil-producing

ooil voiddee (f.) cod liver oil

ooil vuc varrey (f.) train oil

sollaghey lesh ooill pollution oil

thie grease ooill oil-works

towl ooill oil-hole

keeak ooill oil cake, oil-linseed cake

ooill ny greg (f.) petroleum, rock oil

midnight (n.) mean oie, main-oie; meanoie: He's been obliged to burn the midnight oil, in order to write his book - Beign da lostey yn ooil meanoie dy voddagh eh screeu e lioar. JJK idiom

ooil (=Ir. uille) (f.) pl. ooilyn balm: son ta attey ooil casherick e Yee ersyn Bible; ointment; (dy) of oil

ooiley of oil, of ointment: Ooil son soilshey, spiceyn ooiley, as son oural millish Bible

ooill (=Ir. ola) (f.) pl. ooillyn oil; ointment: er dyn traa dy ren yn arroo, as y feeyn, as yn ooill ocsyn bishaghey. Bible

ooillaghey 1 anoint, anointing, oil, oiling a: She yn Voirrey cheddin v'ayn, ish ren ooillaghey yn Chiarn Bible; 2 unction, balm

ooill aw (f.) crude oil: Ta Reiltys Saudi Arabia gra dy jean eh dy chooilley nhee dy haghney troggal priosyn, liorish cur magh tooilley ooill aw. BS

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom


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