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nastey award, bond, gift, gratuity; betroth: nee'm oo y nastey rhym pene son dy bragh Bible; espouse; seizing

Inexact matches:

nastey daa-phoullagh bipolar bond

nastey eeaneagh ionic bond

nastey Nollick Christmas box: By-vie lesh ny meoiryn-shee loayrt rish peiagh erbee honnick red erbee va drogh-ouryssagh ec y traa shen, ny peiagh erbee hooar red ennagh myr shoh myr nastey Nollick, foddee. BS

nastey peptideagh peptide bond

nastey lesh lhoobaghyn interlink

award1 (n.) aundyr, briwnys, nastey

betroth (v.) nastey: And I will betroth thee unto me for ever - As neem oo y nastey rhym pene son dy bragh Bible

bipolar bond (n.) nastey daa-phoullagh

Christmas box (n.) nastey Nollick

gift1 (n.) gioot: Be pleased to accept this gift - Gow my sailliu yn gioot shoh. DF idiom; nastey: Christmas gift - Nastey Nollick. DF idiom; (v.) giootal; giootal da; giootey; tortys

interlink (v.) nastey lesh lhoobaghyn

ionic bond (n.) nastey eeaneagh

peptide bond (n.) nastey peptideagh

espouse (v.) cheuaghey lesh; nastey; poosey

gratuity (n.) dooraght; nastey; toyrtys scarree

seizing goaill, greimmey, nastey, stolkey

covalent bond (n.) kiangley cofioosagh; nastey co-ioosagh

bond boandey, bonney, geuley, kiangley, chiangley; (v.) cur ayns thie custam, cur fo ghlass; gioal, nastey; glass; boand; raane: His word is his bond - Ta e ghoo e raane. DF idiom

rhym pene by myself: ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; with myself; unto me: As neem oo y nastey rhym pene son dy bragh Bible


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