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near1 aare, chion; cheet er gerrey da; coair, coaïr, coair y cheilley, coayr; cruin; er cheu; er gerrey: Winter is drawing near - Ta'n geurey tayrn er-gerrey. JJK idiom; er gerrey da; faare; faggys da; faggys: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom

near2 (adj.) (with money) creoi; peajeogagh

Inexact matches:

come near (v.) cheet faare: He will not come near you - Cha jig eh d'aare. DF idiom

draw near (v.) tar er gerrey; tayrn faggys, tayrn er-gerrey

equally near co-gherrey

Near Field Magher Wass

near side cheu hoshtal; cheu wass

too near ro aggys

come near to (v.) tayrn er-gerrey da

near of kin faggys caardys da

Near the Cairn (n.) Fo Charn

near the church keeilley; killey

Near the Glen (n.) Fo Ghlion

Near the Harbour (n.) Fo Phurt

Near the Hill (n.) Fo Chronk

Near the Meadow (n.) Fo Lheeanee

Near the Ravine (n.) Fo Ghill

Near the Road (n.) Raaidey

Near the Rock (n.) Fo Charrick, Fo Chreg

Near the Wood (n.) Fo Cheyll

near to me my choair

wide and near foddey as gerrid

co-gherrey equally near

Magher Wass Near Field

Raaidey Near the Road

near-back lieh-chooyl

near-front lieh-hoshee

near-sighted (adj.) giare-reayrtagh

Fo Charn Near the Cairn

Fo Charrick Near the Rock

Fo Cheyll Near the Wood

Fo Chreg Near the Rock

Fo Chronk Near the Hill

Fo Ghill Near the Ravine

Fo Lheeanee Near the Meadow

Fo Phurt Near the Harbour

lieh-chooyl near-back

lieh-hoshee near-front

giare-reayrtagh myopic, near-sighted, purblind; shortsighted

aare See faare (ny) near: va aggle orroo dy heet ny aare Bible

cheu wass near side: er cheu wass y vitre vees eh Bible; forefront

coair near, towards: as ny tar coair dorrys y thie eck Bible

coaïr near: Agh cha row Abimelech er jeet ny coaïr Bible

cruin near: ta ny oaiaghyn eck cruin mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible; masts; poles

faare 1 adjacent, presence, proximity, towards you; 2 near, nigh a: ny tar-jee faare ad Bible

foddey as gerrid far and wide, wide and near

tayrn faggys draw near: T'eh tayrn faggys da'n daeed. DF

burning fiery furnace (n.) coirrey aileagh loshtee: Then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the mouth of the burning fiery furnace - Eisht haink Nebuchadnezzar er-gerrey gys beeal yn choirrey aileagh loshtee Bible

church1 doonagh; keeill: I happened to meet him near the church - Haink mee ny whail er-gerrey da'n cheeill. JJK idiom; kirk

country seat (n.) thie cheerey; steat-cheerey: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er- gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom

drawing (n.) caslys; jalloo; jallooaght; linneeaght; (v.) tayrn: Winter is drawing near - Ta'n geurey tayrn er-gerrey. JJK idiom; caslyssagh: Don't shake the table while she's drawing - Ny crie yn boayrd choud's t'ee caslyssagh. JJK idiom

flee2 (v.) (to); (dy) chosney: this city is near to flee unto - tan barley shoh er gerrey dy chosney huggey Bible

meet1 (adj.) cooie, kiart; quail; cheet quail, goll quail; (ny) whail: I happened to meet him near the church - Haink mee ny whail er-gerrey da'n cheeill. JJK idiom

nearer (adj., adv.) niessey; sniessey; s'niessey: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom

remember (v.) cooinaghtyn: As near as I can remember - Cha mie as ta cooinaghtyn aym. DF idiom; cooinnee; aachooinaghtyn; cooinee: Remember her - Cooinnee urree. DF idiom; (interrog.) gooin: Do you remember? - Gooin lhiat? DF idiom

rented er mayl: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er-gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom

shirt (n.) lheiney: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom

side cheu: The bright side of things - Yn cheu share jeh'n skeeal. DF idiom; cheughey rish; lhiattee: Side of beef - Lhiattee 'eill vart. DF idiom; wass: The near side - Yn cheu wass. DF idiom

skin (n.) crackan: Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin - S'faggys my lheiney agh s'niessey my chrackan. JJK idiom; chrackan; shea, sheh; (adj.) crackanagh; (v.) fanney, speeiney

Under the Mountain (n.) Fo Lieau; cosh y clieau: And ye came near and stood under the mountain - As haink shiu er-gerrey, as hass shiu ec cosh y clieau Bible

winter (v.) ceau yn geurey, geuraghey; (n.) geurey: Winter is drawing near - Ta'n geurey tayrn er-gerrey. JJK idiom

cheet er gerrey da near: V'ad shiaulley feiy'n laa shen as fud ny hoie, bunnys, derrey v'ad cheet er gerrey da'n clyst varrey Bretnagh. Chron

cheet faare (v.) come nigh, come near: chamoo nee chingys trome erbee cheet faare dty chummal Bible; (n.) (school) attendance

cheu hoshtal larboard, left side, near side, port side: Tannaghtyn er y cheu hoshtal. DF

chion See chionn close, narrow, near, round about: T'ad cha chion er y chilley, nagh vod yn aer sloo cheet eddyr ad Bible; compact; incapacious

coair y cheilley near: hug eh soilshey 'syn oie da ny Israeliteyn: myr shen nagh daink ad coair y cheilley er y slane oie. Bible

creoi (=Ir. crochadh) 1 adamant, difficult, distressing, hardy, heartless, obdurate, severe, stubborn; 2 dry, hard, hard-boiled, hard-set, neat, solid, steely, stiff, tough a: Hug oo lhiat farraneyn, as ushtaghyn magh ass ny creggyn creoi Bible; 3 (of frost) bitter; 4 (as language) blistering; 5 (with money) near

er cheu near; pro: Lhig dauesyn ve gennal as goaill boggey ta er cheu my ghellal yeeragh Bible

er gerrey 1 approaching, imminent a: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; 2 near, nigh: Smooinnee Isaiah dy gow er toshiaght tra va ashoon g'ennaghtyn injillid cosoylit rish ashoon er gerrey daue. Bible

er-gerrey at hand: Gow-jee arrys: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; near: As hayrn Abraham er gerrey Bible

er gerrey da close to, near: tra haink David er-gerrey da'n pobble, vannee eh ad Bible

faggys (=Ir. fagius and fagus) 1 almost: V'ad faggys er n'yannoo kione orrym er y thalloo: agh cha hreig mee dt'annaghyn. Bible; 2 close, contiguous, handy, near, nearby, neighbouring; 3 nigh a: Agh tan ghoo feer faggys dhyt, ayns dty veeall Bible

faggys caardys da near of kin: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

faggys da (=Ir. fogas) almost, close, contiguous, handy, near, nearby, neighbouring: faagit mooie, as faggys da mollaght Bible; close to [OIr. ocus]

Fo Ghlion Near the Glen: Harlheim mee veih'n varroose faggys da Los Tilos, as ghow mee toshiaght shooyl rish y raad fo ghlion. Dhoor

keeilley (gen.) 1 belonging to the church, near the church; 2 of the jaw a: as ta oc feeacklyn-keeilley lion mooar Bible

killey (gen.) near the church; of a church: Fy yerrey hooar ad magh liorish peeikearyn dy row Gorree er ellan dy row enmyssit Ellan Cholumb Killey marish kuse dy gheiney, gyn goaill aggle roish gaue erbee. Chron

my choair near to me, towards me: Shass ort hene, ny tar my choair Bible

peajeogagh 1 cheese-paring, close-fisted, mean, measly, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, pinching, tight, tight-fisted, close fisted, tightfisted a: Rheynn eh dy peajeogagh orroo eh. DF; 2 (with money) near

ro aggys too near: Chea veih peccah, myr veih eddin yn ard-nieu: son my hig oo ro aggys da, lhottee eh oo Apoc

tar er gerrey draw near: Tar er gerrey nish, as lhig dou dty phaagey, my vac. Bible

tayrn er-gerrey draw near: as tayrn er-gerrey gys raad t'eh ny hoie t'eh orroo lheim, as t'adsyn er nyn stroie. PC

tayrn er-gerrey da 1 approach; 2 come near to a: myr veh tayrn er-gerrey da Egypt Bible

on the south side er y cheu my-yiass; er y cheu-jiass: near the hill that lieth on the south side of the nether Bethhoron - er-gerrey dan chronk ta lhie er cheu-jiass yn Veth-horon heese Bible; cheu jiass my-yiass: twenty boards on the south side southward - feed boayrd son y cheu jiass my-yiass Bible

rise ardane; girree, g'irree: I generally rise early - Ta mee g'irree dy-moghey dy-cliaghtagh. JJK idiom; att; dronnan; geilley: The rise of the river is near Snaefell - Ta'n awin geilley faggys da Sniaul. DF idiom; irree: She must rise earlier in the future - Shegin jee irree ny s'moghey ayns traa-ry-heet. JJK idiom; irree magh; lhieeney; tomman; troggal er; yrjaghey; irree: Rise of the day - Irree yn laa. DF idiom

sceptre (n.) lorg: For the sceptre of the ungodly shall not abide upon the lot of the righteous - Son cha jig lorg ny mee-chrauee er cronney yn vooinjer chairal Bible; lorg niart; lorg reeoil: So Esther drew near, and touched the top of the sceptre - myr shen hayrn Esther er gerrey, as venn ee rish kione y lorgreeoil Bible; lorg reill: The sceptre shall not depart from Judah - Cha jean y lorg-reill failleil veih Judah Bible

town (n.) balley: The river on the banks of which this town is situated - Yn awin er ny brooinyn ecksh ta'n balley shoh shassoo. JJK idiom; valley: She has rented a country seat near the town - T'ee er n'ghoaill er mayl steat-cheerey er-gerrey da'n valley. JJK idiom

coayr 1 near a: cha jig ad coayr corp peccagh marroo erbee Bible; 2 odd: nee oo cur yn argid, lesh t'ou feaysley yn earroo coayr Bible; 3 bittern a: Agh nee yn cormorant, as y choayr cummal ayn, yn hullad myrgeddin; as y feeagh goaill ayn Bible

shassoo stiagh appearance; (v.) stand near: lhig daue shassoo stiagh, as eisht loayrt; lhig dooin tayrn dy cheilley ayns briwnys. Bible; stand in: As tra v'ad er chur orroo shassoo stiagh, denee ad jeu, Liorish cre'n phooar y cre'n ennym ta shiu er n'yannoo shoh? Bible


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