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negin must: negin dou dty vac y choyrt lhiam reesht gys y cheer haink oo veih? Bible

Inexact matches:

cha negin shall not: Agh jehn billey dy hushtey jeh mie as sie, cha negin dhyt gee Bible; must not: negin dou goll harrish Jordan Bible

negin dou must I: Negin dou graih y chur dauesyn, oc nagh vel graih orrym? CS

Cha negin dou I must not: As dooyrt eh, Cha negin dou chyndaa mayrt, ny goll stiagh mayrt Bible

I must not Cha negin dou: I must not go over Jordan - Cha negin dou goll harrish Jordan Bible

must I (interrog.) negin dou: must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou camest? - negin dou dty vac y choyrt lhiam reesht gys y cheer haink oo veih? Bible

shall not cha negin: Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden - Cha negin diu gee jeh dy-chooilley villeysy gharey Bible; cha jean: he shall not escape - cha jean eh scapail Bible

avaricious (adj.) sayntagh, sondagh; sayntoilagh: They mustn't be so avaricious - Cha negin daue ve cha sayntoilagh. JJK idiom

must (v.) shegin: The citizen must make sacrifices for his country's welfare - Shegin da'n ardvaljagh jannoo ouralyn son speedeilys e heerey. JJK idiom; sheign; beign; (interrog.) negin; (n.) feeyn noa

hoiggal1 peradventure, perhaps: edyr teh taggloo, ny teh ayns roie, ny teh er jurnah, ny, hoiggal dy vel eh ny chadley, as dy negin y ghoostey eh Bible

shassoo noi confrontation, object, objection, resist, resistance, withstand: eisht shegin dhyt shassoo noi edyr dty hushtey hene, er nonney Goo Yee, dy negin dhyt çhea veih CS

prowal (=Ir. promhadh) assay, demonstrate, demonstration, depose, deposition, discern, establishment, experience, fit on, proof, prove, proving, test, trial, try, try on, try out: Tra nee oo prowal, ennee oo dy negin dhyt ymmodee reddyn y chredjal nagh jean y resoon broghe ayd hene dy harryltagh cordail rish CS


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