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oaie (f.) 1 dial, exposure, facade, face, facial, front, frontage a: yn lheead feed cubit er oaie yn chiamble Bible; 2 pl. oaiaghyn grave, pit, sepulchre: ve oanluckit ayns oaie m'ayr as my voir; 3 cave

oaïe forefront: Dy der y Chiarn er e oaïe dy hoilshean ort, as dy bee eh graysoil dhyt. PB1765

Inexact matches:

ayns oaie in the sepulchre: myr v'ad goanluckey dooinney, cur-my-ner, honnick ad sheshaght dy gheiney; as cheau ad y dooinney ayns oaie Elisha; in face: va'n ven sho aalin 'skyn dagh cretoor elley, 'skyn Adam hene, ayns corp, ayns oaie as shilley PC; before

clagh oaie (f.) gravestone; ledger stone

Er oaie (impv) Lead on: Er oaie lesh y daunse! DF

er oaie ahead, forward, onward, onwards; before: feed cubit er oaie yn chiamble Bible

fraue oaie (f.) feature

geay oaie (f.) head wind

grooish oaie (f.) feature

gyn oaie independent

leac oaie (f.) gravestone, tombstone

millaghyn oaie sea of faces

oaie doont poker-face

oaie ghroamagh (f.) heavy features

shamyr oaie (f.) ante-chamber

Carrick yn Oaie Rock of the Grave

cheet er oaie come on

coyrt er oaie carry forward

cur er oaie further, promote, put forward

cur lesh er oaie carry over

cur oaie er front

cur oaie rish face

dreeym er oaie back to front

Er oaie lesh (intj) Fire away

gleashagh er oaie headway

gleashaghey er oaie precession

gleashaght er oaie (f.) forward motion

Gob yn Oaie Grave Headland

goll er oaie forwardness, get along, go forward, move forward, moving along: Ta'n clag goll er oaie un vinnid gagh laa. DF

gow kesmad er oaie step forward

gys oaie yn ardane downstage

jeeragh er oaie straight on

oaie gys cooyl open-plan

oaie ny marrey (f.) seafront: Thie er oaie ny marrey. DF

oaie ry hoaie rish vis-à-vis

seiy er oaie obtrude, push forward, push on

thummey kione er oaie crash-dive

gravestone (n.) clagh oaie: It will be written on his gravestone - Bee eh grainnit er y chlag oaie echey. DF idiom; leac oaie

feature (n.) ard-skeeal; cowrey; cummey; eddin; fraue oaie; grooish oaie; taishbyney

front eddin: The front of the house - Eddin y thie. DF idiom; oaie: The front of the house - Oaie y thie. DF idiom; (n.) breid, broghil, glaare; toshee: Front-line soldiers - Sidooryn toshee. DF idiom; (v.) cur eddin er, cur oaie er

onward (adv.) er oaie: The onward march of the nation - Goll er oaie yn ashoon. DF idiom

seafront (n.) bayr traie, esplanaid, shooylaghan; oaie ny marrey: House on the seafront - Thie er oaie ny marrey. DF idiom

ante-chamber (n.) far-hamyr, shamyr oaie

exposure (n.) anchoodaghey; feayght; oaie: Southerly exposure - Oaie da'n jiass. DF idiom; roostey: Indecent exposure - Roostey neughlen. DF idiom; taishbyney

facade (n.) eddin, oaie

face (v.) cur eddin rish, cur oaie rish; (n.) gruaie, oaie; eddin: How can you shut the door in your friend's face? - Kys vod oo jeigh yn dorrys ayns eddin dty charrey? JJK idiom; cheu-astan

forward1 lheah, mogh-appee, shenn-chreeney; er toshiaght: The seat is too far forward - Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF idiom; ry-heet; toshee; er oaie: Carry it forward - Cur er oaie eh. DF idiom

frontage (n.) colb, eddin, oaie

heavy features oaie ghroamagh

Lead on (impv) Er oaie

ledger stone (n.) clagh oaie

open-plan (adj.) oaie gys cooyl

poker-face (n.) oaie doont

precession (n.) gleashaghey er oaie

sepulchre (n.) lhiaght, oaie

scaap-ys escapes: Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee eh 'syn oaie ; as eshyn scaap-ys yn oaie, bee eh goit 'sy ribbey Bible

ahead er oaie: To go ahead - Dy gholl er oaie. DF idiom; er y chione: He's going ahead - T'eh goll er y chione. DF idiom; kionroish; roish: To draw ahead of something - Dy gholl roish red ennagh. DF idiom

before ayns oaie, er oaie; beealloo: Situated right before them - Ny hoie kiart nyn meealloo. DF idiom; fenish; kionfenish, kionefenish: He sat before the king - Hoie eh kionefenish y ree. DF idiom; kiongoyrt; ro; roish: Before heaven or earth existed - Roish myr row ayn niau ny thalloo. DF idiom; roie, roïe: Long before - Foddey roie. DF idiom; my

brazen browed oaie-daaney

come on (v.) cheet er oaie

crash-dive (n., v.) thummey kione er oaie

downstage gys oaie yn ardane

Fire away (intj) Er oaie lesh

forefront (n.) toshiaght; eer toshiaght: Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle - Soie-jee Uriah ayns eer toshiaght ny rankyn Bible; cheu wass: upon the forefront of the mitre it shall be - er cheu wass y vitre vees eh. Bible; oaïe: The forefront of the one was situate northward over against Michmash - Va oaïe yn derrey yeh lesh y twoaie jeeragh er Michmash Bible; eddin: from the forefront of the lower gate unto the forefront of the inner court - veih eddin y yiat sinshley gys eddin y chooyrt sodjey-stiagh Bible

forward motion (n.) gleashaght er oaie

go forward (v.) goll er oaie

grave (adj.) fastagh, feeudagh, trome, trome-chooishagh, fudagh; (v.) grainnaghey, graue; (n.) oaie: To be in one's grave - Dy ve 'syn oaie. DF idiom; oaye: It will be time to dig my grave - Bee eh traa dy chleiy yn oaye aym. DF idiom

Grave Headland (n.) Gob yn Oaie

headway (n.) gleashagh er oaie; yrjid

move forward (v.) goll er oaie

moving along (v.) goll er oaie

sea of faces (n.) millaghyn oaie

straight on jeeragh er oaie

tombstone (n.) clagh oaye, leac oaie

ard-oaie (f.) haughtiness

far-oaie mask

oaie-daaney brazen browed

back to front (adv.) dreeym er oaie

carry forward (v.) coyrt er oaie, cur seose

carry over (v.) cur lesh er oaie

cave (n.) guag; lhiaght; oghe, ooig; oaie

facial aachummey eddin; eddin; eddinagh; oaie

forwardness (n.) aase; goll er oaie; lheahys; shenn-chreenaght

head wind (n.) geay noi; geay oaie

obtrude (v.) seiy er oai; seiy er oaie

push on (v.) seiy er oai, seiy er oaie

Rock of the Grave (n.) Carrick yn Oaie

scornagh (=Ir. scornach) throat: Ta'n scornagh oc oaie foshlit Bible

get along (v.) goll er oaie; goll er y hoshiaght

haughtiness (n.) ard-oaie; ard-wannalys; kione-ardys; mooaralaght; mooaralys; sonaase; stroineeishid; sturd

independent (adj.) gyn eie, gyn oaie, neuchroghagh, neuchroghee, neuchrogheydagh, seyr

promote (v.) ardjaghey, cur er e hoshiaght, cur er oai, cur er oaie, keimee

push forward (v.) broo er oai, ooillian, seiy er oai, seiy er oaie

put forward (v.) cur er oai, cur er oaie, moylley

step forward (v.) gow kesmad er oaie, gow kesmad er toshiaght

vis-à-vis (n., adv.) bentyn da, bentyn rish; oaie ry hoaie rish, eddin ry eddin

back back: As haink ad back veih yn oaie Bible

chea-ys flees, fleeth: Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee eh 'syn oaie Bible

chur2 (dy); (to) give: Dy chur da livrey e vioys veih'n oaie Bible

cleight hewn: doanluck eh eh ayns oaie va cleight ayns creg Bible

doanluck buried: doanluck ad eh ayns e oaie hene Bible

er beeal edgeways: rowll eh clagh er beeal yn oaie. Bible

goanluckey buried: ren eh goanluckey e chorp 'syn oaie echey hene Bible

oanluckit buried, interred: cha bee dty chorp oanluckit ayns oaie dty ayraghyn. Bible

rowl rolled: as rowl eh clagh vooar er beeal yn oaie Bible

rowlit rolled: hooar ad y chlagh rowlit ersooyl jeh'n oaie. Bible

rowll rolled: rowll eh clagh er beeal yn oaie. Bible

rowlys shall roll: Quoi rowlys ersooyl yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie? Bible

scoarnagh (f.) pl. scoarneeyn gizzard, gorge, throat: Ta'n scoarnagh oc oaie foshlit Bible; uvular

blow1 cayrnal; feddanagh; labb; losh; shellym; tarnoal; tharmane; builley: Land a blow in the face - Builley y woalley ayns oaie. DF idiom

brought down lhieggit sheese: Thy pomp is brought down to the grave - Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie Bible; coyrt fo-chosh; currit sheese: And the mean man shall be brought down -

dance daunse: On with the dance! - Er oaie lesh y daunse! DF idiom; daunsey; rinkey; daunsin

deliver (v.) livrey: Deliver us from evil - Livrey shin veih olk. DF idiom; seyrey; stowys; Livrey-jee: Deliver him from going down to the pit - Livrey-jee eh veih goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

dial (n.) dial, oaie, puiss; eddin: Luminous dial - Eddin hoilsheanagh. DF idiom; (v.) jeel, jeeley: Dial this number - Jeel yn earroo shoh. DF idiom

further (ny) sodjey stiagh; sodjey: Further up the street - Ny s'odjey heose y traid. DF idiom; sodjey na shen; (v.) cur er oai, cur er oaie, cur er y hoshiaght

lope (v.) lheim: To lope along - Dy gholl er oaie lesh lheim. DF idiom

lord (n.) chiarn: The Lord bless us - Dy gholl er oaie lesh lheim. DF idiom; reejerey

march carr caggee; cosheeaght: To march along - Dy chosheeaght er oaie. DF idiom; troagyraght; march; (v.) co-hooyl; marchal: the Egyptians marched after them - va ny Egyptianee marchal er nyn eiyrts Bible

mask (v.) cur far-eddin er, follaghtyn, maskal; (n.) far-eddin, far-oaie, follaght eddin, kione shynnee, mask

onwards (adv.) er oaie; magh: From tomorrow onwards - Veih laa ny vairagh magh. DF idiom

pit1 (n.) lag, jeeig; niurin; oaie; guag; ooig; slogh: Inspection pit - Slogh ronsee. DF idiom

sealing (adj.) sealagh; (v.) sealal: So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone - Myr shen hie ad, as ren ad yn oaie shickyr, sealal y chlagh Bible; (v.) shelg raunyn

secret follaghee; folliaght: His secret died with him - Hug eh lesh yn folliaght echey da'n oaie. DF idiom; folliaghtagh: The Secret Service - Yn Chirveish Folliaghtagh. DF idiom Secret door - Dorrys follit. DF idiom; follit; keiltagh; keiltynagh; roonagh

shall roll rowlys: Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre? - Quoi rowlys ersooyl yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie? Bible

southerly (adj., adv.) gour y jiass; jiass: Southerly exposure - Oaie da'n jiass. DF idiom; lesh y jiass; my yiass; niass

step1 (n.) agg, aggad, caskeim, keimeragh, kesmad; keim: That is a step forward - Ta shen keim er oaie. DF idiom; (v.) goaill kesmad

throat (n.) scoarnagh: I am weary of crying; my throat is dry - Ta mee skee lesh geamagh ta my scoarnagh chirrym Bible; scornagh: Their throat is an open sepulchre - Tan scornagh oc oaie foshlit Bible; troat

bangan bough, cutting, leg of contest, limb, scion: t'ou uss tilgit magh ass dty oaie myr bangan loau Bible

claghyn yn ooig stones of the pit: Agh t'ou uss tilgit magh ass dty oaie myr bangan loau, as myr coamrey ny merriu ta roight trooid lesh y chliwe, ta ceaut sheese fo claghyn yn ooig Bible

coyr-verriu coffin: ayns chengey ny mayrey myr va'n coyr-verriu ny choyrt 'syn oaie. Coraa

documad document: Ayns nyn documad "Yn Raad er Oaie'' t'ad gra dy vel ad arryltagh resooney magh marish yn sleih ynnydagh. Carn

dooinney aeg (=Ir. duine-eg.) swain, young man: As hie ad stiagh ayns yn oaie, as honnick ad dooinney aeg ny hoie er y cheu yesh, coamrit ayns coamrey liauyr gial: as v'ad agglagh. Bible

goll sheese decline, descending, descent, fall away, go down, pass down, sinking: Ta ny cassyn eck goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

gyn blass flavourless, savourless, tasteless: Ta bee blaystal da beeal gyn blass, myr mooarane gien er beeal yn oaie. Apoc

kione-lheeah white-haired, white-headed: ver dty harvaantyn lhieu sheese kione lheeah dty harvaant nyn ayr, lesh trimshey gys yn oaie Bible

lhieggit sheese broken down; brought down: Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie Bible

loau (=Ir. lofa) 1 carious, corrupt, decayed, gangrenous, putrefactive, putrescent, putrid, rotted, rotten, stagnate, stale, tottering, unsound a: t'ou uss tilgit magh ass dty oaie myr bangan loau Bible; 2 (as meat) bad; 3 (putrid) foul

lonragh bright, effulgent, glistening, glowing: Moal-inchynagh va'n oaie echey as neeal glass er, as yn folt echey slaait sheese lesh shelliu lonragh ennagh GB

mâroosyn with them: foast tad er nymmyrkey nyn nearey, mâroosyn ta goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

murder murder: cha beagh wheesh d' anvea, streeu, caggey, murder, noidys, looghyn oaie, baase nearagh mennick as lheid y jummal sleih. PC

nearagh ashamed, disgraceful, dishonourable, disreputable, ignominious, self-conscious, shameful: cha beagh wheesh d' anvea, streeu, caggey, murder, noidys, looghyn oaie, baase nearagh mennick as lheid y jummal sleih. PC

oc their, theirs: hed yn aalid oc mow ayns yn oaie ass ny cummallyn oc Bible; at them; have

patriarch patriarch: Gheiney as vraaraghyn, lhig dou lesh nyn gied loayrt riu mychione yn patriarch David ta chammah marroo as oanluckit, as dy vel yn oaie echey ry-akin gys y laa t'ayn jiu. Bible

resooney magh discuss: Ayns nyn documad "Yn Raad er Oaie'' t'ad gra dy vel ad arryltagh resooney magh marish yn sleih ynnydagh. Carn

rouailtagh itinerant, nomad, ranger, roamer, rover, stroller, wanderer: As hooar yn chenn rouailtagh, ny-cheayrtyn, oaie ny s'cooie: Cha nee ayns lhiaght fo-halloo ve, agh heese 'syn aarkey mooie. Coraa; roaming, wandering, roving; nomadic

rowlal roll, rolling, trill: er rowlal back yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie Bible

rowlal back roll back: va ainle y Chiarn er jeet neose veih niau, as er jeet as er rowlal back yn chlagh jeh beeal yn oaie Bible

schimmeigit scored; streaked: As faarney jeiryn sharroo noi e oaie, Schimmeigit lesh fuill ghoo Dhoor

s'cooin lhiam I remember: G'imraa yn Rullick Malew, s'cooin lhiam y chenn ghooinney va ny 'sexton' ayns shen, enmyssit Jimmy Connor, as hooar eh jeih skillin son dagh oaie yinnagh eh reurey Coraa

stroideryn destroyers: tan annym echey tayrn er-gerrey gys yn oaie, as e vioys da ny stroideryn Bible

viollyn viols: Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie, as kiaull dty viollyn Bible

bringeth down cur lesh sheese: For he bringeth down them that dwell on high - Son teh cur lesh sheese adsyn ta cummal dy ard Bible; coyrt lesh sheese: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up - teh coyrt lesh sheese gys yn oaie, as troggal seose Bible

fleeth chea: The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling - Ta fer-ny-failley chea, er-y-fa dy nee fer-failt eh Bible; chea-ys: He that fleeth from the fear shall fall into the pit - Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee ehsyn oaie Bible

headstone (n.) clagh chorneilagh; clagh-oaie; clagh oaye; clagh vun; leac; ogher; clagh vullee: he shall bring forth the headstone thereof - nee eh soiaghey seose y chlagh- vullee er Bible

unto this day derreyn laa tayn jiu: which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day - ter kione y lheeasid, derreyn laa tayn jiu Bible; gys y laa jiu: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day - shen pillar oaie Rachel gys y laa tayn jiu Bible; gys y laa tayn jiu: And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt unto this day - As ren Joseph eh ny leigh harrish cheer Egypt, gys y laa tayn jiu Bible

dooishtey evocation, evoke, reveille, revive, rouse: Te jannoo lane taitnys da my chree (ga bunnys tree cheead veeilley jeh) dy chlashtyn dy vel Manninee fy-yerrey, ga yn laa lurg y vargey, dooishtey seose ass nyn merruidhaveenagh dy hauail Chengey-ny-Mayrey veih ve ooilley cooidjagh oanluckit 'syn oaie. Coraa

gunney gun: Va polt myr gunney ayn as hilg y chryss veih ny greieyn as va boirey kiart ayns y uhllin. JyC; of a gun: Hug yn daa çheu oaie er y cheilley er quing hallooin eddyr Point as Steòrnabhaigh, ny meoiryn shee as sidooryn lesh cliwenyn gunney, ny cotteyryn lesh maidjaghyn as claghyn. NNS

minjeig (f.) fawn, immature deer, one year old she goat: Cheayll yn feeaih moostit; cheayll yn minjeig faitagh, as by gooin lhieu er yn helg. Coraa; bundle: eisht chayrn eh yn eairk as cheau eh y minjeig jeh pabyryn naight rish oaie y chapp. Dhoor

skeaylt disbanded, disconnected, dispelled, loose-fitting, loose-jointed, slackened, sprinkled, sprung, unfurled; scattered: Ta ny craueyn ain ny lhie skeaylt er beeal yn oaie Bible; spread: cur-my-ner va'd skeaylt ooilley fud y vagheragh Bible; separated: Tan obbyr mooar as lhean, as ta shin skeaylt er y voalley Bible; uncollected; floating, loose, spreading

tullagh1 (f.) 1 See tullogh instant, moment, second a: cooinee dy nee Jee hug y kerragh shoh ort, as foddee eh ayns y tullagh y chur ayns y stayd cheddin oo, ny gys yn oaie, fegooish y raaue graysoil v'ayd roie. CS; 2 little height, low hill, mound, tumulus


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