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nod smeid; smeidey; snog; snoggal; snuggal

nod (interrog.) can: Nod oo cur minnid ny ghaa dou? DF

Inexact matches:

cha nod can't, can not, cannot: As ga dy vod oo y yannoo eh mie ayns y leigh, cha nod oo y ansoor eh gys Jee CS

nagh nod (interrog.) can't

cha nod mayd we can not, we cannot: As dreggyr ad as dooyrt ad rish Yeesey, Cha nod mayd ginsh Bible

can't cha vod; (interrog.) nagh nod; cha nod: You can't have it both ways - Cha nod oo goaill y sheh marish ny h-eairkanyn. DF idiom; nagh vod: It's a pity he can't come - S'doogh nagh vod eh cheet. JJK idiom

can not cha nod

smeid nod

can (n.) curn, curneen; stainnaghey, stainney; (v.) fod, jarg; (interrog.) nod: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom; vod: How can you go out in such weather? - Kys vod shiu goll magh ayns lheid yn earish? JJK idiom; foddee: God lays on you no burden greater than you can bear - Cha vel Jee cur ort errey ny smoo na foddee oo ymmyrkey. JJK idiom; oddys: How can he be so cruel? - Kys oddys eh ve cha dewil? JJK idiom

cannot cha nod: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; cha vod: He who doesn't respect his father cannot be a good man - Eshyn nagh vel cur arrym da e ayr, cha vod eh ve ny ghooinney mie. JJK idiom

we cannot cha nod mayd

we can not cha nod mayd

lheiys treatment: Cha nod ad lheiys eh. DF

smeidey beck, beckon, beckoning, nod, nodding

cur couyr da cure: Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF

snog 1 nod a: Snog eh e chione orrym. DF; 2 (of head) toss

tannaght (f.) wait: Cha nod fer dy kinjagh tannaght ny host. DF

description (n.) coontey: It baffles description - Cha nod oo chur coontey jeh. DF idiom; tuarastyl: The police have a good description of him - Ta tuarastyl vie jeh ec ny meoiryn shee. DF idiom

gold airh: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; oar

identify (v.) cur enney er: Can you identify him? - Nod oo cur enney er? DF idiom

make1 jannoo: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; jantys; keint; kiartaghey; slanaghey; (y) yannoo: He can do that without me - Foddee eh shen y yannoo m'egooish. JJK idiom

remain (v.) marraghtyn; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn; tannaghtyn: One cannot always remain silent - Cha nod fer dy kinjagh tannaght ny host. DF idiom; tannee: Remain behind - Tannee ayns shoh. DF idiom

sleep (v.) cadley: I can't conceive how you can sleep so long - Cha nod mee toiggal kys oddys shiu cadley choud. JJK idiom; caddil

succeed (v.) cheet er y hoshiaght, cheet ny yei; cheet lesh: These are the conditions, without which it is impossible to succeed - Shoh ny conaantyn, nyn vegooish cha nod veg cheet lesh. JJK idiom

suspicion (n.) ourys: He is above suspicion - Cha nod ourys ve currit er. DF idiom

ayd (=Ir. agat) 1 at you, thine, your a: cha nod oo ve shickyr vees y stoo ayd lowit Carn; 2 have

cultooroil cultural: Ga nagh vel Mannin dy jeeragh fo smaght Hostyn cha nod oo gra dy vel Mannin seyr, erskyn ooilley ayns cooishyn cultooroil. Carn

currit fo chosh quelled, subdued, suppressed: Cha nod eh ve currit fo chosh. DF

druggey dope, drug: Veih jerrey yn vee shoh, cha nod meoiryn-shee goaill sleih erbee as minniag jeh'n druggey shoh oc ta coontit dy ve ry hoi ymmyd persoonagh. BS

er y laue elley contrariwise: Agh, er y laue elley, cha nod bree noa ve currit ayns chengey faase mannagh vel obbyr yeean goll er mastey lughtyn-thie ayns ny thieyn oc hene. Carn

fishag (f.) physics: cha nod ny studeyryn fishag ain jannoo algebra nish, myr sampleyr! Carn

Gaelgagh Gaelic, Manx, Scottish Gaelic: Eer ayns scoill-cloie Gaelgagh, cha nod oo ve shickyr dy loayragh paitchyn Gaelg Carn; highland people

gassyn gases: Ta sleih yn phossan fockley nyn imnea as Ynnyd y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit cour Faaishnys-Emshyr cur faaue dy nod sleih leodaghey ny gassyn thieyn-gless ta goll er livrey syn aer. BS

gleashtan (=Ir. gluaisteán) pl. gleashtanyn automobile, car, motor car: Agh foast cha nod oo gra dy vel oo gennaghtyn sauchey as oo gimman sheese ayns gleashtan. Carn

goaill arrane busk, sing, troll: Cha nod eh goaill arrane er chor erbee. DF

gyn smooinaght automatic, automatically, mechanical, unthinking: Shickyr cha nod fer gyn smooinaght er, as shickyr ta dy chooilley unnane ta jannoo shen treishteil dy ve sauçhey. CS

naslu unless: DUYRT Iesy rish y Austylyn, naslu na viis yn gharys agguish erskyn ny kayrys ny skriuderyn as ny Pharisein, gha nod shiu goll schiagh ayns ririyght neau. PB1610

reaghys (f.) arbitration, arrangement, clearing, conciliation, set, settlement, tryst, understanding: Nod oo cur reaghys er y feysht shoh? DF

snoggal nod, nutation; nodding: As ny lurg shen chum y chaillagh heose y veishteig dy voddagh Ealish fakin ee, as y kione fuilltagh snoggal seose as sheese ayns yn eddin eck. CL

snuggal (=Ir. snuggal) bobbing, bob down, nod, nodding, nutation: Ta red ennagh snuggal er yn ushtey. DF; (as head) flounce, toss: Ren ee snuggal e kione. DF; dig with elbow; butting, push

ashamed (adj.) naaragh, nearagh; naarit; nearey er: You make me feel ashamed - T'ou cur nearey orrym. DF idiom; nearildagh: He is unable to work and ashamed to beg - Cha nod eh gobbragh as t'eh nearildagh jeirk y hirrey. DF idiom; neareydagh: You ought to be ashamed of yourself - By chair dhyt ve neareydagh jeed hene. DF idiom

conceive (v.) gientyn; gennaghtyn; sheiltyn: I cannot conceive how he can choose so ugly a colour - Cha noddym sheiltyn kys vod eh reih cullyr cha graney. JJK idiom; toiggal: I can't conceive how you can sleep so long - Cha nod mee toiggal kys oddys shiu cadley choud. JJK idiom

cure castey: That will cure the pain - Nee shen castey y pian. DF idiom; chirmaghey; couyr; cur couyr da: They cannot cure it - Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF idiom; kiarail anmey; lheihys: The doctors will never cure him - Cha jean ny fir-lhee dy-bragh lheihys eh. JJK idiom; lhiasaghey; sailley; lheeys: Cure for sickness - Lheeys noi chingys. DF idiom

drive1 chlo; chennid; co-chloie; eiyr, eiyrt, clohghey, greesaghey, lorgaghey, ruightey, shiaulley roish y gheay, sheebey; gimman: Can you drive? - Nod oo gimman? DF idiom; (n.) bayr; markiaght: He went for a drive - Hie eh son markiaght ayns gleashtan. DF idiom

tell (v.) ginsh; insh: I can't tell you exactly - Cha n'oddym insh diu dy-kiart. JJK idiom; inshys; earroo; abbyr: Tell your sister that this will do her good - Abbyr rish yn chuyr eu dy jean shoh mie jee. JJK idiom; gra: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom

to me hym, hyms, hyms: Send them to me without delay - Cur hym ad fegooish cumrail. JJK idiom; rhym, rhyms, rhym's: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom; (emph.) dooys: He appeared to me to be thinner than ever - V'eh jeeaghyn dooys dy ve ny shangey na rieau. JJK idiom; dou: Give it to me, or else send it to him - Cur dou eh, er-nonney cur huggey eh. JJK idiom


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