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noght tonight: Fuirree noght raad t'ou Bible

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noght hene even tonight: Noght hene roish gerrym chellee Bible

oie noght (f.) tonight: As dooyrt Yeesey rish, Dy firrinagh ta mee gra rhyt, Yn laa jiu, eer yn oie noght roish my gerr y kellagh daa cheayrt, dy nob uss mish three keayrtyn. Bible

oie noght hene (f.) this very night

tonight (adj., adv.) noght; oie noght

n'oght unpoor: Boght as n'oght. DF

even tonight noght hene

unpoor n'oght; neuvoght

this very night (n.) oie noght hene

ec y vullagh full: Ta'n eayst ec y vullagh noght. DF

fuirriaght tarry: cha bee fer nee fuirriaght mayrt's noght Bible; abideth

furriaght stay: cha bee fer nee fuirriaght mayrt's noght Bible

division1 (n.) ayrn, ronnane, ronney, scarran, fo-rheynn, joarey, rann; rheynn: The first division - Yn chied rheynn. DF idiom; teiy: There will be a division at ten o'clock tonight - Bee teiy ayn ec jeih er y chlag noght. DF idiom

relations1 (npl.) mooinjer: My friends and relations are coming tonight - Ta my chaarjyn as my vooinjer cheet noght. DF idiom; sleih

we will get yiowmayd: We will get more wind tonight - Yiowmayd tooilliu geay noght. DF idiom

wren (n.) dreain, drean: The Hunt the Wren Boys were here tonight - Va guillyn shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF idiom

Aw (intj) Oh: "Aw," dooyrt eh rish hene, "ta ny smoo na mee-hene er- chosh er ny sleityn noght." GB

barrantagh pl. barrantee commissioner, guarantor, sponsor: Ta Barrantagh ayns Rhumsaa, Richard y Radlagh, shirrey aa-reayrtys jeh coarys-coonee keeshyn yn Ellan ec çhaglym noght. BS; dependable, trustworthy

bwoalleeyms I shall smite: bii shiu ully maglaghy myghians noght: erson te skriut boiliyms yn boghill ny kerragh PB1610

cuirreyder entertainer; host: Bee cummaltee abyl feyshtey oltey ynnydagh y Chiare as Feed, David Cannan, vees cuirreyder y çhaglym, voish lieh-oor lurg shiaght noght ayns halley yn scoill. BS

Droghad Hulby Sulby Bridge: Verryms dhyt coamrey noa noght as heeym oo ec stashoon Droghad Hulby ec shiaght er y chlag moghrey ny vairagh. JyC

failee shall look: failee dty hooillyn; shall offend: Failee yn credjue euish ooilley noght kyndagh rhym's Bible

gerrym chellee cock crow: Noght hene roish gerrym chellee, dy nob uss mish three keayrtyn Bible

jei shoh (ny) henceforth: son t'ou er heet gys sauchys; bee dy yien mie, bee oc bio noght, as ny-jei shoh Apoc

mannagh except, if not: mannagh jed oo magh, cha bee fer nee fuirriaght mayrt's noght Bible; unless

Shelg yn Drean Hunt the Wren: Va guillyn Shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF

by me liorym: Rachel died by me in the land of Canaan - hooar Rachel baase liorym, ayns cheer Chanaan; lioryms: And the Lord hath done to him, as he spake by me - As tan Chiarn er nyannoo er y hon-syn myr loayr eh lioryms Bible; liorym's: For there stood by me this night the angel of God - Son hass lioryms noght ainle Yee Bible


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