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ogher (f.) pl. ogheryn key: lesh ogher yn diunid gyn-grunt Bible; peg; headstone, keystone; clef, legend; key word

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fer ogher prison officer, turnkey, warder

ogher alteragh (f.) alto clef

ogher arree (f.) shift key

ogher earroo (f.) reference

ogher earrooyn (f.) key numbers

ogher ghorrys (f.) doorkey

ogher haaue (f.) saw set

ogher hie (f.) latchkey

ogher lossee (f.) ignition key

ogher ooreyder (f.) watchkey

ogher pianney (f.) ivory

ogher trebbyl (f.) treble clef

ogher Vorsagh (f.) morse key

ogher ylghlaish (f.) passe-partout, pass key

clef (n.) ogher: Treble clef - Ogher trebbyl. DF idiom

alto clef (n.) ogher alteragh

doorkey (n.) ogher ghorrys

ignition key (n.) ogher lossee

key1 boltal; chiooney; ellan injil, sker; gleaysh: The key of C - Gleaysh C. DF idiom; mess skianagh; ogher: Don't lose your key - Ny caill nyn ogher. JJK idiom; (v.) cur ayns carr mie

key numbers ogher earrooyn

key word (n.) ogher

latchkey (n.) ogher hie

passe-partout (n.) ogher ylghlaish

pass key (n.) ogher ylghlaish

saw set (n.) ogher haaue

shift key (n.) ogher arree

treble clef (n.) ogher trebbyl

turnkey (n.) fer ogher, glasseyder

watchkey (n.) ogher ooreyder

key position ogher-ynnyd

keystone (n.) ard-chlagh, clagh chianglee, ogher

legend (n.) ogher, screeuyn, shenn-skeeal, skeeal

master key (n.) ard-ogher

prison officer (n.) fer ogher, wardoor

reference1 (n.) ogher earroo; screeuyn moyllee

spanner (n.) rinse, spanney; ogher-cassee

warder (gen.) fer ogher; wardoor; arreyder

ard-ogher (f.) master key

ogher-cassee spanner

ogher-ynnyd (f.) key position

ivory (n.) feeackle, iuaagagh, ogher pianney, ivory

morse key (n.) mair chowree, mair Vorsagh, ogher Vorsagh

headstone (n.) clagh chorneilagh; clagh-oaie; clagh oaye; clagh vun; leac; ogher; clagh vullee: he shall bring forth the headstone thereof - nee eh soiaghey seose y chlagh- vullee er Bible

peg cass; dhull; kibbin; ogher; pinn; pinney; sheaym; keim: He took him down a peg or two - Hug eh keim sheese ny ghaa eh. DF idiom

freggyrtagh accountable, answerable, answerer, compatible, congruence, fits, proportional, reactive, replicative, respondent, responsible: Ogher ta freggyrtagh rish y ghlass. DF; (letter) answering

leave1 (v.) faagail: Leave high and dry - Faagail er y traie follym. DF idiom; faag: Leave the key in the door - Faag yn ogher 'sy ghlass. DF idiom; (to); (dy) aagail: Leave work undone - D'aagail obbyr gyn jannoo. DF idiom; (n.) kied: He came home on leave - Haink eh dy valley er kied. DF idiom


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