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obbal 1 abnegate, abstain, decline, denial, denounce, deny, disavow, disclaim, disown, forbid, go against, jib, negate, refusal, refusing, refute, self-denial; 2 (refuse) refuse, turn down a: ren mannym gerjagh y obbal Bible; 3 abnegation, abstention, denunciation, disavowal, negation, refutation [O.Ir. opp]

Inexact matches:

gyn obbal peremptory; unchallenged, uncontested; undeniably

obbal glen unqualified denial

obbal kied prohibit

obbal hene jiooldey self-abnegation

denial (n.) obbal: Unqualified denial - Obbal glen. DF idiom; jioooldey; crappey

abnegate (v.) obbal

abnegation (n.) obbal

abstention1 (n.) faagail jeh; obbal

disavow (v.) obbal

disavowal (n.) obbal; crappey

disown (v.) jiooldey, obbal

negate (v.) jiooldey; obbal

peremptory (adj.) glen, gyn obbal

refusal (n.) obbal, obbaltys

refusing obbal; obbaltagh

refutation (n.) obbal

refute (v.) obbal, prowal foalsey

self-abnegation (n.) obbal hene jiooldey

self-denial (n.) obbal, staaynagh, staayney

turn down2 (refuse) obbal

undeniably (adv.) gyn obbal

er aght elley alternatively, in another connection, otherwise: Liorish dy creeney yeearreeyn neu-pheccoil y obbal, dy vod oo ny share obbal ad, tra t'ad er aght elley. CS

abstain (v.) faagail jeh, obbal; cummal

deniable (adj.) so-obbal

disclaim (v.) cur seose; jiooldey; obbal

unimpeachable (adj.) do-obbal, neuchassidagh

do-obbal unimpeachable

so-obbal deniable

denounce (v.) ginsh er, jannoo cassid er, obbal

denunciation (n.) insh er, jannoo cassid, obbal

forbid (v.) neulhig, neulhiggal, neulhiggey, obbal; lhiettal

jib geag; obbal; shiaull-hoshee; shiaull spreie

negation (n.) jannoo gyn vree, jiooldey, obbal

prohibit (v.) lhiettal veih, meelowal, obbal kied

uncontested (adj.) gyn cur noi, gyn obbal, neustreeuit, neustrepit

unqualified denial (n.) jiooldey glen, obbal glen

refuse (n.) brock, fooillaght, orch, trustyr; (v.) gobbal, greim mestey, jiooldey, obbal, obbys

decline failleil; goll sheese; jee-chleaney; obbal; parail; shymley; shymlid; tuittym; leaystey: thou shalt not decline from the sentence which they shall shew thee - cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc Bible

deny (v.) jiooldey, staayney, obb; obbal: I don't deny that that has been said - Cha nel mee g'obbal nagh row shen er ve grait. JJK idiom

go against (v.) goll noi: That will go against him - Hed shen noi echey. DF idiom; obbal

unchallenged1 (adj.) gyn doolane: Let pass unchallenged - Lhiggey shaghey gyn doolane. DF idiom; gyn obbal

Cummeydaneyn Marrey Sea Containers: Ta shoh er ny obbal, as Cummeydaneyn Marrey gra dy vel barganey foast goll er. BS

gerr (=Ir. gair) crow, shout: As chooinee Peddyr er ny goan va Yeesey er loayrt rish, Roish my gerr y kellagh daa cheayrt, nee uss mish y obbal three keayrtyn. Bible

mill (=Ir. mil) (f.) honey: Eeym as mill nee eh gee, derrey vees toiggal echey dy obbal yn olk, as dy reih yn mie Bible; (v.) See mhilley tarnish: Ny mill m'olt. DF [L. mel]

moidynyn virgins: My tan ayr eck coyrt slane obbal da eeckee eh argid, cordail rish toghyr moidynyn Bible


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