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Note (impv) Gow tastey

note (n.) baghtag, cowrey kiaull, notey, screeuyn; (v.) cowraghey, goaill baght jeh, goaill tastey jeh

Inexact matches:

consignment note (n.) screeuyn laadee

embellishing note (n.) notey oor

note paper (n.) pabyr screeuyn, pabyr-lettyragh, pabyr-screeuee

note well (v.) gow baght

post-it note (n.) duillag çhaghteragh

promissory note (n.) folaue, screeuyn gialtagh

top note (n.) ard-note

treasury note (n.) noatey staaitchishtey

five pound note (n.) pabyr queig punt

man of note (n.) dooinney imraagh

ard-note top note

baghtag (f.) note

cowrey kiaull note

duillag çhaghteragh (f.) post-it note

noatey staaitchishtey treasury note

notey (=Ir. nóta) note

pabyr-lettyragh note paper

screeuyn gialtagh promissory note

screeuyn laadee consignment note

footnote (n.) fo-note, fo-screeuyn

minim (n.) kerroo-note

dooinney imraagh man of note

fo-note footnote

fraue-note fundamental

kerroo-note minim

notey oor appoggiatura, embellishing note

pabyr-screeuee note paper, writing paper

fundamental bun-; bunneydagh; fraue-note; fraueagh; undinagh

pabyr queig punt five pound note

pabyr screeuyn letter paper, note paper

dwell (v.) baghey; tannaghtyn: To dwell on a note - Dy hannaghtyn er noatey. DF idiom; cum; (to); (dy) chummal

played bwoaillit; chloie: She played the wrong note - Chloie ee y notey aggairagh. DF idiom; cloiet

voice1 coraa: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; fwee; glare; goo; ghoo; (v.) coraaghey, glaraghey

cowraghey 1 betoken, betray, characterize, denote, exhibit, gesture, imply, log, mark, mark up, note, portend, represent, seal, sign, signify, stamp, symbolize a: Ta ny three banglaneyn cowraghey three laa. Bible; 2 (of colour) blotch; 3 characterization, denotation; 4 signal

folaue promissory note; receipt: Adsyn deeck lesh kaart-daill, lhisagh ad cur coip jeh'n folaue dy gheddyn yn argid currit da'n choontey-kaart oc. BS

goaill baght jeh note, notice, survey: Tee goaill baght jeh magher as kionnaghey eh Bible

goaill tastey jeh attend, mark, note, notice, observe: Ta ny sooillyn echey goaill tastey jeh'n voght Bible

gow baght (impv) N.B., nota bene, note well, take notice: Cha faggys as oddys oo, gow baght jeh dty naboo, as shir coyrle veih'n vooinjey chreeney. Apoc

Gow tastey (impv) Note, Take heed: Gow tastey, ayns doghan dy louraanys, dy jean oo dy kiaralagh lurg ooilley ny nee ny saggyrtyn ny Leviteyn gynsaghey dhyt Bible

screeuyn (=Ir. scríbhín) pl. screeunyn brief, chitty, document, epistle, inscription, legend, letter, lettering, missive, note, notes, script: ghow Hezekiah yn screeuyn veih laue ny chaghteryn Bible

sorrow bran; seaghyn; smeih; sou-aigney; trimshey: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; dobberan: She made a great display of her sorrow - Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF idiom


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