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oayll pl. oayldyn abode, habitat, home, resort; habitation: bee eh son cummal dragonyn, as oayll son hulladyn. Bible; haunt, hide, hideout

Inexact matches:

oayll conneeyn rabbit warren

oayll faarkee bathing resort

thie oayll meeting house, rendezvous

oayll coar ny hastan heronry

bathing resort (n.) oayll faarkee

habitat (n.) oayll

hideout (n.) oayll

rabbit warren (n.) oayll conneeyn

habitation (m.) lann, teagh, ynnyd-vaghey; ynnyd vaghee: God of Israel, whose habitation is in Jerusalem - Jee Israel, yn ynnyd-vaghee echey tayns Jerusalem Bible; thie: I have commanded in my habitation - ta mee er harey ayns my hie Bible; cummal: and it shall be an habitation of dragons - bee eh son cummal dragonyn Bible; oayll: in the habitation of dragons - ayns oayll ny dragonyn Bible

heronry (n.) oayll coar ny hastan

nostomania (n.) oayll-vaanrey

nostopathy (n.) oayll-aggle

oayll-aggle nostopathy

oayll-vaanrey nostomania

abode (n.) chagh, cummal, oayll, ynnyd veaghee; (v.) duirree; chum

haunt (n.) dhole, oayl, oayll, uyll; (v.) taaghey

meeting house (n.) thie chaglee; thie oayll

rendezvous (n.) boayl quaaltys, thie oayll, ynnyd cruinnee, ynnyd whaiyllee, ynnyd chruinnee

cuirtleeyn reeds: ayns oayll ny dragonyn, bee faiyr, lesh cuirtleeyn as shuinyn Bible

hulladyn (f.) owls: bee eh son cummal dragonyn, as oayll son hulladyn Bible

home1 balley, valley; oayll; cheer; thie: They came home with the blessing - Haink ad thie lesh y vooilley orroo. DF idiom; dy valley: It's the nearest way home - Te yn aagherrid dy-valley. JJK idiom

resort couyr: It was the only resort - Cha row couyr erbee elley ayn. DF idiom; oayll; taaghey; ynnyd: Holiday resort - Ynnyd seyrey. DF idiom

atnee-ym I will hedge up: cur-my-ner, atnee-ym seose dty raad lesh drineyn, as nee'm voalley, nagh vow ee magh e oayll. Bible

berchee (adj.) richer: myr shen dy row yn dooinney shoh yn er sberchee jeh ooilley deineyn niar. Bible; (f.) (ny); (the) rich: Eisht nee ny eayin gyndyr ayns nyn oayll hene, as jeh ynnydyn treigit ny berchee gowee joarreeyn yn soylley. Bible; wealthiness

chagh (=Ir. teach) abode, dwelling, residence; hiding place; feedingplace: C'raad ta oayll ny lionyn, as chagh ny lionyn aegey? Bible [OIr. teg, tech]

Cheyll See keyll (Yn ); (The) Grove: Ta'n lion er jeet seose veih e cheyll, as ta stroider ny ashoonee er e raad ; t'eh er n'gholl magh veih e oayll dy yannoo dty heer ny hraartys Bible

gyn assee undamaged: Deiyr eh ad gyn assee da hene, eer ayns raad gyn oayll. Bible

shuinyn rushes: hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan, as y reeastane farraneyn ushtey: ayns oayll ny dragonyn, bee faiyr, lesh cuirtleeyn as shuinyn Bible

hide follaghey; follaghtyn, keiltyn; keill: Go and hide behind the door - Immee as keil cooyl y dorrys. JJK idiom; follee: Don't hide my pen - Ny follee my phenn. JJK idiom; (n.) crackan; sheh: One must take the horns with the hide - Shegin goaill ny eairkyn marish y cheh. JJK idiom; oayll


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