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oayllys (f.) awareness, dope, guidance, information, know-how, knowledge, lore: Hug mee yn skeeal shen da Phillie Gawne, myr dooyrt eh, agh cha ren Phillie soilshaghey cre'n aght hooar mee yn oayllys shen ayns y toshiaght. Dhoor

Inexact matches:

gyn oayllys (of youth) callow

oayllys cholbey (f.) physiology

oayllys reihys (f.) psephology

oayllys ushtey (f.) hydraulics

rollage oayllys (f.) guiding star

gagh oayllys ayns shoh inquire within

gyn oayllys er unbeknown

harrish yn oayllys ain beyond our ken

information (n.) fys, fysseree, oayllys

know-how (n.) (yn) cheird; oayllys, schlei

lore (n.) oayllys, ynsagh

physiology (n.) fyshoaylleeaght, oayllys cholbey

psephology (n.) oayllys reihys

unbeknown (adj., adv.) gyn oayllys er

conics (n.) cughlin-oayllys

guidance (n.) coyrle; leeideilys; oayllys; stiurey

guide book (n.) lioar-oayllys

gynaecology (n.) ben-oayllys

hagiology (n.) noo-oaylleeaght, noo-oayllys

hygiene (n.) glennid; slaynt-oayllys; slayntaghys

intuition (n.) foddey-oayllys; keeayll ghooghyssagh

metallurgy (n.) meain-oayllys; meaineraght

ophthalmics (n.) sooill-oayllys

ben-oayllys gynaecology

bun-oayllys grounding

cughlin-oayllys (f.) conics

foddey-oayllys intuition

lioar-oayllys (f.) bibliography, guide book

meain-oayllys (f.) metallurgy

mooir-oayllys (f.) navigation

noo-oayllys (f.) hagiology

slaynt-oayllys (f.) hygiene

sooill-oayllys (f.) ophthalmics

awareness (n.) dooishtid, enney, oayllys, tastey, twoaieaght

beyond our ken harrish yn oayllys ain

callow (adj.) (of youth) bog, glass, gyn keeayl, gyn oayllys

guiding star (n.) rollage oayllys, rollage stiurey

hydraulics (n.) oayllys ushtey; sheanse ushtey; ushtey-obbraghys

inquire within gagh oayllys ayns shoh

navigation (n.) lhuingysseyraght, mooir-oayllys, shiaulley, stiurey

bibliography (n.) claare lioaragh, lioar lioaragh, lioar-oayllys; list-farraneagh

grounding bun-oayllys; gruntey; lhiettrimys er y thalloo

dope (n.) bun: Give me the dope then - Cur dou y bun myr te. DF idiom; dope, oayllys; lutchynagh, ommidan; (v.) cur druggey ayn, cur druggey da, druggey, dopey

dy meiygh approvingly, indulgently: Lesh sooillyn bra' beayn agh ayns keainid, ny yeih Gys roshys ad dt' oayllys, as jir ad dy meiygh, Dy vel uss dty lhongan dy aalid, gyn cron Coraa

foawragh Cyclopean, giant, giantlike, gigantic, hulking, king-size, vast; huge: As bee oayllys y cholught foawragh jannoo foays da colught Parkinson. BS

knowledge (n.) enn, enney, oayllys, ynsagh; fys: The less knowledge one has, the more conceited one is - Myr sloo yn fys t'ec fer, smoo corvian t'echey. JJK idiom; fyssyree; tushtey: And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge - As teh er lhieeney eh lesh spyrryd Yee, ayns creenaght, ayns tushtey Bible; tushtagh

fir-chionnee customers: Red arganagh, 'Lioar-oayllys ny Fir-chionnee', hug kied son troggal thieyn ec Cronk Murray dy chummal ayn BS


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