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offended crosht: He is offended - T'eh crosht. DF idiom; friogganagh; jymmoogh; scammyltit

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be offended (v.) maglaghy

crosht crossed, offended

shall betray brahee: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another - As eisht nee ymmodee scarrey rish nyn gredjue, as brahee ad Bible

won cosnit: A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city - Ta braar, as corree er, ny sdoillee dy ve cosnit na ardivalley lajer; chossyn: He won the case - Chossyn eh y chooish. DF idiom

friogganagh 1 bad-tempered, cantankerous, crabby, edgy, liverish, offended, ratty, snappish, touchy a: T'eh ny ghooinney friogganagh. DF; 2 bristly, echinoid, finned, finny, prickly, setaceous; 3 (n.) stickleback

jymmoogh angry, displeased, offended, wroth: Yn gheay ren sheidey, taarnagh ren buirroogh, liorish va fys oc dy row Jee jymmoogh PC

maglaghy be offended: dragyr Pedyr as duyrt e rishsyn, gy ta gygh ully guyne maglaghy my dy ghians, foyst gha jeanyms maglaghy. PB1610

scammyltit offended, scandalized: duyrt Pedyr rish-syn, as gy beagh gygh ully guyney skammyltit, foost gha biims. PB1610


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