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off1 ersooyl, magh ass; neufollan; jeh: A little further off - Red beg foddey jeh. JJK idiom

off2 (of street) fo

Inexact matches:

bear off (v.) (to); (dy) lhie mooie jeh; ymmyrkey ersooyl

beat off (v.) bwoalley jeh

bite off (v.) greimmey jeh

blank off (v.) mooghey

blow off (v.) lhiggey jeh, sheebey jeh, sheidey ersooyl, lhiggey

break off (v.) brishey jeh; girree ass; scarrey

bring off (v.) goaill jeh, troggal jeh

bully off (v.) croshvuilley

burn off (v.) lostey jeh

buy off (v.) fer y chionnaghey

buzz off (v.) fow roish; goll roish; troggal er

call off (v.) eamagh er ash

carry off (v.) cur lesh ersooyl, ymmyrkey ersooyl

cast off (v.) feaysley, feasley; jiooldey: and will cast off this city Jerusalem - as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem bible; tilgey: For the Lord will not cast off for ever - Son cha jean y Chiarn tilgey jeh son dy bragh Bible; ceau jeh: And as they cried out, and cast off their clothes - As myr vad gyllaghey, as ceau jeu nyn eaddagh Bible

chip off (v.) cheet jeh; scolbey; spolgey

choke off (v.) fow rey rish, geddyn rey rish

chop off (v.) giarrey jeh

Clear off1 (impv) Ass my hilley; Ersooyl lhiat; Fow royd

Clear off2 (intj) (to animal) Sthoo

come off (v.) cheet jeh; cheet neose jeh; tuittym; irree ass: To come off the gold standard - Dy irree ass stundayrt yn airh. DF idiom

cry off (v.) cur jerrey er; irree ass

cut off (v.) giarrey jeh; immeeaght roish; castey: They cut off the water - Ren ad castey yn ushtey. DF idiom; giarrey: Cut off the electricity - Yn lectraghys y yiarrey. DF idiom; giarit ersooyl: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth - tan ynrickys er jerraghtyn, as giarit ersooyl veihn veeal oc. Bible

dash off (v.) jannoo dy tappee, screeu dy tappee, tayrn dy tappee

day off (n.) laa jeh, laa seyr

drained off strigit

drawing off (v.) striggey, tayrn sheear, teaumey

draw off (v.) cleayney, goaill jeh, gow jeh, tayrn er ash, tayrn jeh, tayrn sheear, teaumey

drink off (v.) sluggey sheese

drop off cooyl-skyrraghtagh; cur seose; faagail magh; tuittym ergooyl; tuittym magh

dry off (v.) cuckley

ease off (v.) lhaggaghey, lhaggee magh

fall off (n.) treigeilys; (v.) tuittym sheese: Then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and let her fall off - Eisht ghiare ny sidooryn teddyn y vaatey, as lhig as jee tuittym sheese. Bible; tuittym

far off 'sy yioyn

fend off (v.) builley y chastey

fight off (v.) caggey rish, geddyn yn varriaght er

float off (v.) shiaulley

get off (v.) geddyn jeh, irree

go off1 (v.) cheet gys jerrey schlei, faagail yn ardan, goll roish, lhiggey, traih, breinnaghey, coayl miljid; fioghey, goll eig, loauaghey

go off2 (v.) (as milk) breinnaghey; coayl miljid

head off (v.) cur lhiettrimys er; cur ry-lhiattee

hit off (v.) jannoo arrish er, jannoo arrish jeh; mooar lesh

hold off (v.) cummal jeh, cummal magh voish

keep off (v.) faagail jeh

kick off (v.) brebbal ersooyl; cur yn breb toshee; (n.) bwoalley toshee

kill off (v.) ee, marroo, stroie

knock off (v.) lhieggey jeh; scuirr voish obbyr

lead off (v.) leeideil ersooyl, toshiaghey

Leave off (intj) Irree ass

leave off (v.) ceau jeh; scuirr, scuirr jeh

let off (v.) lhiggey; lhiggit jeh: He was let off with a caution - V'eh lhiggit jeh lesh raaue. DF idiom; maihaghey; seyrey

lick off (v.) shliee jeh

lie off (v.) tannaghtyn er yn raad

lighted off harlheim

make off (v.) cosney roish

mark off (v.) towse

move off goll ersooyl

nip off (v.) goll roish; ming; spolgey

number off (to); (dy) choearrooaghey

off her j'ee: I've gone off her a bit - Cha nel mee coontey wheesh j'ee nish. DF idiom

off season (n.) traa moal

off shore magh 'syn aarkey

off side (n.) cheu yesh

off thee jeed, jeeds

order off (v.) oardaghey jeh

pair off1 (v.) goll ayns piyryn, rheynn ayns piyryn

pair off2 (v.) (to) piyryn y yannoo

palm off (v.) cur gy lieh

pay off (v.) cur gys yn dorrys, eeck, glenney

pick off (v.) chymsaghey; lhieggey lesh gunney; troggal

pinch off (v.) spulgey jeh

play off (v.) cloie jeh noi

pluck off (v.) pluckey

polish off (v.) sluggey sheese

pop off (v.) goll roish, paartail

pull off (v.) ceau jeh, speeiney, tayrn jeh

push off (v.) boggaghey; seiy jeh

put off (v.) cur shaghey

rake off (n.) foilliu; (v.) geddyn folliu

rattle off (v.) roie trooid

ride off (v.) markee ersooyl

ring off (v.) scuirr

rip off (v.) rassey jeh

rope off (v.) cur tead er

round off (v.) jannoo cruinn

rub off (v.) rubbal jeh

run off (v.) roie ersooyl, roie jeh, teaumey

scrape off (v.) screebey jeh

send off (v.) bannaghey

set off (v.) immeeagh roish; jesheenagh; jesheenit

shake off (v.) cur jeh; crie jeh: Shake off the dust - Crie jeh yn joan. JJK idiom; cheu jeh: Shake off the yoke - Yn whing y cheau jeh. DF idiom

shoot off (v.) lhiggey jeh, lhiggey

Shove off (intj) Magh lhiat

shove off (v.) seiy 'syn aarkey

show off (v.) taishbyney

shuffle off (v.) stroogey ny cassyn

shut off (v.) mooghey, scarrey veih, scuirr

sign off (v.) cowraghey yn lioar

slack off (v.) laggaghey

slide off (v.) skirrey roish

snip off (v.) giarrey jeh

sponge off (v.) glenney lesh thoag

stand off (v.) lhie hug y cheayn; tannaghtyn magh

stave off (v.) castey

step off cheet neose jeh

strain off (v.) sheelaghey

strike off (v.) bwoalley jeh, giarrey jeh, scryssey magh

swear off (v.) dy staaney voish; loo dy reill jeh

sweep off (v.) skeabey ersooyl

switch off (v.) dooney yn slattag, mooghey; moogh: Switch off the light - Moogh yn soilshey. DF idiom

take off1 (v.) irree jeh'n thalloo

take off2 (v.) (as plane) irree

take off3 (v.) (clothes) gow eaddagh jeh: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom

take off4 (v.) (mimic) arrish

take off5 (v.) (as plane) irree

take-off slots (npl.) ammyryn irree seose

tear off (v.) raipey neose

tear-off calendar (n.) feaillere duillagagh

telling off (v.) troiddey

throw off (v.) ceau jeh

thrust off (v.) seiy jeh: Thrust off the boat - Seiy yn baatey jeh. DF idiom

tick off (v.) cur tick rish

told off troiddit

toss off1 (v.) bwoailley y crackan, cur laue chooilleeney

toss off2 (v.) (as writing) raipey sheese er pabyr

turn off1 (n.) crouw-raad; (v.) mooghey: Turn off the gas at the meter - Meedyr yn ghas y vooghey. DF idiom

turn off2 (v.) (as road) cassey er clee, cassey er jesh, cassey veih'n raad

walk off (v.) shooyl roish

wash off (v.) niee jeh

wear off (v.) lheie ersooyl, scryssey magh

whip off (v.) goaill jeh dy tappee

wipe off (v.) glenney jeh, rubbey jeh

work off (v.) cur jeh, lhiggey jeh, lhiggey

write off scryssey; slane coayl; slane juailys

clear off debt (v.) eeck

I will cut off giare-ym jeh: I will cut off thine arm - giare-ym jeh dty roih Bible

jumping off place ynnyd toshee

off the hook (adj.) ass boirey

off the ration seyr veih'n lowanse

off the record (adv.) gyn dy ve scruit sheese, neuoikoil

on and off (adv.) nish as reesht

giarrey jeh amputate, amputation, apocope, chop off, cut off, deduct, snip off, strike off: As loayr y Chiarn rish Moses, as rish Aaron, gra, Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn. Bible

goll roish betake, buzz off, clear out, go off, make away, move on, nip off, pass on, pop off, walk away; antecede, go ahead, go before, precede: ta injillid goll roish ooashley Bible

mooghey (=Ir. múchadh) 1 abolish, abolition, blank off, blot out, blow out, choking, damp, drown, dull, expire, extinction, extinguish, gulp back, hold back, hush up, quench, repeal, shut off, stamp out, stifle, suppress, switch off, turn off a: Ta gioot follit mooghey jymmoose; 2 (prevent) jam

ceau jeh abdicate, lay aside, leave off, pull off, throw off: Cha vel veg yn aggle ayns graih; agh ta graih firrinagh ceau jeh aggle; son raad ta aggle ta torchagh: eshyn ta fo aggle, cha vel eh firrinagh ayns graih. Bible; cast off

lhiggey6 (jeh) acquit, acquittal; blow off, shoot off, work off

lhiggey jeh acquit, acquittal; blow off, shoot off, work off: Ren y fliaghey lhiggey jeh. DF; loosen

bwoalley jeh beat off, strike off

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

seiy jeh push off, shove away, thrust off

tayrn jeh draw off, pull off

teaumey (as small boat) bail; bale, baling, decant, decantation, drain, pouring, pour out, run off; teeming: T'eh teaumey fliaghey. DF; (of liquid) empty, draining, drawing off, draw off, pump empty, pump out: Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF; (as strength) tax; (as lorry) tip

ymmyrkey ersooyl bear off, carry off

scuirr (=Ir. scoir, scor) abort, adjourn, break up, bring to, cease, ceasing, desist, discontinue, halt, leave off, let up, pause, prorogue, pull up, rest, ring off, shut off, stall, stop; (f.) adjournment, cessation, discontinuance, intermission, intermittence, interval, prorogation, respite, retirement; stopped: As er y chiaghtoo laa scuirr Jee veih yn obbyr v'eh er chroo Bible

cheet jeh chip off, come off: cha jean eh gee veg ta cheet jeh'n villey-feeyney Bible

eeck (=Ir. íoc) clear off debt, payment, pay off, pay out, remittance, reward: dob eh dy eeck keesh da Bible

sluggey sheese drink off, gobble, polish off, quaff, swallow up, wolf: ren lorg Aaron sluggey sheese ny luirg ocsyn. Bible

spolgey chip off, chipping, nip, nip off, peck, pinch: nee fiee ny glionney spolgey ass eh Bible

tayrn sheear drawing off, draw off: Chammah as shen, begin da'n vriw shallidagh tayrn sheear veih'n chooish. BS


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