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native (n., adj.) cheeragh, dooghyssagh; dooiagh; dooie: One never forgets his native country - Cha nel fer dy-bragh jarrood cheer e ghooie. JJK idiom; (n.) fer dooie

Inexact matches:

native customs (npl.) oashyn ny cheerey

native dress (n.) eaddagh ny cheerey

native language (n.) chengey ny mayrey

native Manxman (n.) Manninagh dooie

native shore (n.) cheer ghooie

native soil (n.) foaid dooie

native speaker (n.) loayreyder dooghyssagh: The last native speaker of Manx - Yn loayreyder dooghyssagh jerrinagh jeh'n Ghaelg. DF idiom; loayreyder dooie

native tongue (n.) (the); (yn) ghlare ghooie

native woman (n.) ben ghooie

my native land cheer my ghooie

native of Ulster (n.) Ultagh

ben ghooie (f.) native woman

fer dooie native

foaid dooie native soil

loayreyder dooie native speaker

eaddagh ny cheerey native dress

oashyn ny cheerey native customs

cheer ghooie (f.) mother country, motherland, native shore

cheeragh native: V'ad feddyn obbyr ennagh ec ny faillaghyn cheeragh Carn

loayreyder dooghyssagh native speaker: Yn loayreyder dooghyssagh jerrinagh jeh'n Ghaelg. DF

cousin1 (n.) dooinney mooinjerey: His cousin is still far from his native country - Ta e ghooinney-mooinjerey (ben-vooinjerey) foddey veih cheer e ghooie (cheer e dooie) foast. JJK idiom; cosan; cussan

cheer my ghooie (f.) my native land: Ta mee faagail nish cheer my ghooie, Yn Ellan Veg t'ayns mean y cheayn. Carn

chengey ny mayrey (f.) mother tongue, native language: As kys dy vel shin clashtyn dy chooilley ghooinney loayrt ayns chengey ny mayrey ain hene? Bible

dooghyssagh (=Ir. dúchasach) ancestral, congenital, heritable, idiomatic, inborn, inherent, instinctive, natural, unforced, unspiritual, untaught, untutored, vernacular: haink y Spyrryd Noo neose er, myr ayns cummey dooghyssagh calmane Bible; (adj., n.) pl. dooghyssee native; innate; indigenous; homebred

dooiagh native: Cha geayll mee as cha naik mee red erbee nagh row dy-jeeragh ass tradishoon dooiagh Ellan Vannin. Carn

dooie complement, endemic, full-blooded, inborn, inherent, natural, patriotic, species, true-born, vernacular, trueborn; amicable, good-natured, kind, kindly: My vees oo dooie dan pobble Bible; native; innate; loving

ghlare ghooie (f.) (yn); (the) native tongue: haink e aegid er-ash huggey tra v'eh loayrt e ghlare ghooie, as by haittin lesh fakin y Ghailck Vanninagh er ny h-aavioghey. Coraa

Manninagh dooie native Manxman, true Manxman: Cheayll mee jiu dy vel Doolish y Karragher, Gaelgeyr as Manninagh dooie, er ngeddyn baase. Carn

Ultagh native of Ulster: T'ad toiggal mie dy-liooar dy vel Unnaneyseyr Ultagh g'ennaghtyn ny Ultagh hoshiaght, eisht Goaldagh agh cha nel rieau ny Yernagh. Carn

dress (n.) eaddagh: Native dress - Eaddagh ny cheerey. DF idiom; gooyn: A dress in white silk - Gooyn jeh sheeidey bane. DF idiom; (v.) baarey; coamrey; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; jannoo coamrey da; jeshaghey; jesheenaghey; lhiasaghey; pollal; screebey; skeoghey; stolkey; kiartaghey


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