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noon as noal hence and thence, hither and thither, to and fro: hug eh magh feeagh, dettyl noon as noal derrey va ny ushtaghyn chyrmit seose jehn thalloo Bible

noon (n.) munlaa

noon 1 across, hence, over, yonder a: lhig dou goll noon, ta mee guee ort Bible; 2 (from speaker) thither; 3 please turn over, P.T.O.

noal across, from beyond, hence, hither, homewards, over: hie ad noon as noal son sauchys Bible

Inexact matches:

at noon ec munlaa: At midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven - Ec mun-laa, O ree, honnick mee er y raad soilshey veih niau Bible; er y vunlaa: And they went out at noon - As hie ad magh er y vunlaa Bible; ec y vunlaa, ec y vun-laa: And it came to pass at noon - As haink eh gy-kione ec y vunlaa Bible

high noon (n.) ard-vunlaa, oor y vunlaa

towards noon tayrn er vunlaa

gholl noon (dy); (to) pass over: Dy gholl noon awin. DF

goll noon go across: lhig dou goll noon, ta mee guee ort, as giarey'n kione jeh. Bible

gow noon go over

imman noon drive over

noon linney (f.) receding line

sodjey noon1 future, ulterior, ulteriorly

sodjey noon2 (ny) ulterior, ulteriorly

from noon to darkness fastyr; fastyr mooar

sun at noon (n.) grian y vunlaa

er y varrinys noon on the voyage out

goll noon as noal come and go: Cur dou daa vee dy hraa, dy voddym goll noon as noal er ny sleityn, as dobberan stayd my voidynys, mish as my heshaghyn. Bible

hie noon as noal wandered

please turn over noon

P.T.O. noon

receding line noon linney

thither2 (adv.) (from speaker) noon

to and fro (adv.) hoal as wass; huggey as veih; noon as noal: They run to and fro - T'ad roie noon as noal. DF idiom

ulterior (adj.) (ny) sodjey noon

wandered cailjey; hie noon as noal: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins - hie ad noon as noal ayns craitnyn keyrragh, as craitnyn goair Bible

ard-vunlaa high noon

across (prep.) har: Across there in England - Har aynshen ayns Sostyn. DF idiom; cheu hoal; hoon; tessen, tessyn: I am going across the road - Ta mee goll tessyn y raad. DF idiom; wass; harrish: He has a scar across his face - Ta cron harrish yn eddin echey DF idiom; noal: He came from across - Haink eh noal. DF idiom; noon: Go across to England - Immee noon gys Sostyn. DF idiom; hoal: The house across the way - Yn thie hoal DF idiom

ulteriorly (adv.) maghey shoh; (ny) sodjey noon

oor y vunlaa high noon

tayrn er vunlaa towards noon

come and go goll noon as noal

drive over (v.) imman harrish, imman noal, imman noon

future veih shoh magh; ry-heet; sodjey noon

go across (v.) goll noon; goll tessen

hence and thence (adv.) noon as noal

on the voyage out er y varrinys noon

fastyr mooar from noon to darkness

garragh removing: garragh noon as noal Bible

breast pl. breastyn breast: As y breast ta criht noon as noal Bible

cleiyee hedges: roie-jee noon as noal rish ny cleiyee Bible

eiyrit dispersed: v'ad eiyrit noon as noal fud ny cheeraghyn Bible

er y vunlaa at noon: As hie ad magh er y vunlaa Bible

gys shid thither: Scugh veih shoh noon gys shid Bible

immanit lesh y gheay wind-driven: immanit lesh y gheay noon as noal. Bible

ragh1 would go: cre'n-fa ragh oo noon as noal mârin? Bible

renaigyn hairs: ta kuse dy renaigyn lheeah noon as noal er Bible

scugh (=Ir. scuch) move, removed: Scugh veih shoh noon gys shid Bible

shid that, yonder: Scugh veih shoh noon gys shid Bible

shooyl-jee walk: Reue-jee, as shooyl-jee noon as noal trooid y theihll.

balance1 co-hrimmid; cormaghey: Balance the cash - Yn argid y chormaghey. DF idiom; cormal; cormid: Balance carried forward - Cormid noon. DF idiom; cormid choontee; meih; meihaghan; meihaghey

go over goll harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; goll tessen; gow noon

hedges (npl.) cleighyn, cleiyn; cleighee; cleiyee: lament, and run to and fro by the hedges - jean-jee dobberan, as roie-jee noon as noal rish ny cleiyee Bible

hence (adv.) hoal, noal, noon, veih shoh, veih shoh magh, veih'n traa shoh; shen y fa: Hence his anger - Shen y fa e chorree. DF idiom

hither and thither (adv.) huggey as veih, noon as noal; veih-my-cheilley: they parted hither and thither - rheynn ad veih-my-cheilley bIBLE

over breish; coar; ec kione; erskyn; harrish: Praise the bridge as you go over it - Moyll y droghad myr hed oo harrish. JJK idiom; noal; noon; snaie daa cheayrt

pass over (v.) (to); (dy) gholl harrish: To pass over a river - Dy gholl harrish awin. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl noon; cur da, sheeyn noal, sheeyney hug

swing (v.) cassey, croghey, dooney, lunjeaney; leaystey: To swing to and fro - Dy leaystey noon as noal. DF idiom; (n.) leayst-chiaull; leaystane, lunjean, builley geaylin

through the earth trooid y theihll: walk to and fro through the earth - shooyl-jee noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

wave3 (of hand) craa: And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord - As nee eshyn craa noon as noal yn vunney fenish y Chiarn Bible; leaystey

waved criht: that the breast may be waved for a wave offering - dy vod y breast ve criht noon as noal, son oural Bible; tonnagh

yonder (adj., adv.) hoal, noon; shid: Yonder is my country - Shid y cheer aym. DF idiom; shid hoal: Over yonder - Ayns shid hoal. DF idiom

ec munlaa at noon: Ec munlaa, O ree, honnick mee er y raad soilshey veih niau erskyn sollyssid y ghrian Bible

ec y vunlaa at noon: Nish tra jimmee yn pobble roue ass y raad ec y vunlaa, hie Susanna ayns garey e sheshey dy walkal. Apoc

ec y vun-laa at noon: as lhig da yn eam caggee y chlashtyn 'sy voghrey, as yn yllaghey ec y vun-laa Bible

er laueyn by hand; upon the hands: As chur eh ad ooilley er laueyn Aaron, as er laueyn e vec, as heb eh ad son oural-criht noon as noal roish y Chiarn.

fastyr (=Ir. feascar) afternoon, evening, from noon to darkness, postmeridian, vesper: woaill David ad veih brishey'n laa gys fastyr laa-ny-vairagh Bible [L. vesper]

feeagh pl. fiee 1 raven, crake a: As hug eh magh feeagh, dettyl noon as noal Bible; 2 pl. feeaghyn value, worth, worthwhile: vad dyn greck ad, as cur lhieu feeagh yn chooid vad er chreck Bible; 3 (debt) claim, liability

grian y vunlaa midday sun, sun at noon: T'eh cha baghtal as grian y vunlaa. DF

hooyl1 See huill walked: Myr shen hooyl ad noon as noal trooid y theill Bible

jirragh1 shall say, would say: jirragh shiu rish y slieau shoh, Scugh veih shoh noon gys shid Bible

keimeragh amble, ambling: Faagail yn thie oast, gyn arrys er cho erbee Keimeragh noon as noal rish tammylt liauyr. GB; step

meshtal (=Ir. misgeamhuil) tipsy, vinous: T'ad criht noon as noal, as leaystey myr dooinney meshtal Bible

munlaa (=Ir. meán lae) midday, noon, noonday: goym's ny poseenyn as ny blaaghyn meein, as ec nyn mwaag reesht, munlaa, veeitym rhyt, 's jeh messyn millish jinnair aarlym dhyt. PC

odjey furthermost: as va'n kione b'odjey magh jeh ec Jordan Bible; longer: Laa ennagh s'odjey noon. DF

roie-ee shall run: Roie-ee ad noon as noal son bee: as gow-ee ad dy olk rish, mannagh bee ad jeant magh. Bible

scaait overshadowed, shaded: As fer as fer jeu lieh-varroo scaait noon as noal, hoilshee ad oyr nyn maaish. Apoc

stubble stubble: Jean oo broo duillag ta eiyrit noon as noal? as jed oo geiyrt er y stubble chirrym? Bible

trooid y theihll through the earth: shooyl noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

ynsaghyn doctrines: Ny bee-jee er nyn imman noon as noal lesh ymmodee ynsaghyn joarree Bible

cottage (n.) bwaag: The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage - Neen thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; bwane: And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard - As ta inneen Zion treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney Bible; bwaane; cott

journey jurnaa: You have been on a journey - Ta shiu er ve er jurnaa. JJK idiom; jurnah; jurnaaghey, treealley, troalaghey; treeal: On a journey - Er treeal. DF idiom; troailt; troailtys; turrys: On the journey out - Er yn turrys noon. DF idiom; turrysagh; astyr; (to); (dy) hroailt

position boayl: Position in class - Boayl 'sy vrastyl. DF idiom; keim: In a high position - Ayns ard cheim. DF idiom; stayd: Cash position - Stayd yn argid. DF idiom; ynnyd: What was the ship's position at noon? - C'raad va ynnyd ny lhong ec y vunlaa? DF idiom

shall run roieys: One post shall run to meet another - Roieys post quail post Bible; roie-ee: they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord - roie-ee ad noon as noal dy hirrey goo yn Chiarn Bible

shall say1 jirragh: ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place - jirragh shiu rish y slieau shoh, Scugh veih shoh noon gys shid Bible; jirrys: Thus shalt thou say to the prophet - Myr shoh jirrys oo rish y phadeyr Bible; jir: So that a man shall say - Myr shen dy jir dooinney Bible

wander rouail: he made them wander in the wilderness forty years - hug eh orroo rouail noon as noalsyn aasagh da-eed bleïn Bible; rouailley, sthaagey, stravaigey, wandrail; (to); (dy) hroailt: when God caused me to wander from my father's house - tra hug Jee mee magh dy hroailt veih thie my ayrey Bible; rouail mygeayrt: they wander for lack of meat - tad rouail mygeayrt son laccal bee bible

bwaag (f.) pl. bwaagyn booth: T'eh dy hroggal e hie myr lhemeen, as myr y bwaag ta'n bochilley dy yannoo. Bible; bower, cabin, lodge, hut, pavilion, shed; small shop; cot, cottage: Nee'n thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; tent: Ta my eash er n'gholl shaghey, as te scughit voym myr bwaag bochilley Bible; round stone, cobble

carr pl. carryn lilt, melody, strain, tune: Rish y vlein shoh va dy kinjagh carr ny jees goit stiagh voish Nerin as eer Sostyn Carn; (of voice) cadence; cab, car, van: Bwooise da Jee nagh vod oo goll noon as noal harrish y cheayn cho aashagh as oddys oo gimman carr eddyr Bretin as Sostyn. Carn; kink, vicissitude

leaystey 1 bank, boggle, brandish, dangle, fluctuate, heel, hesitate, loll, oscillate, rock, roll, see-saw, sway, swerve, swing, swing back, vacillate, waddle a: Caid ta shiu leaystey eddyr daa chredjue? Bible; 2 balancing, fluctuating, hesitating, lolling, reeling, rocking, swinging, swaying, vacillating, waddling, wavering; 3 (of hand) wave; 4 (of fixture) waver; 5 fluctuation, hesitation, oscillation, vacillation; 6 decline: cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc, gys y laue yesh ny gys y laue chiare Bible; 7 reel, stagger: teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal. Bible; 8 tossed: fardalys leaystey noon as noal mâroosyn ta geiyrt er toyrt-mow Bible; 9 stumble: tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible; 10 jumping: sheean freaney ny queeylyn, as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; 11 unstable


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