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noble falgey; feniaghtagh; ooasle: He had a noble soul - Va annym ooasle echey. JJK idiom

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noble acts (npl.) obbraghyn ooasle: Who can express the noble acts of the Lord - Quoi oddys obbraghyn ooasle y Chiarn y ockley magh Bible

noble blood (n.) fuill ooasle

noble gas (n.) gas ooasle, gas taaue

noble sentiments (npl.) ennaghtyn, smooinaghtyn ooasle

Thie-lheihys Noble Nobles Hospital: Ta fir-lhee-coyrlee Thie-Lheihys Noble shirrey dy bee fosley yn thie-lheihys noa currit sheear liorish blein, gys y toshiaght jeh'n vlein daa veeilley as kiare (2004). BS

of noble race d'uill ooasle

Nobles Hospital (n.) Thie-lheihys Noble

falgey noble

feniaghtagh chivalrous, heroic, noble

gas ooasle noble gas

gas taaue noble gas

noble-minded (adj.) ard-chreeoil

ard-chreeoil noble-minded

d'uill ooasle of noble race

smooinaghtyn ooasle high thoughts, noble sentiments

soul (n.) annym: He had a noble soul - Va annym ooasle echey. JJK idiom

ennaghtyn atmosphere, consider, experience, feel, feeling, gratitude, noble sentiments, perceive, realization, respect, sensation, sense, sensibility, sympathy: cha vel ennaghtyn ayd jeh ny reddyn ta bentyn rish Jee Bible

fuill ooasle (f.) blue blood, noble blood: YEE Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr flaunyssagh, t'er chionnaghey dhyt hene Agglish harrish y slane seihll, lesh fuill ooasle dty Vac deyr PB1765

lhiettalagh cloggy, counteracting, counteractive, deterrent, discouraging, filibuster, handicapper, hinderer, inhibiter, inhibiting, interceptor, obstructive, obstructor, preventive, restricting, restrictive, suspensory, veto: T'eh er ve inshit da'n Choonseil Slattyssagh dy vel mysh daa veeilley dy lieh 'foiljyn lhiettalagh' ec Thie-Lheihys Noa Noble. BS

obbraghyn ooasle noble acts: Quoi oddys obbraghyn ooasle y Chiarn y ockley magh: ny ooilley e voylley y hoilshaghey ? Bible

ooasle (=Ir. uasal) aristocratic, classy, creditable, dignified, esteemed, gentlemanly, goodly, highborn, honourable, illustrious, lofty, lordly, magnificent, noble, respected: neem's my ennym ooasle y chasherickey Bible; patrician

sess assess; assessment: t'eh gra dy vel feme er lane sess jeh quoi ta freggyrtagh son doilleeidyn lesh ny sornaigyn ec Thie-Lheihys Noa Noble. BS; appraise

Shirveishagh-Slaynt Minister of Health: Hirr ad çhaglym marish y Shirveishagh-Slaynt, Clare y Christeen, lurg da fir-lhee-coyrlee Thie-Lheihys Noble gra nagh noddagh y thie-lheihys noa livrey shirveish veagh mie dy liooar. BS


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