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neese (=Ir. aníos) from below, up, upwards

Inexact matches:

bwoalley neese upstroke

ceau neese chuck up, fling up

cheet neese ascend, come up: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Albinish (Gaelg Albinagh) cheet neese as, er aghtyn ennagh, oddagh oo gra dy vel ee ny stroshey nish na t'ee er ve rish tammylt, ga dy vel ee (myr gagh chengey Cheltiagh) foast ayns gaue Carn

cleiy neese disinter

cur neese hawk; send up: Cur neese hym eh. DF

drappal neese (of garment) work up

feddanaghey neese pipe up

filley neese tuck up

goaill neese unsling

gobbey neese spring up, stick up

irree neese bob up, pop up: Dy irree neese ass y thalloo. DF

laadey neese upload; uploading

laad neese upload

linney neese (f.) up-stroke; upstroke

obbraghey neese (in job) work up

piob neese (f.) riser

pumpal neese pump up

seiy neese upthrust

skyrraghtyn neese (of garment) work up

snuggal neese bob up

tayrn neese drag up, draw up, pull up, slip on

traaue neese plough up

vrooightey neese (dy); (to); (up out) well

yingey neese (y); (to) prize

Croau Creen Neese Lower Withered Bush

cur gob neese spear

cur lesh neese fetch up

goaill neese veih thalloo unearth

goll neese sheese fluctuating

tayrn neese ass yn aarkey beach

bob up (v.) irree neese; snuggal neese

upload (n.) laad neese, seose-laad; (v.) laadey neese, laadey seose

upstroke (n.) bwoalley neese, linney neese, seiy

work up2 (v.) (of garment) drappal neese; skyrraghtyn neese

from below neese: Come up from below - Tar neese. DF idiom

hawk (v.) jannoo cadjerys, shawkeyragh; cur neese: To hawk up - Dy chur neese. DF idiom; shawk, stannair

chuck up (v.) ceau neese

come up (v.) cheet neese: Come up from down there! - Ta neese veih shen! DF idiom; goaill toshiaght; shassoo lesh: He doesn't come up to me - Cha nel eh shassoo lhiams. DF idiom

drag up (v.) tayrn neese

fling up (v.) ceau neese

pop up (v.) irree neese

prize2 (to); (y) phrisal; (y) yingey neese

riser (n.) irreyder, piob neese

send up (v.) cur neese

tuck up filley neese

uploading (v.) laadey neese

up-stroke linney neese, seiy

upthrust (n.) seiy neese

well2 (v.) (to) (up, out); (dy) vrooightey neese

work up3 (v.) (in job) obbraghey neese

fetch up (v.) cur lesh neese

pipe up (v.) feddanaghey neese, loayrt

plough up (v.) traaue; traaue neese

pump up (v.) chionney, pumpal neese

unsling goaill neese; gow neose

disinter (v.) cleiy neese, jee-oanluckey, troggal ass yn oaye

Lower Withered Bush (n.) Croau Creen Neese

slip on (v.) tayrn neese, tayrn neose

stick up (v.) festal seose; gobbey neese

chlistey (dy); (to) jig: Dy chlistey neese sheese. DF

draw up (v.) cur ayns straneyn; draghtey; tayrn neese, tayrn seose

fluctuating eddyr daa choyrle; goll neese sheese; kirkinagh; leaystey; lheaystagh

pull up lhieggey seose, scuirr, tayrn neese; stad, stap

spear (v.) cur gob neese, cur shleiy trooid, sleeaney; (n.) lister, shleiy, sleean

spring up (v.) cheet er ash; gobbey neese; lheim ny hassoo; lheim 'syn aer

unearth (v.) cur lesh gys y toilshey, goaill neese veih thalloo

clistey bounce, gambol, jerk, spring, starting: Dy clistey neese sheese. DF

tayrn beg pluck: Tayrn beg neese y chur da. DF

ascend1 cheet neese, girree ass; drappal: To ascend a hill - Dy ghrappal cronk. DF idiom

beach (n.) boorey, claddagh, traie; (v.) tayrn neese ass yn aarkey; claddee: The edge of the beach - Braigh y chladdee. DF idiom

float (n.) cairt skianagh, dray; mollag, raft, sleod; snauean: The float was bobbing up and down - Va'n snauean thummey neese sheese. DF idiom; (v.) shiauilley, snaue

gardener (n.) gareyder: The gardener turned up some human bones - Ren y gareyder reuyrey neese craueyn deiney ennagh. DF idiom

human (n.) dooinney; (n.) deiney: The gardener turned up some human bones - Ren y gareyder reuyrey neese craueyn deiney ennagh. DF idiom; peccagh, peiagh; (adj.) dooinnoil

jig2 (v.) (to); (dy) chlistey: To jig up and down - Dy clistey neese sheese. DF idiom; (dy) vaical: To jig a fishing rod - Dy vaical slat eeastee. DF idiom

up heose: But Jerusalem which is above is free - Agh Jerusalem ta heose, tee seyr Bible; neese; seose: and lay it up before the Lord - as tasht-jee eh seose kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn Bible

upwards (adv.) neealloo; neese; seose: To look upwards - Dy yeeaghyn seose. DF idiom; heose: Upwards of fifty pupils - Heose er lieh cheead ynseydagh. DF idiom

with me lhiam: He came up with me - Haink eh neese lhiam. DF idiom; marym, mârym, maryms, mâryms: Come and dine with me - Tar as gow jinnair marym. DF idiom

worked laborit; obbrit; obbree; dobbree: He worked his way up - Dobbree eh roishyn neese. DF idiom

ard-jeeanid enthusiasm: Ta fys ain dy vel ardjeeanid son cooishyn Celtiagh kinjagh cheet neese sheese (goll rish ooilley cooishyn sheelnaue). Carn

Atlas Atlas: Ta trimmid ny speyryn girree neese veih Atlas gollrish farkyl coirrey, ta claghyn vullee scughey, cha nel veg aa-hoiaghey dy kiart. Dhoor

crankal bang, knock, tap: Tra nagh ren Mnr as Bnr Jones cheet neose dy gheddyn anjeeal haink mee neese as ren mee crankal er y dorrys. SF; rap

pattern jesheenaght; cosoyllaghey; sambyl: The pattern stands out against the cloth - Ta'n sambyl girree neese hood ass yn eaddagh. DF idiom; sampleyr: after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof - cordail rish sampleyr y chabbane-agglish, as sampleyr ooilley ny jeshaghtyn echey Bible; soylley; pattern: Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof - Eisht hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible


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