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nyn 1 our, ours a: My lhiggys oo da nyn mraar goll mârin, hem mayd sheese, as kionnee mayd beaghey dhyt Bible; 2 your a: Cha jean shiu meddin y akin, mannagh bee nyn mraar mêriu Bible; 3 their, theirs a: bee nyn neeilley oc jeh nyn groutyn hene Bible

Inexact matches:

nyn ayrn our share, your share, their share; their portion: lhig dauesyn nyn ayrn y ghoaill Bible

nyn drooid through them: nagh jed unnane nyn drooid. Bible

nyn gour for them, prepared for them: Coyrt seose ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene undin mie ry-hoi yn traa ta ry-heet Bible; for you, towards you: Gys eiraght shickyr as casherick, as nagh vel lheie ersooyl, kiarit ayns niau nyn gour euish Bible; for us

nyn guail towards them: tra honnick eh ad, roie eh nyn guail veih dorrys y chabbane Bible

nyn jei behind you

Nyn Jiarn Our Lord: Nish dy jean Jee hene as nyn Ayr, as nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, yn raad ain y chiartaghey hiuish. Bible

nyn lheid suchlike: T'ou er choyrt cowrey da nyn lheid as ta goaill aggle royd Bible

nyn lurg (us you them) after: As nyn lurg, hig shiaght bleeantyn dy ghortey Bible

nyn mooinjer our relations: Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn Bible

nyn neesht both: bee ad nyn neesht er nyn goyrt gy-baase Bible

nyn oi 1 against them a: faag mee, dy vod my yymmoose brishey magh nyn, as dy voddym ad y stroie; Bible; 2 against us a: hig eh gy-kione tra hig ad magh nyn, myr ec y toshiaght, dy der mayd cooyl daue, Bible; 3 against you a: eisht bee correen Chiarn er ny vrasnaghey nyn oi as bee shiu dy leah er nyn eebyrt veihn cheer mie shen teh er choyrt diu. Bible

Nyn Onnor Your Eminence, Your Honour

nyn shennayraghyn 1 our predecessors; 2 your predecessors; 3 their predecessors a: As gyn ve myr nyn shennayraghyn Bible

nyn soie seated, sitting: va ooilley ny princeyn nyn soie ayns shen Bible

nyn vaar towards us

nyn vegooish (us you them) without: ta shiu er reill myr reeaghyn nyn vegooish Bible

nyn yees both, conjointly: Ta jallooaghyn jeh nyn yees jeu ry-akin ayns keeill ec Alturnan Carn

nyn yei 1 after them, after a: hooar ad rey rish ny lettyryn 'Gaelagh' (raad t'ou cur spottyn er corockleyn syn ynnyd jeh screeu 'h' nyn yei). Carn; 2 after us; 3 after you

nyn yeï behind them: As tra yeeagh deiney Ai nyn yeï Bible

nyn yioin for their purpose: feaysley lesh geay meeley jiass sheiltyn dy row oc nish nyn yioïn Bible

ad nyn dree (the) three of them

as nyn lheid 1 et cetera; 2 such as a: livrey eh shin veih laue yn noid, as nyn lheid as va ny lhie cooyl-chlea Bible

ayns blein nyn Jiarn in the year of our Lord

Bee-jee nyn dost (intj) Hush, Silence

Blein Nyn Jiarn (f.) Anno Domini, Year of Our Lord: Ayns blein nyn Jiarn 1000 (1016) hooar Ree Cnut, mac Svein, yn ard-reill harrish Sostyn ooilley. Chron

cheet nyn Jiarn Advent, nativity: derrey cheet nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest Bible

cheu nyn meealloo before them: as ayns meyn yn ynyd, as krynn magiyrt yn ynyd va keyr bein layn dy huillyn er cheu an mealu, as er cheu yn gulu. PB1610

cur nyn ymmyd replace

er nyn duittym magh estranged

er nyn skyn over them: t'ou myrgeddin er my hroggal seose dy ard er nyn skyn dirree seose m'oï Bible

er nyn son eu with you: Ta shin cur booise kinjagh gys Jee er nyn son eu ooilley, gimraa erriu ayns nyn badjeryn. Bible

er nyn son hene for themselves: Huggey shegin dooin guee, cha nee er nyn son hene ny lomarcan, agh son dy chooilley stayd as aght ta sleih ayn CS

geay nyn 'oi (f.) noser, headwind

Goll Seose Nyn Jiarn Ascension

gour nyn drommey backward: hie ad gour nyn drommey, as huitt ad gys y thalloo. Bible

gour nyn mullee headlong: Eisht hie ny drogh-spyrrydyn ass y dooinney, as hie ad stiagh ayns ny muckyn: as roie yn ghriagh gour nyn mullee lesh yn eaynee gys y cheayn, as v'ad plooghit. Bible

gow-shiu nyn saie bon appetite

jannoo nyn sloo palliative

my nyn gione shiuish about you, concerning you: my ta shiu er glashtchen dy hyrvees grays iih ta erna hoyrt duys m'an gan shius PB1610

nyn Ayr t'ayns Niau our heavenly Father: Dy vod shiu ve cloan nyn Ayr tayns niau, son teshyn cur er e ghrian girree er mie as sie Bible

nyn gour hene for themselves: As ny queig thousaneyn as feed dy lhiurid as ny jeih thousaneyn dy lheead vees myrgeddin ec ny Leviteyn, shirveishee yn thie, nyn gour hene Bible

nyn mast' eu among you: bee dy chooilley lhiannoo mac nyn mast' eu er ny yiarey chymmylt Bible

nyn neesht ry-cheilley conjointly

Paish Nyn Jiarn Passion of Our Lord

sheearloayr er nyn son advocate

She nyn mea (intj) You're welcome: She nyn mea diu ooilley. DF

She nyn mea diu ooilley (intj) Hullo everybody

Ta X bannaghey nyn mea Welcome to X

cur conaant-dellal nyn lhie er sleih (people) regulate

Slattyssyn vees er nyn Vockley Magh Acts for Promulgation

idd 1 hats a: Eisht va ny deiney shoh kianlt ayns nyn gooatyn, nyn oashyryn, as nyn idd, as nyn eaddagh elley, Bible; 2 nests a: Ayndoo ta ny eeanlee jannoo nyn idd Bible

Balley Mooar Big Homestead, Big Farm: lesh mooads nyn gooid as pooar, nyn argid, airh, nyn goyrle dowin, as nyn geeayll, dy hroggal balley mooar son ooashley'n theihll PC

for themselves daue hene: let them go and gather straw for themselves - lhig daue goll as coonlagh y gheddyn daue hene Bible; er nyn son hene: And afterward they made ready for themselves - As ny lurg shen, daarlee ad er nyn son hene Bible; nyn gour hene: Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation - Coyrt seose ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene undin mie Bible

prepared for them nyn gour: for their brethren the Levites prepared for them - son ren nyn mraaraghyn ny Leviteyn kiarail nyn gour Bible

annym (f.) pl. anmeenyn psyche, soul, spirit: soie-jee nyn gree as nyn annym dy hirrey yn Chiarn nyn Yee Bible [L. anima]

er-traie ashore: Hug ad nyn sidooryn er traie marish nyn eillaghyn as mergaghyn as ooilley nyn gooid Chron

jalloonagh idolater; idolatrous: Marish nyn saggyrtyn mastey nyn sheshaghtyn jalloonagh, as ny ayraghyn lesh nyn laueyn hene dunverys anmeenyn gyn-cooney Apoc

mimmaghyn godmothers: as dy yannoo ooilley ny reddyn shen ghow nyn Ghedjaghyn as nyn Mimmaghyn ayns laue er nyn son. PB1765

nee mayd shall we: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn; lesh nyn mee as nyn inneenyn Bible

sheeintyn nipples, teats: ayns shen va nyn greeaghyn er ny hionney, as shen y raad va sheeintyn nyn moidynys er nyn mroo Bible

after2 (us you them) nyn lurg; nyn yei

before them roue, rouesyn; cheu nyn meealloo; nyn meealloo: Situated right before them - Ny hoie kiart nyn meealloo. DF idiom; rhymboo: He walked before them - Hooill eh rhymboo. JJK idiom

for us er-nyn-son: Pray for us! - Gow padjer er nyn son! DF idiom; nyn gour: This table is reserved for us - Ta'n boayrd shoh nyn gour. DF idiom; son ain

daaue See taaue :1-2 (nyn) leisured; idle: As mysh yn un oor jeig, hie eh magh, as hooar eh feallagh elley shassoo nyn daaue, as dooyrt eh roo, Cre'n-fa ta shiu nyn shassoo ayns shoh fey ny laa nyn daaue? Bible

derrey raad nyn raad elley (yn) this way or that way: hie jaagh yn ard-valley seosesyn aer, as hie nyn dappee voue dy chosney roue, yn derrey raad nyn raad elley Bible

earishyn foddey beayn times past: Ta mish er choyrt da Jacob my harvaant, ynnyd-vaghee nyn ayraghyn, as ayns shen nee adsyn baghey, eer ad-hene, as nyn gloan, as cloan nyn glienney gys earishyn foddey beayn Bible

jallooyn balloo dumb idols: Ta fys eu dy row shiu nyn Ashoonyn-quaagh, er nyn goyrt lhieu ersooyl gys ny jallooyn balloo shoh, dy jarroo myr va shiu er nyn leeideil. Bible

leigh scruit (y) statute law: Ta soilshaghey obbyr y leigh scruit ayns nyn greeaghyn, nyn gooinsheanseyn myrgeddin gymmyrkey feanish, as nyn smooinaghtyn hene deyrey, ny seyrey ad ec y traa cheddin. Bible

meeviallys disobedience: Son myr liorish mee-viallys un dooinney va ymmodee jeant nyn beccee Bible; non-compliance, rebelliousness; transgression: cha leih eh diu nyn mee-viallys, ny nyn beccaghyn. Bible; rebellion: Son ta mee-viallys myr y peccah dy obbeeys Bible

toltanyn ruins: Ta mee er hoiaghey baare y chliwe noi ooilley nyn yiattyn, dy chur er nyn gree ve faiynt, as nyn dhieyn ayns ymmodee toltanyn Bible

conjointly (adv.) lesh y cheilley; nyn neesht ry-cheilley; nyn yees

forefathers (npl.) ayraghyn roin; shennayryn, shenn-ayryn: They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers - Tad er hyndaa reesht gys drogh- yannoo nyn shennayryn Bible; shennayraghyn: which he commanded our forefathers to teach their children - shen ren eh sarey nyn shenn ayraghyn dy ynsaghey da nyn gloan Bible

our (pron) ain, ainyn: We shall soon have forgotten all our French - S'gerrid bee ooilley nyn Vrangish jarroodit ain. JJK idiom; ar; nar; nyn: We shall soon be at our journey's end - Beemayd dy-gerrid ec kione nyn yurnaa. JJK idiom

ours (pron) ain: That son of ours - Yn mac shen ain. DF idiom; dooin: Friend of ours - Carrey dooin. DF idiom; lhien: It's ours - Lhien eh. DF idiom; lhiens: What is ours is yours - Ny ta lhiens t'eh lhieuish. DF idiom; nyn: Your country and ours - Nyn jeer as nyn jeers. DF idiom; (emph.) ain hene; ainyn: My uncle's carriage is more convenient than ours - Ta fainagh my naim ny s'cooiey na'n fer ainyn. JJK idiom

trespasses (npl.) loghtyn: After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses - Erreish daue ver nymmyrkey nyn nearey as ooilley nyn loghtyn Bible; beccaghyn: we are before thee in our trespasses - ta shin kiongoyrt rhyt ayns nyn beccaghyn Bible

ashoonee 1 nationals; 2 nations a: Neen Chiarn eisht geiyrt magh reue ooilley ny ashoonee shoh, as ver eh diuish son eiraght ashoonyn ny smoo, as ny sniartal na shiu hene. Bible; 3 Gentiles, heathens a: Lioroo shoh va ellanyn ny ashoonee er nyn rheynn lurg nyn cheeraghyn Bible; 4 people a: derrey nee Shiloh cheet: as huggeysyn, vees ny ashoonee er nyn jaglym stiagh. Bible

guail 1 (nyn) towards us a: Quoi yn dooinney shoh ta ayns y vagher shooyl nyn guail? Bible; 2 towards them a: tra honnick eh ad, roie eh nyn guail veih dorrys y chabbane Bible; 3 (npl.) towards you a: Cren monney dy ghooinney veh haink seose nyn guail, as dinsh diu ny goan shoh? Bible; 4 met

beccaghyn trespasses: cha leih eh diu nyn mee-viallys, ny nyn beccaghyn Bible

shickyragh affirmative: T'eh er shickyragh nyn bardoon er nyn arrys CS

daily dagh laa; laaoil; gagh laa: Fulfil your works, your daily tasks - Cooilleen-jee nyn obbyr, nyn obbyr gagh-laa Bible

suchlike (adj.) (y) lheid shen; nyn lheid: Poets, writers and suchlike - Bardyn, screeuderyn as nyn lhied. DF idiom

their portion nyn ayrn: let them take their portion - lhig dauesyn nyn ayrn y ghoaill Bible

ainleagh angelic, angelical: ga thanney ta nyn stoo nyn nooghys ainleagh hug daue 'n vondeish shoh PC

arraghys manoeuvre, variation of wind, variety: va nyn ghlaare soilshaghey magh dy mie arraghys nyn rinkey ashoonagh. Carn

cabbil horses: son dy vel y Chiarn ass nyn lieh, as bee ny markee er cabbil nyn haart Bible

caillinyn bodies: va caillinyn aegey as nyn minnagh giarit assdoo tayrn nyn ennal s'jerree CnyO

choodee covered: hie ad gour nyn drommey, as choodee ad nearey nyn ayrey Bible

coe mourn, weep, weeping, woe: agh nee shiuish coe son trimshey nyn gree, as dobberan son sproght nyn spyrryd. Bible

cronnal conspicuous, distinct, obvious, unmistakable, unmistakably: bee nyn drimshey cronnal ayns nyn eddin Bible; illustrious, notable, signal

cur scansh da notice, underline: Eaisht-jee rish nyn greeaghyn eu gyn cur scansh da nyn sporranyn. Carn

eillaghyn accoutrements: Eisht gowee adsyn nyn eillaghyn, as hed ad ayns nyn gamp Apoc

ellanyn 1 isles, islands a: Lioroo shoh va ellanyn ny ashoonee er nyn rheynn lurg nyn cheeraghyn Bible

er aggle (conj.) lest: nee ad jeigh nyn sooillyn; er aggle dy vaik ad lesh nyn sooillyn Bible

er-eiyrt alternately; after: son lesh nyn meeal t'ad jeeaghyn lane graih, agh ta'n cree oc goll er-eiyrt nyn sayntyn. Bible

Fer Croo (Yn); (The) Creator; (The) Maker: Mish y Chiarn nyn Yee casherick, Fer-croo Israel, nyn Ree. Bible

follaghyn hiding places: hrog ny deiney va nyn lhie cooyl-chlea dy tappee orroo ass nyn follaghyn Bible

giallagh (f.) 1 bleach, moon; 2 (v.) would grant a: Dy giallagh eh dooinyn, dy beagh shin er nyn livrey veih laueyn nyn noidyn Bible

goyms padjer I will pray: cur-my-ner goyms padjer gys y Chiarn nyn Yee cordail rish nyn yeearree Bible

hur suffered: va shin foast nyn beccee hur Creest baase er nyn son. Bible

jilg (f.) thorns, pricks: drineyn, ayns nyn lhiatteeyn, as jilg ayns nyn sooillyn Bible; needles

leihys forgive, pardon, remission: Son my leihys shiuish da deiney nyn loghtyn, leihee nyn Ayr flaunyssagh myrgeddin diuish. Bible

lhemeenyn moths: Ta nyn merchys er n'gholl mow, as nyn goamraghyn eeit lesh lhemeenyn. Bible

oaighyn catacombs: ny oaighyn fosley lhean nyn meill livrey's ny merriu t'oc ayns nyn dreishteil PC

onid harmlessness, innocence, simplicity, unaffectedness: Son shoh nyn moggey, feanish nyn gooinsheanse, ayns onid Bible

pyshoon ard-nieughyn poison of serpents: lesh nyn jengey t'ad er chliaghtey molteyrys; ta pyshoon ard-nieughyn fo nyn meillyn Bible

rinkey pl. rinkaghyn dance, dancing: va nyn ghlaare soilshaghey magh dy mie arraghys nyn rinkey ashoonagh. Carn

scaalhean (f.) broadcast, dispersion, distribution, rout, scattering: son ta laghyn nyn stroie as nyn scaalhean er jeet mygeayrt Bible

shelg lurg seek after: Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg m'annym Bible

slhieu sharpen: T'ad er slhieu nyn jengaghyn myr ard nieu: ta pyshoon yn adder fo nyn meillyn Bible

son ooilley nevertheless; for all: son nyn ghrogh-yannoo, as son ooilley nyn obbraghyn eajee Bible

tiark few, rare, scanty, scarce, short, sparse, sporadic: Son shimmey t'er nyn eam, agh s'tiark t'er nyn reih. Bible; (of money) tight

watchyn watches: Myrgeddin Bakbukiah, as Unni nyn mraaraghyn goaill nyn goorse, ayns ny watchyn. Bible

wooishal desire: lhig daue v'er nyn imman gour nyn drommey dy scammyltagh, ta wooishal olk dou. Bible

yiarn-foldyragh pruning hook, scythe: obbree ad seose nyn gliwenyn gys yiarnyn-shesheree, as nyn shleiyghyn gys yiarnyn-foldyragh Bible

about them moo; mygeayrt-y-moo; (emph.) mygeayrt-y-moosyn; mymboo; my nyn gione: There is deep concern about them - Ta imnea vooar ayn my nyn gione. DF idiom

after them nyn yei; (ny) lurg oc: You'll say your lesson after them - Jir shiu nyn lessoon ny lurg oc. JJK idiom

against us nyn oi: The current is against us - Ta'n troa nyn oi. DF idiom; noi ain: The weather is against us - Ta'n emshir noi ain. DF idiom

behind them nyn yeï

behind you er dty chooylloo; nyn jei: Your companions are behind you - Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei. JJK idiom

bring forward (v.) cur er oai; cur er y hoshiaght: whom if thou bring forward on their journey - ad my ver oo er nyn doshiaght er nyn yurnah Bible

companions (npl.) sheshee; co-heshaghyn; cumraagyn: Your companions are behind you - Ta ny cumraagyn eu nyn jei. JJK idiom; sheshaghyn: Call your companions - Eam er nyn sheshaghyn. JJK idiom

for them er-nyn-son: They won't give you these goods before you pay for them - Cha der ad yn chooid shoh diu roish t'ou g'eeck er nyn son. JJK idiom; er ny son oc; (emph.) er ny son ocsyn; nyn gour

headwind (n.) geay nyn 'oi

noser (n.) geay nyn 'oi

our predecessors (npl.) nyn shennayraghyn

our relations (npl.) nyn mooinjer

our share (n.) nyn ayrn

seated (ny) hoie: He remained seated - Hannee eh ny hoie. DF idiom; (ny) soie; nyn soie: Seated round the table - Nyn soie mygeayrt y voayrd. DF idiom; soit; hoie: He seated himself - Hoie eh sheese. DF idiom

their (pron) nyn: They lost their way in a very dense forest - Chaill ad nyn raad ayns keyll feer dorraghey. JJK idiom; oc: They waste most of their time - T'ad jummal yn chooid smoo jeh'n traa oc. JJK idiom

their share nyn ayrn

without2 (us you them) nyn vegooish

Your Eminence (n.) Nyn Onnor

your share nyn ayrn

annoonidyn weaknesses: Son t'eh cur orrin gyn tastey chur da nyn annoonidyn as foilçhyn hene, myr shen nagh vodmayd ve arryssagh er nyn son. CS

Assyrianee Assyrians: Tra va captanyn armee ny Assyrianee er chlashtyn ny goan shoh, raip ad nyn gooatyn, as va nyn aignaghyn yindyssagh seaghnit Apoc

attaghyn crowns: as er ny stuill honnick mee kiare shanstyryn as feed nyn soie, coamrit ayns coamrey gial; as v'oc er nyn ging attaghyn dy airh. PB1765

ayraghyn as moiraghyn parents: cour nyn lheid ta coyrt nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn dy baase, cour dunveryn Bible; fathers and mothers

baare diamond point of a diamond: Ta peccah Yudah scruit lesh pen yiarn, as lesh baare diamond; te grainnit er glaare nyn gree, as er eairkyn nyn altaryn Bible

baarey bare, clip, cut, dress, poll, prune; shave, trimmed: Cha jean ad baarey nyn ghing, chamoo nee ad baarey nyn vaasaag, ny jannoo giaraghyn ayns yn eill oc er coontey'n varroo. Bible; (n.) paring knife

Balley Laagh See Balley ny Loghey (village) Ballaugh: Shoh daa skeeal er nyn inshey dooys liorish Chalse Mooar Balley Laagh; hooar eh veih Harry Boddagh ad as eshyn nyn glashtyn voish e yishag vooar. GB

banglaney fork: Gys Jee er-y-fa shoh shegin dooin goll son cooney, as cha vod shin shen y yannoo mannagh greidmayd ayns nyn gree ny banglaney n shoh jeh nyn Gredjue Creestee. Bible

beggan er veggan gradually, little by little, piecemeal, progressive: She cowrey baghtal dooin eh jeh'n aght ta ny Manninee coayl, beggan er veggan, nyn lhiastid er nyn gultoor hene. Carn

brisht stiagh baptized with fire: scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin, ad broojit fo; nyn armyn creoi cur guin, torchagh as pian, myr v'ad brisht stiagh ayndoo lesh trimmid wooar PC

butleryn cupbearers: as myr va ny fir-oik echey nyn soie, as stayd e hirveishee, as nyn goamrey, as ny butleryn, as ny greeshyn, orroo hie eh seose gys thie'n Chiarn

chaghlaaghyn daah (dy) multicoloured: As va coamrey dy chaghlaaghyn daah urree: son lesh lheid ny coamraghyn va inneenyn y ree va nyn moidynyn er nyn goamrey. Bible

corkey (oat grain) corn: Ceau corkey da ny kiarkyn. DF; oat: Ta ny cabbil glen as corkey ayns nyn molg - berreman as driaghtyn er nyn gorp. Dhoor

cullyryn colours: Coamrit lesh cryssyn mysh nyn meeghyn, as nyn ghing soit magh lesh cullyryn ass towse moyrnagh, ad ooilley myr princeyn dy yeeaghyn orroo Bible

derragh (interrog.) would give; (nagh) would not give: As deie ad gys y Jee dy Israel ooilley lesh un chree as aigney nagh derragh eh nyn gloan son cragh, as nyn mraane son spooilley Apoc

drogh aigney (f.) bad faith, evil will, grudge, ill will, malice, malignity: Lhig dauesyn ver nyn goyrt gys nearey as er nyn gastey: whilleen as tayns drogh-aigney gys Sion. Bible

drogh-chorrym (f.) bad justice, foul play, ill-treatment, oppression: Ghell eh shoh dy foalsey rish y chynney ain, as hug eh drogh-chorrym da nyn ayraghyn, myr shen dy row ad eginit nyn ~,loan veggey y hilgey magh, dy ve stroit. Bible

droynyn humps, bunches: ver ad lhieu nyn merchys er geayltyn assylyn aegey gys cheer dy heaghyn as angaish, as nyn dashtaghyn er droynyn camelyn Bible

dy chooilley every: As chroo Jee beishtyn y thallooin lurg nyn ghooghys, yn maase lurg nyn ghooghys, as dy chooilley nhee ta snaue er yn ooir lurg e ghooghys Bible

er eeasagh borrowed: Ta shin er eeasagh argid son keesh y ree, as shen er nyn magheryn, as nyn garaghyn-feeyney. Bible; lent: Shen-y-fa ta mish myrgeddin er eeasagh eh dan Chiarn Bible

er yn oor hourly; on the hour: Shen-y-fa bee-jee er nyn arrey, son cha vel fys eu er yn oor tra hig nyn Jiarn. Bible

fer-toyrt bestower: Son ta'n Chiarn y briw ainyn, yn Chiarn fer-toyrt nyn leigh, ta'n Chiarn nyn ree; nee eh shin y hauail. Bible

fiosagh delicate, tender, undeveloped: Eisht v'adsyn nearagh roish nyn oltyn hene, nish jeeaghyn eajee agh roish peccah glen; apyrnyn thanney fiosagh jeant jeh duilley ren ad dy reayll nyn nearey veih dagh shilley. PC; (child) underdeveloped; (of persons) undersized

foyraghey hone, sharpen: Myr drilleen va chentyn nyn gliwnyn foyraghey as nyn shleiyaghyn birragh; by yial myr glonney yn eilley orroo, as va coamrey, ny h-oie rassit lesh yn tappeeys oc. Coraa

froaish (f.) brag, egotism, panache, swagger, swank: As lhig dauesyn jannoo ram froaish as ard-haggloo Mychione nyn Giannoortys, nyn Jeer as e foaynoo Coraa

fuinnee of baking: ayns dty hie, as ayns, dty hiamyr-lhiabbagh, as er dty lhiabbee, as ayns thie dty harvaantyn, as er dty phobble, as ayns nyn ogheyn, as nyn siyn-fuinnee. Bible

goaill toshiaght er commence, enter on, go ahead, handsel: Shegin da studeyryn caghlaa nyn aigney as nyn jerkalys tra t'ad goaill toshiaght er ynsaghey y Ghaelg. Carn

goll roosyn like them: Ny bee-jee shiuish er-y fa shen goll roosyn: son ta fys ec nyn Ayr cre ta nyn ymmyrch, roish my jean shiu aghin huggey Bible

greienyn caggee war equipment: ga v'ad wheesh broojit, foast veih haink ad bio; agh plooghit fo va saase y taarnagh mollee nyn eillaghyn as slane nyn greienyn caggee. PC

gyn tastey unheeding, unnoticed: Son t'eh cur orrin gyn tastey chur da nyn annoonidyn as foilçhyn hene, myr shen nagh vodmayd ve arryssagh er nyn son. CS

heayin (ny); (the) lambs: As hie mee er nyn eiyrts, as woaill mee ad, as livrey mee ny heayin ass nyn meeal Bible

inchynagh brainy, cerebral, intelligent, mental, witted: Cha nel shin goaill stiagh y Ghaelg trooid nyn girp agh myr gamman inchynagh trooid nyn geeayle ynrican. Carn

jewellyn jewels: hug ad da Jacob ooilley ny jeeghyn joarree vayns nyn laue, as ooilley ny jewellyn vayns nyn gleayshyn Bible

karraghey 1 cobbling, crown, darn, deck, doctor, fix, overhaul, patch, repair, revise, revision; 2 mending a: Jamys mac Zebedee as Ean e vraar, ayns lhong marish Zebedee nyn ayr, karraghey nyn lieen Bible

kinjah perpetual: Bee shoh slattys kinjah da nyn sheelogheyn trooid ooilley nyn gummallyn Bible as surrayns fodey iih, nar jei e oriusyn gy kinjah gys arys. PB1610

lane-yerkallagh optimist, optimistic: Va skeeal screeuit tammylt beg er-dy-henney liorish fer jeh ny loayrtee shinney ayns nyn lhing-hene ta smoo lane-yerkallagh as t'eh soilshaghey magh dooin nyn gurrymyn. Carn

laueys alacrity, elbow grease, skilfulness: Foddee sleih smooinaght dy heet er nyn doshiaght liorish y laueys oc hene, liorish cooney deiney-mooinjer, liorish ny daag nyn ayraghyn daue, agh cha jean ad shoh ooilley mie fegooish bannaght Yee CS; (speed) industry

leaghyn prices: ceau sleih my vow ad nyn gair, ny leodagh nyn gooid liorish leighderaght gyn feme, liorish pooar, caardys, leaghyn ny croutyn CS

livrey-ee shall deliver: T'ad shoh jeh'n un aigney, as livrey-ee ad nyn booar as nyn niart da'n veisht. Bible; shall redeem

Loghlinee Vikings: Er yn oyr shen shegin dooin credjal dy vel aynshoh braar nyn un daane jeh Oshin as Finn as foddee eh ve dy vel nyn daane ain ny shinney na cheet ny Loghlinee. Coraa

loghtyn iniquities, transgressions, trespasses: O ny cooinee er peccaghyn as loghtyn my aegid Bible; debts: As leih dooin nyn loghtyn, myr ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo loghtyn nynoi. Bible; crimes, offences

mainshteryn masters: Tra ta cooid bishaghey, t'adsyn er nyn mishaghey ta dy vaarail ad: as cre'n vondeish t'ec mainshteryn ooilley'n verchys shoh, agh shilley jeu lesh nyn sooillyn ! Bible; (company) management; owners

meehreishteil (f.) despair: Veih'n voyrn sp'rydoil v'ayndoo nyn droo as goanlys bishagh ren ny smoo, as meehreishteil hug smooinaght ayns nyn gree dy voghe ad foast y varriaght jeh Jee. PC

mhill-yms I will corrupt: mhill-yms nyn arroo-correy mhill-yms nyn arroo-correy, as skeayl-yms eoylley er yn eddin eu eer gaerr ny feaillaghyn casherick eu, as bee shiuish tilgit magh mârish. Bible

mustyral assemble, assembling, muster: Keayrt ny ghaa dirree magh ny Manninee nyn 'oi as d'obb ad dy eeck red erbee, agh ve ny sidooryn er nyn mustyral dy ghoaill ny leeideilee as dy cheau ad ayns y Chashtal Rosien Dhoor

neuaashid (f.) 1 discontentedness, grievance, malaise, qualm a: haishbynee ad nyn neuaashidyn trooid fograghyn er y Chronk Chasherick roish my ghow nyn jiarnyn ain ny h-ynnydyn oc. Carn; 2 awkwardness

neuaashidyn grievances: as haishbynee ad nyn neuaashidyn trooid fograghyn er y Chronk Chasherick roish my ghow nyn jiarnyn ain ny h-ynnydyn oc. Carn

oaiys (f.) perjury: Son edyr t'ad ass nyn geeayll tra t'ad ayns nyn reaïd, ny phadeyrys breagyn, ny dellal dy neu-chairal, ny gyn scansh 've oc jeh loo-oaiys. Apoc

ogheyn 1 ovens a: ayns thie dty harvaantyn, as er dty phobble, as ayns nyn ogheyn, as nyn siyn-fuinnee Bible; 2 nephews a: Agh my ta ec ben-treoghe erbee cloan ny ogheyn, lhig daue hoshiaght gynsaghey dy hoilshaghey kenjallys dooie ec y thie Bible

oltaghey bea hospitality: As quoi-erbee nagh der oltaghey bea diu, as nash der geill da ny goan eu: tra aagys shiu yn thie ny'n ard-valley shen, crie-jee veue joan nyn goshey. Bible

pennys (=Ir. peanas-eaglais) (f.) penance: ec toshiaght y Chargys dy row lheid ny persoonyn as v'er nyn gheddyn kyndagh jeh ard pheccah erbee, er nyn goyrt fo pennys foshlit PB1765; punishment

poseenyn posies: banglaneyn aalin gaase ard er nyn skyn, feeit trooid y cheilley 's ooilley glass veih'n vun; poseenyn millish as dagh dooghys blaa fordrail nyn eunys chammah oie as laa PC

possan dy leih gang: va possan dy leih aeg kionfenish nagh row nyn saie lesh dellal er lheh va jeant ayns Cooyrt Tinvaal ny s'moghee er y chiaghtyn roish y laa shen, as haishbynee ad nyn Carn

pyshoon yn adder adder's poison: T'ad er slhieu nyn jengaghyn myr ard nieu: ta pyshoon yn adder fo nyn meillyn. Bible

raad elley elsewhere: hie jaagh yn ard-valley seose 'syn aer, as hie nyn dappee voue dy chosney roue, yn derrey raad n'yn raad elley Bible

roit neeu starved: hig eh gy-kione, tra vees ad roit neeu lesh accyrys, dy bee ad ayns lheid yn angaish dy jean ad gwee mollaght er nyn ree as nyn Yee, as jeeaghyn seose. Bible

scarrag (f.) ray, skate: Doshil ny guillyn nyn meeal gollrish shenn scarrag er y ghooan, as heillagh fer dy datt nyn sooillyn 'sy vollag oc lesh yindys. Coraa

shellooderyn owners: Veagh shellooderyn meerioosagh eginit nyn steatyn y chreck da'n chomishoon liorish keeshyn trome, er nonney nyn steatyn y hoie da eirinee-maillee. Carn

Shenn agglish Casherick Old Holy church: va oardagh crauee 'sy chenn agglish Casherick, ec toshiaght y Chargys dy row lheid ny persoonyn as v'er nyn gheddyn kyndagh jeh ard pheccah erbee, er nyn goyrt fo pennys foshlit PB1765

shin 1 we a: As hilg shin lottyn mastey ny saggyrtyn Bible; 2 us: Nee eh shoh shin y gherjaghey ayns nyn obbyr as tooilleil nyn laueyn, Bible [O.Ir. sní]

soiaghey jeh accept, acceptance, esteem, set: Ga dy vel shiu chebbal dooys ourallyn-losht, as nyn ourallyn-arran, cha jean-ym goaill roo: chamoo neem's soiaghey Jeh ourallyn-shee nyn maase roauyrey. Bible; approved

straue (f.) straw: Cha nel ny Stanleeyn agh nyn bossan elley dy vaarlee t'er jeet dy chur keeshyn orrin as dy gheid nyn dhalloo liorish gastyral cummaltys ny straue. Dhoor

tar royd come on: Tar royd, lhig dooin cur er nyn ayr giu feeyn, as nee mayd lhie marish, dy vod mayd cummal seose sluight nyn ayrey. Bible

uail disservice, fine, injury, penalty, privation, ruination: Ta chengey chooyl-chassidagh er n'eebyrt magh eer mraane mie voish nyn gummallyn, as er hayrn orroo uail nyn gooid. Apoc

ymmyrkey seose carry up: T'ad er nyn ymmyrkey seose 'syn aer, as sheese reesht gys y diunid: ta'n annym oc lhe•e ersooyl er coontey nyn seaghyn. Bible

above them er-nyn-skyn: He's a cut above them - T'eh keim er nyn skyn. DF idiom It was above them - V'eh er-nyn-skyn DF idiom It was above them - V'eh erskyn oc. DF idiom


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