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oak darrag; darragh; darree; ree ny keylley

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Bog Oak (n.) Darrag

bog oak (n.) darrag ghoo

cork oak (n.) billey eairkey

English oak (n.) darragh Goaldagh

holm oak (n.) darragh scarleod

live oak (n.) darrag heerghlass

Oak Avenue (n.) Astyl Darragh

oak fern (n.) renniagh gharee

Oak Glen (n.) Glion Darragh

oak grove (n.) darragh, keyll gharree

Oak Hill (n.) Cronk Darragh

Oak Hollow (n.) Lag ny Darragh, Lhag Darragh

oak mast (n.) croan darree

Oak Nook (n.) Cooil Darragh, Cooill Darree

Oak Road (n.) Raad Darragh

oak tree (n.) billey darragh

oak wood (n.) darragh, fuygh darree

pedunculate oak (n.) darragh Goaldagh

red oak (n.) darragh ruy

sessile oak (n.) darragh

white oak (n.) darragh bane

sudden oak death (n.) baase doaltattym darree

Sudden Oak Death disease (n.) gorley Baase Doaltattym Darragh

darragh1 (pl -yn) oak, oaken, oak grove, oak wood, sessile oak: honnick mish Absalom croghey ayns billey-darragh Bible; would come: va ny chaghteryn feer tastagh darragh fockle erbee voish Bible

darragh Goaldagh English oak, pedunculate oak

Astyl Darragh Oak Avenue

billey eairkey cork oak

Cooil Darragh Oak Nook

Cooill Darree Oak Nook

croan darree oak mast

Cronk Darragh Oak Hill

Darrag Bog Oak

darrag ghoo (f.) bog oak

darragh bane white oak

darrag heerghlass (f.) live oak

darragh ruy red oak

fuygh darree oak wood

Glion Darragh Oak Glen

Lhag Darragh Oak Hollow

Raad Darragh Oak Road

ree ny keylley oak

renniagh gharee (f.) oak fern

oak-apple (n.) cro darree

cro darree acorn, oak-apple

darragh scarleod holm oak, ilex

Lag ny Darragh Oak Hollow

baase doaltattym darree sudden oak death

gorley Baase Doaltattym Darragh Sudden Oak Death disease

keyll gharree (f.) oak grove, plantation of oaks

billey darragh oak tree: as dollee Jacob ad, fo yn billey darragh va liorish Shechem. Bible

darrag (f.) (pl -yn) 1 beam, log a: cha vel geill ayd da'n darrag t'ayns dty hooill hene Bible; 2 oak; 3 (fishing) cast; 4 hairline, snood [L. doru]

darree (gen.) oak: Fuygh darree. DF; (v.) changed, shifted: Darree eh geear sheese ec mullagh y chronk DF


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