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officer (v.) cur fir oik er; (n.) fer oik, oikagh, stuirt; offishear: He wants to be an officer - Saillish ve ny offishear. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

army officer (n.) oikagh armee

Attendance Officer (n.) Oaseir Assaarys

brother officer (n.) co-'er oik

chief officer (n.) ard-er-oik, ard-oikagh

Compliance Officer (n.) Oikagh Coardailys; Oikagh Biallys

customs officer (n.) meoir custym, ronseyder lhuingey

deputizing officer (n.) fer oik ynnyd

field officer (n.) oikagh magheragh

first officer (n.) chied offishear

information officer (n.) offishear-fysseree

Judicial Officer (n.) Meoir Briwnys

liaison officer (n.) fer oik kiangle

medical officer (n.) offishear-lhee, oikagh lheeys

national officer (n.) fer-oik ashoonagh

personnel officer (n.) failleyder, fer lught obbyr

Petty officer (n.) myn-oikagh

presiding officer (n.) offishear gurneilagh

prison officer (n.) fer ogher, wardoor

probation officer (n.) fer oik prowallys

signal officer (n.) fer oik cowree

staff officer (n.) fer oik fwirran, oikagh fwirran

superior officer (n.) ard-er-oik

warrant officer (n.) oikagh barrantys

animal care officer (n.) offishear kiarail-veiyn

Assistant Education Officer (n.) (AEO); (OYC) Oaseir Ynsee Coonee

Assistant Finance Officer (n.) Oikagh-Coonee Argidys

Chief Commercial Officer (n.) Ard-Offishear Dellal

Chief Executive Officer (n.) Ard-offishear Sheckteragh

chief financial officer (n.) ard-offishear argidoil

Chief Operating Officer (n.) Ard-offishear-obbree

Crown Law Officer (n.) Oikagh Leigh yn Chrooin

Executive Support Officer (n.) Oikagh Coonee Yn Ard-Sheckter

Manx Music Development Officer (n.) Oaseir-lhiasee Kiaull Vannin

non commissioned officer (n.) fer oik neuchomishoonit, lhiass 'er oik

planning appeals officer (n.) Offishear ny h-aghinyn-plannal

Senior divisional officer (n.) offishear-rheynn shinsharagh

Staff Welfare Officer (n.) Oaseir Lhiass Skimmee

ard-er-oik chief officer, superior officer

Ard-offishear-obbree Chief Operating Officer

ard-oikagh chief officer

chied offishear (yn) first officer

co-'er oik brother officer

fer-oik ashoonagh national officer

Meoir Briwnys Judicial Officer

meoir custym customs officer

myn-oikagh Petty officer

Oaseir Assaarys Attendance Officer

offishear-fysseree information officer

offishear gurneilagh presiding officer

offishear-lhee medical officer

oikagh armee army officer

oikagh barrantys warrant officer

Oikagh Biallys Compliance Officer

Oikagh Coardailys Compliance Officer

oikagh fwirran staff officer

oikagh lheeys medical officer

oikagh magheragh field officer

sub-officer (n.) (fireman) fo-oikagh

ard-offishear argidoil chief financial officer

Ard-Offishear Dellal Chief Commercial Officer

Ard-offishear Sheckteragh Chief Executive Officer

cur fir oik er officer

fer lught obbyr personnel officer

fer oik cowree signal officer

fer oik fwirran staff officer

fer oik kiangle liaison officer

fer oik prowallys probation officer

fer oik ynnyd deputizing officer

offishear kiarail-veiyn animal care officer

offishear-rheynn shinsharagh Senior divisional officer

Oikagh-Coonee Argidys Assistant Finance Officer

ronseyder lhuingey customs officer, tide-waiter

AEO2 See Assistant Education Officer OYC

fer ogher prison officer, turnkey, warder

fer oik neuchomishoonit non commissioned officer

fo-oikagh regimental sergeant major, subaltern; (fireman) sub-officer

lhiass 'er oik non commissioned officer

Oaseir-lhiasee Kiaull Vannin Manx Music Development Officer

Oaseir Lhiass Skimmee Staff Welfare Officer

Oaseir Ynsee Coonee Assistant Education Officer

Offishear ny h-aghinyn-plannal planning appeals officer

Oikagh Coonee Yn Ard-Sheckter Executive Support Officer

Oikagh Leigh yn Chrooin Crown Law Officer

offishear pl. offishearyn officer: Eisht deïe ree Israel er offishear huggey Bible

failleyder employer, engager, personnel officer: Y laa jiu, bee bree ec yn Clattys Failley (Reih eddyr Deiney as Mraane), ta dy lhiettal briwnys neu-chiart liorish failleyder eddyr deiney as mraane. BS

fer oik pl. fir oik officer, official: Fer oik cocheimagh er y cheu elley. DF

oikagh functionary, officer, official: Eshyn barrantagh-coonee ny Scrialtee syn Ellan as oikagh barrantagh ny sidooryn aegey ec Colleish Ree Illiam. BS

stuirt manciple, officer, servant: As dooyrt y stuirt rish, Foddee nagh bee'n ven booiagh cheet marym gys y cheer shoh Bible

wardoor (pl -yn) jailer, prison officer, warder: doardee ad yn wardoor dy reayll ad dy sauchey Bible


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