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nut (n.) chionneyder, cro

Inexact matches:

almond nut (n.) almon, cro almon, cro Greaghagh

beech nut (n.) cro faih

betel nut (n.) cro beetyl

Brazil nut (n.) cro Brasillagh

castle nut (n.) cro cashtal

check nut (n.) glass-chro

cob nut (n.) cro keylley mooar

earth nut (n.) curlan

hazel nut (n.) cro coull

hexagonal nut (n.) cro shey-lhiatteeagh

lock nut (n.) glass-chro

molucca nut (n.) cro sponk

monkey nut (n.) cro thallooin

nut coal (n.) crammanyn-geayll

Nut Stream (n.) Stroan ny Gro

nut tree (n.) billey cro

tommy nut (n.) cro towlit, croiyn towlit

wing nut (n.) cro cleashagh

glass-chro check nut, lock nut

almon (nut) almond, almond nut

billey cro nut tree

crammanyn-geayll nut coal

cro beetyl betel nut

cro Brasillagh Brazil nut

cro cashtal castle nut

cro cleashagh wing nut

cro coull hazel nut

cro faih beech nut

cro Greaghagh almond nut

croiyn towlit tommy nut

cro shey-lhiatteeagh hexagonal nut

cro sponk molucca nut

cro towlit tommy nut

curlan (f.) earth nut, pignut

fly-nut (n.) scrod cleayshagh

nut-brown cro-ghone

cro almon (nut) almond, almond nut

cro-ghone nut-brown

cro keylley mooar cob nut

scrod cleayshagh fly-nut

Stroan ny Gro Nut Stream

chionneyder brace, inflater, nut, strainer, tightener

cro thallooin groundnut, monkey nut, peanut

cro pl. croyn 1 gall; 2 nut a: Eshyn vees y cree echey, shegin da brishey yn cro JJK


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