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niartaghey (=Ir. neartú) affirm, brace, cement, confirm, consolidate, extend, fortify, intensify, invigorate, nerve, reinforce, stiffen, strengthen: ren cloan Israel ad-hene y niartaghey Bible; affirmation, confirmation, consolidation, fortification, reinforcement; strengthening: As haink huggey ainle veih niau, dy niartaghey eh,; edify; succour

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niartaghey slaynt building up

niartaghey lesh docamad document

niartaghey myr feanish documentation

edify (v.) cur jeih-hampleyr da; jannoo mie; niartaghey: edify one another - niartaghey yn derrey yeh yn jeh elley Bible

affirmation (n.) niartaghey; shickyraghey

building up (v.) niartaghey slaynt

fortification (n.) niartaghey

intensify (v.) geyraghey; niartaghey

reinforce (v.) aaniartaghey, niartaghey

reinforcement (n.) aaniartaghey, niartaghey

strengthening lajeragh; niartaghey

consolidation (n.) cur ry-cheilley; niartaghey; stooaltys

corroborate (v.) co-niartaghey; co-niartey; co-yarrooaghey

corroboration (n.) co-niartaghey; co-niartey; co-yarrooaghey

fortifiable yn-niartaghey

fortify (v.) cur cree ayn, cur creeaght ayn, cur gunnyn er; niartee: make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily - kiartee dty veeghyn, niartee dty phooar lesh slane troshid Bible; niartaghey: they fortify the city against thee - tad niartaghey yn ard-valley dt Bible

succour commar; commarey; coamrey, cur cooney da; fastee; cooney lesh: when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah - tra haink Syrianee Ghamascus dy chooney lesh Hadadezer ree Zobah Bible; kemmyrk: thou art my succour, haste thee to help me - she uss my chemmyrk; jean siyr dy chooney lhiam Bible; (to); (dy) niartaghey: he is able to succour them that are tempted - t'eh pooaral dy niartaghey lhieusyn ter nyn browal [lesh seaghyn.] Bible

co-niartaghey corroborate, corroboration

yn-niartaghey fortifiable

cement (v.) gleiyaghey, gleiyghey, niartaghey, simental; (n.) siment; taah, taahan

confirmation (n.) feeraghey; firrinaghey; folaue aspick; niartaghey

documentation (n.) docamadys, niartaghey myr feanish, screeu myr feanish

invigorate (v.) breeaghey; cur bree ayn; niartaghey

strengthen (v.) goaill niart, lajeragh, niartaghey, niartee, staayney

consolidate (v.) chaglym ry-cheilley, chymsaghey cooidjagh, cur ry-cheilley, niartaghey, stooaltaghey

stiffen (v.) creoiaghey, goll roauyr, jannoo lajer, jannoo roauyr, niartaghey, reenaghey, staayney, starkaghey

stamach stomach: gow red beg dy feeyn dy niartaghey dty stamach Bible

affirm (v.) feerey; niartaghey; shickyraghey; liassaghey: as some affirm that we say - as myr ta paart liassaghey dy vel shin gra Bible; jeru

confirm (v.) cur fo laue yn aspick, goll fo laue Aspick; feeraghey; firrinaghey; niartaghey; shickyraghey; (to); (dy) hickyraghey

document (n.) screeuyn; docamad, documad: He set his hand to the document - Screeu eh e ennym rish y docamad. DF idiom; (v.) screeu, niartaghey lesh docamad

established currit er bun; fondit; prowit; er ny hickyraghey; er ny hoiaghey seose: thy throne shall be established for ever - been stoyl-reeoil ayd er ny hoiaghey seose dy kinjagh Bible; er ny niartaghey; er ny oardaghey

extend (v.) cur roshtyn er; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; niartaghey; reirey; sheeyn magh; sheeyney magh; skeaylley magh

nerve asney; feh; nearag; nearroo: The sciatic nerve - Nearroo ny saiatica. DF idiom; (v.) cur creeaght da; niartaghey

annooinidyn 1 infirmities a: Tan Spyrryd hene myrgeddin niartaghey lesh ny annooinidyn ain Bible; 2 passions a: Cha vel shinyn agh deiney jeh ny annooinidyn cheddin riu hene Bible

annoon feeble, frail, impotent, infirm, under strength, weak from birth: Shen va annoon cha vel shiu er niartaghey Bible

chaglymyn gatherings: Nee yn Cheshaght shoh niartaghey ny kianglaghyn eddyr ny brastylyn Gaelgagh, as reaghey coorseyn as chaglymyn son fir as mraane ynsee dy haraghey ny aghtyn ynsee oc. Dhoor

chummal seose 1 (dy); (to) pile up; 2 uphold a: Ta dty ghoan er chummal seose eshyn va aarloo dy huittym, as t'ou er niartaghey ny glioonyn annoon. Bible

cummeyder composer, designer, fabricator, inventor: Myr shoh ren schleï vooar cummeyder ny jallooyn dy mooar niartaghey ny mee-hushtee ayns faase-credjueys. Apoc; chair, holder, supporter

derrin (dy) I would give: As ta mee myrgeddin er niartaghey my chonaant roosyn, dy derrin daue cheer Chanaan Bible

dy beayn durably, permanently, uninterruptedly: bee dty hie as dty reeriaght er ny niartaghey dy beayn kiongoyrt rhyt: Bible

fehyn sinews: T'ou er my choamrey lesh crackan as feill, as er my niartaghey lesh craueyn as fehyn. Bible

ga dy (=Ir. go) (conj.) although: Ta dy chooilley ghooinney ard-chreeagh dwoaiagh da'n Chiarn: ga dy jean laue niartaghey laue, cha bee ad gyn kerraghey. Bible

giattyn gates: Va ooilley ny ard-valjyn shoh er nyn niartaghey lesh voallaghyn ard, giattyn as barryn, marish ymmodee baljyn foshlit Bible

litcheraght lhome extreme idleness, laziness: Cur-my-ner, shoh va loght dty huyr Sodom, moyrn, sonnys arran, as litcheraght lhome va aynjee, as ayns ny inneenyn eck, chamoo ren ee laueyn yn voght as yn ymmyrchagh y niartaghey. Bible

rolley (f.) 1 roller, web a: cha bee eh soïlit seose cour lheihys, ny rolley currit mysh dy niartaghey eh Bible; 2 register, roll; 3 (v.) (as hoop) bowl

soilit swaddled, wrapped, bound up: cha bee eh soïlit seose cour lheihys, ny rolley currit mysh dy niartaghey eh Bible

surranse-foddey forbearance: Er nyn niartaghey lesh slane troshid, cordail rish y phooar gloyroil echeysyn, gys dy chooilley veenid as surranse-foddey, lesh gennallys PB1765

vlasht See blasht tasted: kys ta my hooillyn er nyn niartaghey, neayr's vlasht mee kuse jeh'n vill shoh. Bible

Yernaghys Hibernianism, Irishism: Agh nee y lhied niartaghey ad shid ta shirrey nyn Yernaghys ayns cheer joarree. Carn

brace bann: Brace a drum - Dollan y hionnaghey. DF idiom; beemyl; brash; brashlagh; brashlagh drommey; chionneyder; cubbyl, jees, piyr; maidjey coonee; quing; tead king; (v.) chionnaghey, cur bann er, cur maidjey coonee rish, cur quing er, cur tead king er, niartaghey

rooted astyrit: His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle - Bee yn shickyrys echey astyrit ass e chabbane Bible; astyrt; dastyr: And the Lord rooted them out of their land in anger - As dastyr y Chiarn ad ass y cheer oc ayns e arg Bible; fraueit: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith - Fraueit as troggit seose aynsyn, as er nyn niartaghey ayns y chredjue Bible

ard (=Ir. ard) (adj.) big, height, high; mighty: lesh ard phooar, as lesh laue niartal Bible; loud: dyllee mee lesh coraa ard. Bible; tall, towering: niartaghey lesh voallaghyn ard Bible; (n.) pl. ardjyn compass point, direction, pole; fell, high place, incline: er ny sleityn ard Bible; district, region, area: 'syn ard sodjey magh. Bible [L. arduus]

cum sojourn, dwell: Cum 'sy cheer shoh, as beem's mayrt Bible;: Cummee my laue eshyn dy-shickyr: as nee my roih eh y niartaghey. Bible Cum shickyr huggey, as ny scugh dy lhiattee, dy vod oo ve er dty  vishaghey ec y jerrey. Apoc


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