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noï against: Dy ren ny reeaghyn shoh caggey noi Berah ree Sodom Bible

Inexact matches:

aghtey noi-heshaghtagh antisocial behaviour

arganey noi contest, controvert, controvertion: Cha row shin son arganey noi lheid y dooinney shoh, as myr shoh diu shin beggan dy yough marish. Dhoor

beealeragh noi decry

bwoalley noi come against, impinge, impingement

caggey noi combat, contest, fight against: As ren ad caggey noi ny Midianiteyn, myr hug y Chiarn sarey da Moses; as varr ad ooilley ny deiney. Bible; warring

cheet noi come at: ta dty harvaant son shickyrys er chlashtyn dy vel Saul shirrey cheet noi Keilah Bible

cleayney noi prejudice

coyrlaghey noi dehort, dissuade

coyrle noi (f.) counter-advice, dissuasion: Ta'n vee-chrauee goaill coyrle noi'n dooinney ynrick: as snaggeraght er lesh e eeacklyn. Bible

cur noi alienate, counter, resist; deprecation; negative

dy noi-freihagh wilfully

geay noi head wind

gleckey noi combat, contend, contest, struggle, tussle, wrestle

gleck noi combat, contend, contest, struggle, tussle, wrestle: Cha vel shiu er chummal rish gys deayrtey foalley, gleck noi peccah. Bible

goaill noi controvert, controvertion, oppose: Cren choyrle ta shiu goaill noi yn Chiarn? Bible

goll noi go against: Cha vel uss son goll noi'n Philistine shoh dy chaggey rish: son cha vel oo agh dooinney aeg, agh t'eshyn ny ghooinney-caggee veih e aegid. Bible

hoal noi opposite, over against

jannoo noi-chosheeaght countermarch

jeeney noi proof

jeen noi impervious, proof against

kiart noi diametrically opposed: Ta shen kiart noi yn irriney. DF

loayrt noi contradict: son nagh bee dy bragh goan mollaghtagh er ny loayrt noi ennym Yee maskey drogh leih CS

loo noi abjuration

mynney noi abjuration

noi ain against us: son ta ny kercheenyn dy daaney er jeet sheese noi ain dy chaggey, dy vod ad 've dy bollagh er ny'n stroie. Apoc

noi aym against me: T'ou ard ayns gloyr as ooashley Yee, Eer noi aym pene, hood ta mee guee LH

noi cliaghtey unconventional

noi echey against him: Tra hig yn noid shagh myr thooilley, nee Spyrryd y Chiarn troggal seose mergey noi echey. Bible

noi-fockley magh counter-declaration

noi-irreyder magh counter-revolutionary

noi red repugnant

noi shen contrariwise, conversely; against that: Va kuse dy Vritaanee ayns foayr jeh co-obbragh marish ny Germaanee, va kuse elley slane noi shen as va kuse elley foast eddyr oc. Bible

obbraghey noi combat, countermine

prowaltys noi disproof

prow noi disprove

reill noi overrule: hig naight un vleïn, as naight elley sy vleïn cheddin: bee cragheyder 'sy cheer, fer-reill noi fer-reill. Bible

reillyn noi (on something) restrictions

shassooder noi objector, resister

shassoo noi confrontation, object, objection, resist, resistance, withstand: eisht shegin dhyt shassoo noi edyr dty hushtey hene, er nonney Goo Yee, dy negin dhyt çhea veih CS

smooinaght noi (f.) counterview

staayney noi forbear, harden, set against

staaynit noi opposed

stepey noi contend

stoo noi-chiassaghey anti-pyrin

streppey noi wrestle: Keayrt dy row dooyrt Doolish y Karagher rhym dy row eh smooinaghtyn er goll dys fer jeh ny Inshyn Goal er-yn-oyr dy row eh g'aase skee jeh streppey noi Sostnaghey jeh e heer hene. Carn

woalley noi (dy); (to) cannon; jostle against

yn-ghoaill noi controvertible

aghin noi briwnys appeal

bwoalley noi ry hoi bumping

cheet er ash noi boomerang

cloie jeh noi play off

coadey noi boirey protection from harassment

cur coyrle noi deprecate

cur noi-chowrey er contra-indicate

dewilys noi beiyn cruelty to animals

eddrymaghey reillyn noi relax restrictions on

eddrymee reillyn noi relax restrictions on

gyn arganey noi uncontroverted

gyn cur noi nem con, uncontested, undisputed

gyn goaill noi (of right) unchallenged

gyn loayrt noi uncontradicted

gyn shassoo noi resistless, unresisting

jannoo cooish-leigh noi arraign

jannoo jeen noi proofing

jannoo noi-hoiagh er counterattack

jannoo noi sheean soundproof

jeean noi bleaystanyn shellproof

jeenid noi aer air-tightness

jeen noi aer air-tight

jeen noi aile fireproof

jeen noi bleaystanys bombproof

jeen noi broighid dirtproof

jeen noi bulladyn bulletproof

jeen noi burgleyrys burglar-proof

jeen noi chiass heat-proof

jeen noi cribbey shrinkproof

jeen noi doralyn puncture-proof

jeen noi fliaghey rainproof

jeen noi gas gas-proof

jeen noi joan dustproof

jeen noi loauys rot-proof; rotproof

jeen noi maarlee oie burglar-proof

jeen noi mergey rustproof

jeen noi sharroo acid-proof

jeen noi smarrey greaseproof

jeen noi sterrym stormproof

jeen noi tashid damp-proof

jeen noi ushtey waterproof

kiarailys noi aile fire precautions

lane coyrle noi deprecatory

lheh as noi (ny) pro and con

noi ny saggyrtyn anticlerical

noi ry hoi against one another, contrariwise, contrasting: Tra va daa vulk ny ainleyn noi ry hoi heill Satan nish dy chur e phooar 'sy veih noi pooar y Chroodagh, as dy ve'n chooid sloo ayns corrnys rish, mannagh beagh eh ny smoo. PC

noi y cheilley clashing, contradictory, opposing: Eisht ren shin gymmyrt dy tappee noi y cheilley as "polt" -- haink y skeab er my chione hene as vrish y skeab (cha row my chione ro vie edyr!) GK

raad noi shen in the opposite direction

red dy slane noi shen vice versa

ry-chur noi coontys (costs) chargeable

shassooagh noi sharroo acid-resisting

shassoo noi noi-vaagh antibiotic resistance

shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi stand together: lhig dooin shassoo seose noi-ry-hoi; quoi ta m'oï;? PB1765

soiaghey noi ry-hoi contrast

soie noi ry hoi contrast

Boayrd Neuchrogheydagh son Plaiyntyn noi Meoiryn-shee Independent Police Complaints Commission

ben chleuin (f.) daughter-in-law: Bee yn ayr noi yn mac, as y mac noi yn ayr; yn voir noi yn inneen, as yn inneen noi yn voir yn voir-'sy-leigh noi e ben chleuin, as y ven-chleuin noi e moir-'sy-leigh. Bible

wrestle gleck noi: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities - Son cha vel shin gleck noi feill as fuill, agh noi ard-reilltee Bible; gleckey noi; kestal; streppey noi; gleck

contest (v.) arganey noi, caggey noi, gleck noi, gleckey noi; (n.) streeu, troddan

combat (n.) caggey: Mortal combat - Caggey baaish. DF idiom; troddan: Mortal combat - Troddan baaish. DF idiom; (v.) caggey noi, gleck noi, gleckey noi, obbraghey noi, troddaney

against him n'oi; noi echey: He is dead against him - T'eh slane noi echey. DF idiom

contend (v.) gleck noi, gleckey noi, jannoo ymmyr, stepey noi, streeu rish; streeuys; caggey rish

against (prep.) noi, noï: What's that hanging against the wall? - C'red ta shen ta croghey noi yn voalley? JJK idiom; oi,

opposite hoal; hoal noi; jeeragh er; noi: We live opposite the cathedral - Ta shin baghey noi yn ardchiamble. JJK idiom; condaigys

looderyn swearers: beems my eanish gyere noi ny fir-obbee, as noi ocsyn ta brishey poosey, as noi ny looderyn-oaiagh Bible

abjuration (n.) loo noi; mynney noi

burglar-proof jeen noi burgleyrys; jeen noi maarlee oie

controvert (v.) arganey noi, goaill noi

controvertion (n.) arganey noi, goaill noi

resist (v.) cur noi, shassoo noi

tussle gleck noi; gleckey noi; strepey

n'oi against him: quoi oddys caggey n'oi? Bible

contrast neuchosoylaght; neuchosoyley; soiaghey noi ry-hoi; soie noi ry hoi

relax restrictions on (v.) eddrymaghey reillyn noi; eddrymee reillyn noi

counter (n.) boayrd coontee, coonteyder, meereen, noi-vuilley; (v.) castey, cur noi, jannoo bac er; noi

countermarch (v.) jannoo noi-chosheeaght; (n.) noi-chosheeaght

proof against jeen noi: Proof against water - Jeen noi ushtey. DF idiom

struggle doccar; gleck noi; gleckey noi; kestal; spret; strepey, streppey; gleck; strep

contrariwise (adv.) er y laue elley, er y cheu elley, noi ry hoi, noi shen

go against (v.) goll noi: That will go against him - Hed shen noi echey. DF idiom; obbal

ceau seose throw up, totalise, totalize, tot up: trog toor noi eck, as ceau seose carnane noi eck Bible

fakyderyn seers: Foast dymmyrk y Chiarn feanish noi Israel, as noi Judah, liorish ooilley ny phadeyryn, as ooilley ny fakyderyn

meereiltys anarchy: sleityn noi sleityn, croink noi croink t'er chloie as ooilley gys meereiltys eajee roie. PC

noi-ry-hoi together: my heaghyn troggit seose ayns ny meihaghyn noi-ry-hoi Bible

acid-proof jeen noi sharroo

acid-resisting shassooagh noi sharroo

against me m'oi; m; noi aym: They led a campaign against me - Ren ad stiurey troddan noi aym. DF idiom

against that noi shen

against us nyn oi: The current is against us - Ta'n troa nyn oi. DF idiom; noi ain: The weather is against us - Ta'n emshir noi ain. DF idiom

air-tight (adj.) jeen noi aer

air-tightness (n.) jeenid noi aer

averse (adj.) neuaggindagh, neuwooiagh, noi

bulletproof (adj.) jeen noi bulladyn

chargeable3 (adj.) (costs) ry-chur noi coontys

come against bwoalley noi

come at cheet noi

controvertible (adj.) yn-ghoaill noi

counter-advice (n.) coyrle noi

countermine obbraghey noi

counterview (n.) smooinaght noi

cross4 (opposed) noi

decry (v.) beealeragh noi, loghtey

dehort (v.) coyrlaghey noi

deprecation (n.) cur noi

deprecatory (adj.) lane coyrle noi

diametrically opposed (adj.) kiart noi

dirtproof jeen noi broighid

disproof (n.) prowaltys noi

disprove (v.) prow noi

dissuade (v.) coyrlaghey noi

dissuasion (n.) anchoyrle; coyrle noi

dustproof (adj.) jeen noi joan

fight against caggey noi

gas-proof jeen noi gas

greaseproof (adj.) jeen noi smarrey

heat-proof jeen noi chiass

impervious (adj.) anchassagh; jeen noi

impingement (n.) bwoalley noi

jostle against (v.) woalley noi

object (n.) nhee; red: My immediate object - Yn chied red ta roym. DF idiom; (v.) shassoo noi: It is open to you to object - Ta kied ayd dy hassoo noi. DF idiom

objector (n.) plaiyntagh, shassooder noi

of a field (gen.) magheragh: As keepers of a field, are they against her round about - Myr arreyderyn magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck Bible

overrule (v.) reill noi

puncture-proof jeen noi doralyn

rainproof (adj.) jeen noi fliaghey

resister (n.) shassooder noi, sthaageyder

resistless (adj.) gyn shassoo noi

restrictions (npl.) (on something) reillyn noi

rotproof (adj.) jeen noi loauys

rot-proof jeen noi loauys

rustproof (adj.) jeen noi mergey

set against staayney noi

shellproof (adj.) jeean noi bleaystanyn

shrinkproof jeen noi cribbey

soundproof (v.) jannoo noi sheean

stormproof (adj.) jeen noi sterrym

unchallenged2 (adj.) (of right) gyn goaill noi

unconventional (adj.) noi cliaghtey

undisputed (adj.) gyn cur noi

versus (prep.) noi

warring caggey noi: So Rabshakeh returned, and found the king of Assyria warring against Libnah - Er shoh hyndaa Rabshakeh, as hooar eh ree Assyria caggey noi Libnah Bible; caggey rish y cheilley

withstand (v.) shassoo noi

agh son shoh as ooilley notwithstanding, nevertheless, but for all this: Agh son shoh as ooilley, ghow goan y ree raad noi Joab, as noi captanyn y cheshaght-chaggee Bible

dwoaieagh See dwooiagh abominable, detestable, hated, hateful, unlovely, vile: Dy yannoo peccah noi leigh, te daanys, agh dy yannoo e noi graih te dwoaieagh. EF

dy roonagh proudly: nee yn lhiannoo gymmyrkey eh-hene dy roonagh noi yn chanstyr, as y moodjeen noi yn dooinney onnoroil. Bible

goan-mollaghtagh blasphemous words: Eisht daill ad deiney dy ghra, Ta shin er chlashtyn eh shoh loayrt goan-mollaghtagh noi Moses as noi Jee. Bible

jannoo tranlaase er oppress, persecute: as noi ny looderyn-oaiagh, as noi ocsyn ta chionney er y labbree ayns e aill, as jannoo tranlaase er y ven-treoghe, as er y chloan gyn-ayr Bible

tooryn forts: ren ad campal n, as hrog ad tooryn n cruin mygeayrt Bible; towers: Lhig dooin ny ard-valjyn shoh y hroggal, as jannoo voallaghyn mygeayrt-y-moo, as tooryn, giattyn as boltyn Bible

anti- (pref.) noi-

antiaircraft (adj.) noi-etlan


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