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net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

Inexact matches:

butterfly net (n.) lieen follican

butter net (n.) lhieen folican

casting net (n.) lhieen tilgee

drag net (n.) lhieen screebee

dredge net (n.) lhieen screebee

drift net (n.) lhieen troa

fishing net (n.) jeebin, lhieen

game net (n.) doll

hair net (n.) ingagh fuilt, lhieenag fuilt

hunter's net (n.) lhieen shelgeyragh

landing net (n.) kipp

mosquito net (n.) ingagh chorveeyl

net buoy (n.) cass-vollag

net layer (n.) cuirreyder ingagh

net play cloie ec yn ingagh

net weight (n.) clagh phohll

parcel net (n.) ingagh chianglaghan

safety net (n.) lieen-sauchys

salmon net (n.) lhieen braddan

seine net (n.) saihan

shrimp net (n.) ingagh veein, lhieen burdoge

spoon net (n.) braddoge

stick net lhieen maidjey

tail net (n.) lhieen fammanagh

torpedo net (n.) lhieen torpaid

trail net (n.) lhieen screebey

trawl net (n.) traal

Fish Net Place (n.) Jeebin

high net worth residents (npl.) cummaltee lesh ard-feeuid vogglagh

in the net 'sy lieen

let down a net (v.) (to); (dy) chuirr

per net register ton thunney recortyssit glen

rubbish in net (n.) scran

top corner of net (n.) cleaysh

two buoys on net (n.) cass-vollag

cass-vollag (f.) net buoy, two buoys on net

lhieen screebee drag net, dredge net

braddoge (f.) spoon net

ceau lieen er net

clagh phohll (f.) net weight

cuirreyder ingagh net layer

cur 'syn ingagh net

ingagh chianglaghan (f.) parcel net

ingagh chorveeyl (f.) mosquito net

ingagh fuilt (f.) hair net

ingagh veein (f.) shrimp net

jannoo jeebin net, netting

Jeebin Fish Net Place

jeebin (f.) fishing net, net: dy row yn voayl marroo, er-lhimmey jeh nane ny jees baatey-eeastee beg, as nagh row fer erbee gobbraghey ayns shen nish, troggal baatyn, jannoo jeebin as y lheid Coraa

kipp (f.) landing net

lhieenag fuilt (f.) hair net

lhieen braddan salmon net

lhieen burdoge shrimp net

lhieen fammanagh tail net

lhieen folican butter net

lhieen maidjey stick net

lhieen shelgeyragh hunter's net

lhieen tilgee casting net

lhieen torpaid torpedo net

lhieen troa drift net

lieen follican butterfly net

lieen-sauchys safety net

saihan seine net

traal trawl net

net-backing tayrtyn 'sy lieen

net-bag (n.) poagey moggyllagh

net-sinker (n.) clysh, pohll

net-stone (n.) clish

clish net-stone, sinker

clysh net-sinker

lhieen screebey trail net; (for mines) trawl

moggyllagh net: Oashyryn moggyllagh. DF

poagey moggyllagh net-bag, reticule

pohll (f.) net-sinker; uphold

tayrtyn 'sy lieen net-backing

cloie ec yn ingagh net play

cummaltee lesh ard-feeuid vogglagh high net worth residents

thunney recortyssit glen per net register ton

shoot2 (v.) (as nets) cuirr: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom

chuirr1 1 sowed a: chuirr eh ayns e vagher eh Bible; 2 let down a net

scran common herd, low-class people; inedible fish, rubbish in net, scrap

I will spread skeayl-yms: I will spread my net upon them - skeayl- yms my lieen orroo Bible

let down (v.) cuirr: To let down a fishing net - Dy chuirr. DF idiom; cur fo; lhig neose; lhig sheese; lhiggal; lhiggey; tayrn neose; lhieggey neose; (n.) molley

sinker (n.) clish; clysh: There's a net sinker on her tail - Ta clysh er yn amman eck. DF idiom; reuyreyder, sinkeilagh

chuirr2 1 (dy); (to) let down a net; 2 (dy); (to) sow a: ver eh paart dy hraaue as dy chuirr e halloo Bible

cleaysh (=Ir., Sc.G. cluas) (f.) 1 pl. cleayshyn ear a: Eshyn ta cleaysh echey, lhig eh clashtyn Bible; 2 cleat, handle, lug; 3 (of sail) corner; 4 top corner of net; 5 lappet [O.Ir. clúas]

doll (n.) game net; (v.) go: T'ayd dol hugge as vei ayns yn iaskyr, tayd grynly kasly rish mody, as ryei magiyrt tryid yn ayrd valley. Psalm1610

ingagh (f.) criss-cross, grid on map, network, tracery; net: Cuirr ingagh 'syn awin. DF; (of nets) train

lhieen (=Irlíon) 1 flax, flaxen; 2 filled a: lhieen ad y daa lhong Bible; 3 fishing net; 4 quotient; 5 toils; 6 fill; 7 complete

lieen pl. lieenteenyn linen, lint; netting, net: skeayl-yms my lieen orroo lhieg-ym ad myr eeanlee yn aer Bible

'sy lieen netted; in the net: Hooar shin shiaght braddanyn 'sy lieen as ren shin creck ad gys y marchan son queig skillinyn as daeed - va shen leagh feer vie neesht. Coraa


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