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not (adv.) cha: I am not at home - Cha nel mee ec y thie. JJK idiom; nagh: Was I not ready to do it? - Nagh row mee aarloo dy yannoo eh? JJK idiom; ny

Inexact matches:

am not1 cha nel: I am not satisfied - Cha nel mee jeant magh. JJK idiom; cha vel

am not2 (interrog.) nagh vel: Don't I sing badly? - Nagh vel mee kiaulleeagh feer olk? JJK idiom

are not1 cha nel, cha vel: These boys are not idle - Cha nel ny guillyn shoh liastey. JJK idiom

are not2 (interrog.) nagh vel: Are not those your books? - Nagh vel ad ny lioaryn eu? JJK idiom

as not myrragh

Bee not (impv) Ny bee

can not cha nod

could not (interrog.) nagh voddagh

did not cha ren: I did not sleep a wink all night - Cha ren mee cadley meekey fud ny hoie. JJK idiom

Do not Nagh: Do not go - Nagh immee. DF idiom; Nar; Ny: Do not speak - Ny loayr. DF idiom

do not nar; ny: Do not interrupt me - Ny cur stiagh orrym. DF idiom; nagh: Do not speak - Ny loayr. DF idiom; ny jean: Do not let him - Ny lhig da. DF idiom

early forget-me-not (n.) lus y lhiannan

forsake not (v.) nagh dreig: Take heed to thyself that thou forsake not the Levite - Bee er dty hwoaie, nagh dreig oo yn Levite Bible

Handle not (impv) Ny loaght eh

if not mannagh: but thou shalt give it me now: and if not, I will take it by force - agh nish hene ver oo dou eh: as mannagh der oo, goym eh er niart. Bible; mannagh vel: But if not, let fire come out from Abimelech - Agh mannagh vel, lhig da aile cheet magh veih Abimelech Bible; (ny) s'looid

Is not (interrog.) Nagh vel

is not cha nel, cha vel: He is not down yet - Cha nel eh neose foast. DF idiom; (interrog.) nagh vel: Is not consistency a good thing? - Nagh vel cohassooaght (ny) red mooar? JJK idiom

not able cha yarg; cha yiarg

not allow cha lhig

not fall cha duitt

not let cha blhig

not level neuchiart

not long cha voddey

not negotiable (adj.) do-varganagh, neuvarganagh

not poisonous meenieunagh

not sparing gyn sparail

not suffer cha lhig

not uncommonly mennick dy liooar

or not ny dyn: Whether he does it or not, I know what I've got to do - Vel eh jannoo eh ny dyn, ta fys aym c'red shegin dooys jannoo. JJK idiom

Permit not (intj) Ny surr

please not daittyn lesh

regardeth not cha by-vooar lesh

shall not cha negin: Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden - Cha negin diu gee jeh dy-chooilley villeysy gharey Bible; cha jean: he shall not escape - cha jean eh scapail Bible

Taste not (impv) Ny blasht jeh

Touch not (impv) Ny benn rish

was not1 cha row: The child was not tired - Cha row yn lhiannoo skee. JJK idiom; nagh row: Plainly I was not wanted - Chronnee mee nagh row mee laccalit. DF idiom

was not2 (interrog.) nagh row: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

were not1 cha row: But the wheat and the rie were not smitten - Agh cha rown churnagh nyn shoggyl naardey Bible; nagh row: that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us - dy voddagh enney ver ny choyrt orroo, nagh row ad ooilley jinyn Bible

were not2 (interrog.) nagh row: Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host? - Nagh row ny Ethiopianee as ny Lubimee, sheshaght-caggee mooar? Bible

Why not (interrog.) Cre'n fa nagh: Why don't you offer her some? - Cre'n fa nagh vel oo arral veg urree? JJK idiom

day not juridical (n.) marroo-laa

Did not come Cha daink; nagh daink: He was disappointed that she did not come - V'eh mollit nagh daink ee. DF idiom

did not find cha dooar

did not get cha dooar

did not give cha dug

did not hear cha geayll: I did not hear it - Cha geayll mee eh. JJK idiom

did not let cha lhig: and he did not let the people go - as cha lhig eh yn raad dan pobble Bible

did not look cha yeeagh

did not perceive cha dennee

did not pursue cha deiyr

did not put cha dug

Do not trouble me (intj) Ahlah

I can not cha noddym; cha voddym: I can no more go out and come in - cha voddym ny-sodjey goll magh, ny cheet stiagh Bible

I could not cha voddin: I could not endure - cha voddin shassoo Bible

If you know not Mannagh nhione dhyt

I know not Cha saym; Cha nel fys aym

I must not Cha negin dou: I must not go over Jordan - Cha negin dou goll harrish Jordan Bible

I will not Cha jeanym; Cha jean-ym: I will not with ink and pen write unto thee - cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible

I will not destroy Cha stroieym; Cha stroie-ym: I will not destroy it for twenty's sake - Cha stroie-ym eh er graih yn feed Bible

I will not forsake cha dreig-ym: These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them - Ny reddyn shoh neem er nyn son, as cha dreig-ym ad Bible

I will not go cha jem: I will not go in with thee - cha jem stiagh mayrt Bible; (emph.) cha jems: I will not go up in the midst of thee - cha jems seose ny masteu Bible; cha jean-yms goll: then I will not go - eisht cha jean-yms goll Bible

I will not hear cha neaisht-ym: I will not hear the melody of thy viols - cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible; cha jean-ym clashtyn: when ye make many prayers, I will not hear - tra ta shiu goaill ymmodee padjeryn, cha jean-ym clashtyn Bible

I will not leave cha vaag-ym: I will not leave you - cha vaag-ym oo Bible; cha dreig-ym: I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of - cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen, my-e-chione ta mee er loayrt rhyt Bible

I will not suffer cha-surrym: I will not suffer him - cha surrym Bible

I would not take cha goin

not to mention gyn eie er

service charge not included gyn tailley-shirveish syn earroo

shall I not (interrog.) nagh vod-ym: Shall I not, as I have done unto Samaria and her idols, so do to Jerusalem and her idols? - Nagh vodym, myr ta mee er nyannoo rish Samaria as ny jallooyn eck Bible; nagh jean-yms

shall I not drink (interrog.) nagh niu-ym: nagh niu-ym eh? - shall I not drink it? Bible

shall not come cha jig: he shall not come within the camp - cha jig eh er cheu-sthie jehn champ Bible

shall not do cha jean: ye shall not do any work therein - cha jean shiu monney erbee dy obbyr Bible

shall not fall cha duitt: and one of them shall not fall on the ground - as cha duitt unnane oc marroo er y thalloo Bible

shall not get cha vow

shall not give cha der: and the moon shall not give her light - as cha der yn eayst e soilshey Bible

shall not go cha jed: ye shall not go forth hence - cha jed shiu magh veihn ynnyd shoh Bible

shall not hear cha gluinnee

shall not learn cha nynsee

shall not listen cha neaisht

shall not put cha der

shall not say cha n'yiarrys; cha jir: And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick - As cha jir y cummaltagh, Ta mee ching Bible

shall not see cha vaik: Surely they shall not see the land - Son shickyrys, cha vaik ad y cheer Bible

shall not take cha gow: their stock shall not take root in the earth - cha gow yn bun oc fraue ayns yn ooir Bible

smoking not permitted Gyn Toghtaney

that can not hold nagh gum

that's not how it is cha nee shen myr t'eh

we can not cha nod mayd

were it not er be dy: surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah - son shickyrys, er-be dy vel mee soiaghey jeh persoon Jehoshaphat ree Yudah Bible; erbey dy

were it not for myrragh

we shall not die cha vow mayd baase

we shall not find cha vow mayd: We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel - cha vow mayd oyr erbee noi yn Daniel shoh Bible

will not endure cha nuillee

will not leave cha dreig

would not hear cha neaishtagh

cha nel See cha vel am not, are not, is not, isn't: Cha nel shin lowit creck y pabyr ain. Carn

nagh vel am not; are not, aren't; isn't, is not: Ta shin daa vraar jeig, mec da un ayr, ta fer nagh vel er mayrn, as tan er saa, sy traa tayn, marish nyn ayr Bible; am

couldn't cha dod: I couldn't get any fish - Cha dod mee geddyn eeast erbee. JJK idiom; cha jarg: You couldn't sell your loss - Cha jarg oo dty choayl y chreck. DF idiom; cha noddagh; nagh voddagh: So we see that they could not enter in - Myr shen hee mayd nagh voddagh ad goll stiagh Bible; (interrog.) nagh noddagh, nagh voddagh: Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died? Nagh voddagh yn dooinney shoh, ren fosley sooillyn ny doail, ver lhiettal baase y dooinney shoh?

cha dreig-ym I will not forsake; I will not leave

cha vel 1 am not: cha vel mee oayllagh orroo Bible; 2 is not a: Cha vel dooinney ooasle veg mannagh vel eh cummit seose liorish obbraghyn mie. EF; 3 are not: ny cur y doccar er ooilleyn pobble dy gholl gys shen; son cha vel ad mooarane Bible

abominable (adj.) dwoaiagh: How much more abominable and filthy is man - Cre-woad sloo dwoaiagh as neu-ghlen ta dooinney Bible; dwoaieagh; dwooiagh: or any unclean beast, or any abominable unclean thing - ny baagh, ny rish neu-ghlennid dwooiagh erbee elley Bible; dwoaioil; eajee: that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs - nagh jean shiu cur-rish veg jeh ny cliaghtaghyn eajee; feohoil; feohdoil: And if it be eaten at all on the third day, it is abominable - As my vees eh er ny ee eddyr er y trass laa, te feohdoil Bible; feohdagh: ye shall not make your souls abominable by beast, or by fowl - cha jean shiu shiu-hene feohdagh liorish baagh ny eean Bible; neu-ghlen: Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing - Cha jean shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh red snauee erbee Bible; oaiagh

cha lhig not allow, not suffer: cha lhig mee dhyt bentyn ree. Bible

myrragh as like, as not, as were, only for, were it not for

spin cassey; kestal; queeyllaraght; sneeu: they toil not, they spin not - cha vel ad tooilleil, chamoo tad sneeu Bible

cha dooar did not get: cha dooar eh baase, son ghow Jee eh, huggey hene Bible; did not find

cha duitt not fall: cha duitt un renaig jeh kione dty vac gys y thalloo Bible; shall not fall

nagh (=Ir. nach) (interrog.) albeit; not: nagh dug y Jee ain lesh ooilley'n olk shoh orrin Bible; do not

as before myr bollagh: that it is not toward me as before - nagh vel eh lhiam myr bollagh eh Bible; myr ve roïe: it was not toward him as before - cha row eh lesh myr ve roïe Bible

I (pron) mee: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom; (emph.) mish: I'm not as learned as he - Cha nel mish cha ynsit as eshyn. JJK idiom

cha blhig not let

cha der 1 shall not give a: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible; 2 shall not put a: cha der ad moo red erbee ta jannoo ollish. Bible

cha dug did not put, did not give: As cha dug eh enney er, er-yn-oyr dy row e laueyn geyshteenagh Bible

cha jean shall not do; shall not: Cha jean shiu feeyn y iu, shiuish ny nyn mec son dy bragh Bible

cha negin shall not: Agh jehn billey dy hushtey jeh mie as sie, cha negin dhyt gee Bible; must not: negin dou goll harrish Jordan Bible

cha row was not, were not: Cha row agh mysh three feed kiaulleyderyn foast er-mayrn, as cha row agh three jeig jeu dod foast cloie. Carn

do-varganagh not negotiable

meenieunagh harmless, not poisonous

nagh row (interrog.) 1 was not a: Nagh row my chree er dteiyrts, tra hyndaan dooinney reesht veihn ainagh echey dy heet dty whail? Bible; 2 were not

neuvarganagh not negotiable

falsely (adv.) dy breagagh: Thou speakest falsely - T'ou loayrt dy breagagh Bible; dy foalsey: And ye shall not swear by my name falsely - As cha jean shiu loo liorish mennyms dy foalsey Bible; dy molteyraght: Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely - Cha jean shiu geid, ny dellal dy molteyraght Bible; dy oaiagh: Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely - Ny ooilley shen, my-e-chione teh er loo dy oaiagh Bible; oaiagh: and hath testified falsely against his brother - as dy vel eh er goaill loo oaiagh noi e vraar

forget-me-not (n.) lus y chooinaght

forsake (v.) faagail, neuhaaghey; treigeil: thou shalt not forsake him - cha jean oo treigeil eh Bible; dreig; treig: Forsake me not - Ny treig mee Bible; hreigys: But if his children forsake my law - Agh my hreigys yn chloan echey my leigh Bible

hair1 (n.) folt: Her hair is tinted - Ta'n folt eck mynghaahit. DF idiom; gruag; renaig: every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss - dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible; rinneig: was an hair of their head singed - chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible; fynney: and the hair thereof be not turned white - as nagh vel y fynney echey er jyndaa bane Bible; (gen.) fuilt: Her wealth of hair - E cooid fuilt. DF idiom

hypocrite (n.) crauee-oalsey: for an hypocrite shall not come before him - son cha jig yn crauee-oalsey ny enish Bible; fer crauee foalsey: That the hypocrite reign not - Nagh lhisagh yn er-crauee-oalsey reill Bible; foalserey; kialgeyr: For what is the hope of the hypocrite - Son cre ta treishteil yn chialgeyr Bible; fer foalsey; hipikrat; molteyr: and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite - as ver yn dooinney ynrick eddin dan molteyr Bible

merchandise (n.) cooid: She perceiveth that her merchandise is good - Tee fakin dy vel yn chooid eck vondeishagh Bible; cooid hraghtee; kionneeaght, margeeaght; marchanys; marchantys: but thou shalt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not make merchandise of her - agh cha greck oo ee eddyr son argid; ny jannoo marchantys jee Bible; merchantys: And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you - As trooid saynt nee ad lesh goan cluicagh jannoo merchantys jiu Bible

of us jin; j'in: We will not any of us go to his tent - Cha jed dooinney jin gys e chabbane Bible; (emph.) jinyn; jinyn: There shall not any of us give his daughter unto Benjamin to wife - Cha jean fer jinyn cur yn inneen echey da Benjamin son ben Bible

perceived dennee: perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose - cha dennee eh cren traa lhie ee sheese, ny cren traa hrog ee veih Bible; hoig: David perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel - hoig David dy rown Chiarn er nyannoo eh ny ree harrish Israel Bible; chronnee: when the captains of the chariots perceived that it was not the king of Israel - tra chronnee captanyn ny fainee nagh nee ree Israel vayn Bible

sceptre (n.) lorg: For the sceptre of the ungodly shall not abide upon the lot of the righteous - Son cha jig lorg ny mee-chrauee er cronney yn vooinjer chairal Bible; lorg niart; lorg reeoil: So Esther drew near, and touched the top of the sceptre - myr shen hayrn Esther er gerrey, as venn ee rish kione y lorgreeoil Bible; lorg reill: The sceptre shall not depart from Judah - Cha jean y lorg-reill failleil veih Judah Bible

since the beginning er-dyn hoshiaght: For since the beginning of the world men have not heard - Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn Bible; er-dy hoshiaght: such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time - lheid as nagh row er-dy hoshiaght y theihll gys y traa tayn nish Bible

stumble (v.) snapperal: and thy foot shall not stumble - as dty chass cha jean snapperal Bible; skyrraghtyn: when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble - tra tou roie, cha jean oo skyrraghtyn Bible; leaystey: they err in vision, they stumble in judgment - tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible

touch-me-not (n.) balsym buigh

wickedly (adv.) dy drogh; dy holk; dy aggairagh: Will ye speak wickedly for God? - Jean shiuish loayrt dy aggairagh ayns lieh Yee? Bible; dy mee-chrauee: I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God - ta mee er vreayll raaidyn y Chiarn, as cha vel mee dy mee-chrauee er hreigeil my Yee. Bible; mee-chairys: God will not do wickedly - cha jean Jee meechairys Bible; dy neuchairagh: thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly - tou uss er nyannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh Bible; dy olk: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly - son er drogh choyrle e voir ren eh dy olk Bible; dy olkyssagh: thou thoughtest wickedly - heill oo dy olkyssagh Bible; dy peccoil: and have done wickedly - as er nyannoo dy peccoil Bible

Ahlah (intj) Do not trouble me

balsym buigh touch-me-not

Cha jean-ym I will not

cha nuillee will not endure

cha n'yiarrys shall not say

lus y chooinaght (f.) forget-me-not

nagh voddagh couldn't; could not

ny (=Ir. na) 1 (npl.) the a: As chroo Jee yn aer; as scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; 2 (gen.) of, of the: Shoh fer jeh cloan ny Hebrewnee. Bible; 3 what, whether, who: nee dty Ayr ta fakin ny ta jeant dy follit Bible; 4 or, nor: Ben-treoghe, ny ben scarrit, ny dy ghrogh ghoo, ny streebagh Bible; 5 do not, not: ny jean-jee yn ommijys shoh. Bible

cha jean-ym clashtyn I will not hear

cha jems I will not go

gyn eie er besides, not to mention, without

gyn tailley-shirveish syn earroo service charge not included

Gyn Toghtaney No Smoking, smoking not permitted

lus y lhiannan (f.) early forget-me-not

marroo-laa dies non, day not juridical

cha deiyr did not pursue: cha deiyr ad er mec Yacob. Bible

cha gow shall not take: Cha gow oo ben da my vac Bible

cha neaisht shall not listen: Cha neaisht oo rish goan y phadeyr Bible

cha nee shen myr t'eh that's not how it is

cha vaik shall not see: cha vaik shiu my eddin arragh Bible


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