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niurin hell, inferno, nether regions, pit, underworld: Haink pianyn niurin mygeayrt-y-moom Bible

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aile niurin hell fire: Uss ommydan, dy bee eh ayns gaue aile niurin Bible

Dys Niurin lesh (intj) Sod it; To hell with it: Dys niurin lesh yn costys. DF

Immee gys Niurin (intj) Go to pot, Go to Hell

hell (n.) iurin; niurin: Let him go to hell - Lhig da goll dys niurin. DF idiom

hell fire aile niurin: Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire - Uss ommydan, dy bee eh ayns gaue aile niurin Bible

inferno (n.) niurin

nether regions (npl.) niurin

Sod it (intj) Dys Niurin lesh

Go to Hell (intj) Immee gys Niurin

To hell with it (intj) Dys Niurin lesh

underworld (n.) niurin; seihll chyndagh; seihll kyndagh

Go to pot (intj) Immee gys Niurin; Immee gys yn Jouyll

pianyn pains: Haink pianyn niurin mygeayrt-y-moom: ren ribbaghyn y vaaish berraghtyn orrym. Bible

Ragh (interrog.) would go: Ragh eh gys Niurin er my hon. DF

expense (n.) costallys: Expense no object - Costallys gyn cagliagh. DF idiom; costys: Hang the expense - Dys niurin lesh yn costys. DF idiom

pit1 (n.) lag, jeeig; niurin; oaie; guag; ooig; slogh: Inspection pit - Slogh ronsee. DF idiom

aigney seyr free will: Oh'n coonrey ta ro gheyr dy v'er ny hurranse liorish aigney seyr; nyn gooyl rish niau nish, niurin t'ain myr reih. PC

beayntys (pl -syn) endurance, infinity, lastingness: Hee-oo nagh vod niurin lesh e yiattyn loor, ny beayntys ghor'ghey whaagh y diunid wooar eshyn y reayll, cho jeean t'eh er cooilleen, agh ooill' e roon hyndaays foast er hene PC

blazal blazing: aile lostee niurin blazal seose mymboo, as tonnyn brimstone lheit son lhiabbee foue. PC

chaayney (dy); (to) beg: Foast te ny share dooin niurin 'ghoaill myr reih na sleaghtagh sheese dy chaayney myghin veih PC

lostee burning: taarnagh as chentyn gimman ad ersooyl sheese trooid y dowin gyn soilshey roish nyn sooill, aile lostee niurin blazal seose mymboo PC

reillt ruled: ayns niau un cheayrt lesh slat airh va shin reillt, ayns niurin nish lesh slat yiarn beemayd freillt. PC

roishyn before him: Gow-jee aggle roishyn, echey ta pooar, erreish da v'er varroo dy hilgey ayns niurin; dy jarroo ta mee dy ghra riu, Gow jee aggle roishyn. Bible

s'diuney (ny) deeper: Teh ny syrjey na niau; cre oddys oo y yannoo? ny sdiuney na niurin; cren tushtey oddysve ayd jeh? Bible; deepest: ooilley ny ta giu ushtey, er nyn gherjaghey ayns ardjyn s'diuney y thallooin. Bible

sleaghtagh grovelling: Foast te ny share dooin niurin 'ghoaill myr reih na sleaghtagh sheese dy chaayney myghin veih PC

feer (=Ir. fíor) 1 exceeding, exceptionally, extremely, very a: As va'n ven aeg feer aalin Bible; 2 authentic, correct, pure, real, regular, sheer, sincere, true, truthful, veritable: ghow mish ayns laue jurnaa sheese trooid y diunid er nagh vrish rieau laa, gys niurin agglagh, raad ta aggle reill 's e yalloo feer, as reesht back gys y theihll aalin shoh wass PC; 3 (n.) truth; 4 particular [L. veros]

gleashagh seose (emotionally) touch: Ta niurin veih heese er ny ghoostey er dty hon, dy heet dty whail tra hig oo: te gleashagh seose ny merriu er dty hon, dy feer ooilley ard-gheiney yn theihll; te er hroggal seose veih nyn stuill-reeoil ooilley reeaghyn ny ashoonyn. Bible


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