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Ny Do not: Ny lhig eh Jee, dy lhiggins lhiat eiraght my ayraghyn! Bible

ny (=Ir. na) 1 (npl.) the a: As chroo Jee yn aer; as scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; 2 (gen.) of, of the: Shoh fer jeh cloan ny Hebrewnee. Bible; 3 what, whether, who: nee dty Ayr ta fakin ny ta jeant dy follit Bible; 4 or, nor: Ben-treoghe, ny ben scarrit, ny dy ghrogh ghoo, ny streebagh Bible; 5 do not, not: ny jean-jee yn ommijys shoh. Bible

Inexact matches:

Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid It went by the board; (the) pigs went through it

Ny bee Bee not: Ny bee shiu eiyrit liorish garaghtee dy yannoo shen ny ta aggairagh. EF

ny dyn or not: Ta mee goaill yindys my hig eh ny dyn. DF

Ny gleash (impv) Keep steady

ny host mute: Ta chengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra. JJK

ny-hrooid oc through them

ny jean don't: Ny jean giu feeyn ny jough lajer, uss, ny dty vec mayrt, tra ta shiu goll stiagh ayns y chabbane-agglish, Bible; do not

ny lhie abed

ny slooid unless: Heemayd eh dy-mennick, ny slooid ny hed eh dys thie e vayrey. JJK

Ny surr (intj) Permit not: ny surr ny banglaneyn 's y fraue dy fioghey 'feme dty vyghinyn, PC

ny yei after that: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin GĂ idhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

Creg ny Baa Back Road (n.) Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa

Cronk ny Mona (n.) Cronk ny Moaney

Aah ny Gabbag Ford of the Docks

Aah ny Lhingey Ford of the Pool

Aah ny Lhongyn (f.) Annalong

Aah ny Loghey Ford of the Lake

Aah ny Mooa (f.) Annamoe

Aah ny Mraddan (f.) Laxey, Laxford, Salmon Ford

aarey ny leaghyn (f.) scale of prices

aayeeilley ny labree workers' compensation

Agglish ny Halbey (f.) (Yn); (The) Church of Scotland

Agglish ny Raue (f.) (Yn); (The) Church of Rome

agh ny veggan but a little: 2 Cur-jee ooashley da'n Mac, nagh bee eh jymmoosagh, as myr shen shiu dy herraghtyn veih'n raad cair: my vees e chorree er ny vrasnaghey, (agh ny veggan ;) Bible

Airaght ny Slaynt (f.) Ministry of Health

aird ny geayee point of the wind

Alt ny Bannaig Bannockburn

Ammyr ny Halbey (f.) North Channel

ammyr ny hawiney (f.) midstream

Arc ny Twoaie (The) Plough

ard coadit ny marrey marine protected area

Ard-er-oik ny Keeshyn (the) Assessor of Income Tax

ardjid ny marrey (f.) sea level

ardjyn ny hooirey coasts

ardjyn ny marrey sea coast: Lesh shen v'eh feer jymmoosagh, as deie eh er ooilley princeyn Voab, as captanyn Ammon, as ooilley kiannoortyn ardjyn ny marrey Apoc

Ard ny Croshey Ardnacrusha

Ard ny Goair Ardgour

ard ny guinaghyn doldrums

Ard ny Lheiy Calves' Height

Ard ny Mwyllin Ardmillan

Ard ny Twoaie North Pole

Ard-oik ny Firvooghee Fire Brigade Headquarters

Ard-stiureyder Undinys ny Stiureyderyn Director General of the Institute of Directors

Ard-vardoonagh ny Benrein Poet Laureate

arrane ny lomarcan solo

arreyderyn ny giattyn keepers of the door: As ghow captan y ghard Seraiah yn ard-saggyrt, as Zephaniah yn nah haggyrt, as three arreyderyn ny giattyn Bible

arrey ny folley tender care

arryltagh ny dyn willy-nilly

as daah ny greiney er weather-beaten

as ny laueyn ry-cheilley interlinked

as ny yei shen1 whereafter: As ny yei shen, erreish da v'er n'ghoaill e phadjeryn, hie Ninian as ny caarjyn echey dy chadley. Dhoor

as ny yei shen2 (interrog.) what then

Aspick ny Raue Bishop of Rome

assag ny miljyn (f.) pine marten

Astyl Keylljyn ny Berrishyn Berry Woods Avenue

Astyl Thalloo ny Keylley Woodlands Avenue

Awin Kione ny Traie Strand End River

Awin ny Darragh Oakwood River

Ayndagh ny h-Ynnydyn Argidoil Dowanagh Global Financial Centres Index

ayns glayst ny sooill in the twinkling of an eye

ayns mean ny lhong amidships

ayns ny focklyn shoh thus worded

ayns ny tree feedyn sexagenarian

baare ny creggey top of a rock

baare ny hoardaagyn-chass tiptoe

Baare ny Marrey Seacrest

baareyn lus ny sooghid asparagus tips

Baarle ny keirdey (f.) professional jargon

babban ny gleaysh lobe of the ear

babban ny Mheilley corn dolly

Baie ny Biscaayn (f.) Bay of Biscay

Baie ny Breechyn Bay of the Breeches

Baie ny Carrickey (f.) Carrick Bay, Gansey Bay, Bay of the Rock

Baie ny Mraddan (f.) Laxey

Baie ny Ooig Bay of the Cave

Baie ny Spaainey (f.) Bay of Biscay

Baie Track ny Foawr Giant's Footprint Bay

bainney ny baa doo Guinness, porter, stout

Balley ny Bannoo Farm of the Piglets

Balley ny Barney Farm of the Gap

Balley ny Brooie riverside homestead

Balley ny Carrickey Farm of the Rock

Balley ny Cooilley Nook Farm

Balley ny Cree Boundary Farm

Balley ny Creggey Farm of the Rock

Balley ny Croshey Crosby: Goll my hwoaie reesht voish Balley ny Croshey dys Boayldyn, daase yn cheer ny s'aaley as yn ghrian ny s'choe. Dhoor

Balley ny Gaauin Balgowan

Balley ny Giennee Sandy Farm

Balley ny Glionney Glen Farm

Balley ny Grangee Granary Farm

Balley ny Gro Acorn Farm

Balley ny Groa Farm of the Cotes

Balley ny h'Aah Ford Farm

Balley ny h'Ard Farm of the Height

Balley ny Hawin Laurel Bank

Balley ny h'Awin River Farm

Balley ny h'Injeig Farm of the River Nook

Balley ny h'Oaie Farm of the Graves

Balley ny Hough Farm of the Headland

Balley ny h'Ughtee Farm of the Height

Balley ny Joarey Farm of the Stranger

Balley ny Keylley Woodville

Balley ny Killey Church Farm

Balley ny Lheannee Farm of the Meadow

Balley ny Lhigg Ballig

Balley ny Liargee Farm of the Slope, Hillside Farm

Balley ny Loghey (village) Ballaugh; Lake Farm

Balley ny Maynagh Farm of the Monks

Balley ny Moddey Farm of the Dogs

Balley ny Renniagh Farm of the Ferns

Balley ny Rhennee Farm of the Ferns

Balley ny Rheynn Cape Town

Balley ny Seyir Farm of the Craftsmen

Balley ny Seyr Farm of the Craftsman

Balley ny Shellee Ballasalla

Balley ny Sker Scarborough

Balley ny Sleih Farm of the People

Balley ny Slig Farm of the Shells

Balley ny Tonney Farm of the Wave

Balley ny Veeagh Farm of the Ravens

balsym ny maynaghyn Friar's balsam

baneid ny sooilley white of eye

Barney ny Geayee Windy Gap

bass ny chengey (f.) (of tongue) blade

bass ny laue (f.) palm

Bayr Blaa ny Ferrishyn Campion Way

Bayr Curragh ny h'Awin Marshy River Road

Bayr ny Claairey Plank Road

Bayr ny Claarey Road of the Plank

Bayr ny Creggey Road of the Rock

Bayr ny Gabbil Horses' Road

Bayr ny Geayee Windy Road

Bayr ny Ghiat Road of the Field

Bayr ny h'Ayrey Road of the Gravel Bank

Bayr ny Lhaggey Road of the Hollow

Bayr ny Loughey Road of the Lake

Bayr ny Marroo Road of the Dead

Bayr ny Maynaghyn Road of the Monks

Bayr ny n'Eayn Road of the Lambs

Bayr ny Nerinagh Irishman's Road

Bayr ny Ooylyn Road of the Apples

Bayr ny Pasheyder Potter's Road

Bayr ny Pollagh Road of the Pools

Bayr ny Quarralagh Quarry Road

Bayr ny Thunnag Road of the Duck

Bayr Slieau ny Corony Corony Mountain Road

beadyn ny roihaghyn bracelets: Ny chainyn sollys, as beadyn ny roihaghyn, as ny breidyn Bible

beaghey ny sodjey na outlive

bea ny hanmey (f.) spiritual life

Beeal Aah ny Sluigh Ballinasloe

Beeal Feayn ny Geayee Wide Mouth of the Wind

Beeal ny Bayryn Mouth of the Roads

beeal ny breinney cervix

beeal ny cleayshey meatus

beeal ny cleayshey mooie concha

beeal ny cleeau pit of the stomach

Beeal ny h'Aah Mouth of the Ford

beeal ny hoie evening just before dark, nightfall

Beeal ny h'Ooig Mouth of the Cave

bee ny gunnyn mooarey cannon fodder

bee ny jeeghyn ambrosia

bee ny shynnee English stonecrop

beggan ny booise little thanks

behrtraghyn ny roaganyn beggey queenie beds

ben-jee ny keylley (f.) wood nymph

ben ny baa (f.) milkmaid

ben ny banshey (f.) bride

ben ny faillee (f.) wage earner

ben ny hagglish (f.) churchgoer

Benrein ny Boayldyn (f.) Queen of the May

ben rein ny hoie (f.) moon

bentyn rish ny benaeglee guiding

berrish euar ny greg (f.) juniper berry

bieauid ny geayee wind velocity

billey ny bea lignum vitae

billey ny coyin dogwood

Bing ny Baatyn Liauyrey Wiggynagh (f.) Viking Longboat Committee

Bing ny Reillyn Beayn (f.) Standing Orders Committee

Bing ny Shirveishee (f.) Committee of Ministers

bink ny bingey (f.) jury box

bink ny briwnys (f.) judgement bench

bink ny shanstyryn (f.) aldermanic bench

birrag ny hawin (f.) stickleback

blaa ny feoghaig periwinkle

blaa ny ferrishyn campion, red campion, white campion

blaa ny jeeigey water purslane

blaa ny moddee dogberry

blaa ny Nollick helebore

blakey ny share na outstare

blass ny cheerey local colour

blein noa ny h-eayst (f.) lunar new year

blein ny greiney (f.) solar year

blein ny h-eayst (f.) lunar year

Blein vie ny yei (intj) Good riddance to him

boanlagh ny theayee dregs of humanity, scum of the earth

Boayl ny Beisht Beast's Place

Boayl ny Blockan Coalfish Place

Boayl ny Frog Frog Place


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