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oaldey 1 predatory, rapacious, savage, uncivilized, untame, wolfish; 2 (as animal) wild a: Hig beishtyn oaldey yn assagh dy cheilley marish beishtyn oaldey yn ellan Bible

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assyl oaldey wild ass

baagh oaldey brute, wild animal: hie baagh oaldey v'ayns Lebanon shaghey Bible

ben oaldey (f.) (female) savage

booa oaldey (f.) buffalo; female bison

fer oaldey savage: 'Y Fer Oaldey Ooasle', va ny caarjyn soonaasagh eck gra rish cheu e chooylloo  (as cheu e veealloo, my va jough dy liooar iut oc). SF

kayt oaldey wild cat

moddey oaldey wolf: Nee yn moddey-oaldey baghey marish yn eayn Bible

muc oaldey (f.) wild pig

ollagh oaldey (f.) bison, buffalo

tarroo oaldey bison, buffalo

beishtyn oaldey yn aasagh wild beasts of the desert: Shen-y-fa nee beishtyn oaldey yn aasagh, marish cretooryn agglagh ny hellanyn, cummal ayns shen Bible

collagh muc oaldey (wild) boar

dow oaldey ushtey water buffalo

moddey oaldey bwoirryn she-wolf

moddey oaldey firryn dog-wolf

buffalo (n.) booa oaldey, ollagh oaldey, tarroo oaldey; buffalo

bison (n.) ollagh oaldey, tarroo oaldey

savage1 (adj.) broutagh; dewil; feiar; feiaragh; feie; keoie; oaldey, oayldey; keoi; (v.) raipey; (n.) fer oaldey

wolf (n.) filliu; moddey oaldey: The wolf mauled him - Ren y moddey oaldey eh y lhuddyral. DF idiom; (v.) sluggey sheese

brute (n.) baagh oaldey, brout

female bison (n.) booa oaldey

predatory (adj.) craghagh; oaldey

rapacious (adj.) jollyssagh; oaldey

savage2 (n.) (female) ben oaldey

wild3 (adj.) (as animal) oaldey: the wild beasts of the desert with the wild beasts of the islands shall dwell there - nee beishtyn oaldey yn aasagh, marish cretooryn agglagh ny hellanyn, cummal ayns shen Bible

wolfish (adj.) filliuagh; oaldey

untame feie; neuveein; neuveysagh; oaldey

water buffalo (n.) dow oaldey ushtey

boar2 (n.) (wild) collagh muc feie; collagh muc oaldey; purr

dog-wolf (n.) filliu firryn, moddey oaldey firryn

she-wolf (n.) filliu bwoirryn, moddey oaldey bwoirryn

uncivilized (adj.) barbaragh; oaldey, oayldey; awaneagh; feie

wild animal (n.) baagh oaldey, cretoor feie

wild ass (n.) assyl feie, assyl oaldey

wild cat (n.) kayt ny keylley, kayt oaldey

wild pig (n.) muc feie, muc oaldey

wild beasts of the desert (npl.) beishtyn oaldey yn aasagh

boar1 (n.) collagh muc, purr, collagh muc feie, collagh muc oaldey, collagh, collagh muickey, collagh muigey

cretooryn agglagh ny hellanyn wild beasts of the islands: Shen-y-fa nee beishtyn oaldey yn aasagh, marish cretooryn agglagh ny hellanyn, cummal ayns shen Bible

gyndyr browsing, graze, grazing: Nee yn moddey-oaldey as yn eayn gyndyr cooidjagh Bible

lhuddyral bedraggle, mangle, mangling, maul, mauling: Ren y moddey oaldey eh y lhuddyral. DF

roie er-chea flee: t'eh fakin yn moddey-oaldey cheet, as t'eh faagail ny kirree, as roie er-chea Bible

more fierce (comp./sup.) s'chenney: And they were the more fierce - As vad wheesh shen schenney er Bible; (ny) sbarbagh: Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves - Ta ny cabbil oc neesht ny sbieau na ny leopardyn, as ny sbarbagh na moddee-oaldey Bible

rheynnee shall divide: Bee Benjamin myr moddey-oaldey jollyssagh: ayns y voghrey, stroie-ee eh yn chragh t'eh dy hayrtyn; as ec yn oie, rheynnee eh yn spooilley. Bible


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