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naight (=Ir. nuacht) (f.) pl. naightyn anecdote, intelligence, narration, news, tale, tidings: Cha bee eh agglagh jeh drogh naight erbee Bible; notification

Inexact matches:

cur-magh naight press release

Drogh-naight ort (intj) Woe betide you

earishlioar naight (f.) gazette

fer naight correspondent

jantys naight news agency

naight vie good news: Shenn chrout politickagh t'ayn, fockley drogh naight fo cloagey meer veg dy naight vie Carn

pabyr-naight baghtagh tabloid

pabyr-naight laaghagh gutter press

pabyr-naight laaoil journal

Pabyryn Naight (Ny); (The) Press: Red trimshagh dy vel y sleih shoh credjal ny breagyn cughtee t'ad lhaih bunnys gagh laa ayns pabyryn naight goll rish y 'Sun'. Carn

scannane naight news reel, newsreel

screeudeyr naight gazetteer

screeuyn naight newsletter

shamyr naight (f.) news room, newsroom

fembleyder y naight news story editor

Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Cooid-chlouit Explore Newspapers and Publications

Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Earish-lioaryn Explore Newspapers and Journals

er-ash dys ayndagh y reireyder-naight back to news manager index

good news (n.) naight vie: There's good news - Ta naight vie ayn. JJK idiom; (npl.) naightyn mie

news (n.) bun; naight: We've received some depressing news - Ta shin er n'gheddyn naight olk. JJK idiom; rick; skeeal; skeet

anecdote (n.) naight; skeeal; skeealleen

narration (n.) insh, naight

news agency (n.) jantys naight

newsletter (n.) screeuyn naight

newsreel (n.) naight-rollian, scannane naight

newsroom (n.) shamyr naight

news room (n.) shamyr naight

Press (n.) (The); (Yn) Cloudeyrys; (Ny) Pabyryn Naight

press release (n.) cur-magh naight

tidings naight; skeeal; (npl.) naightyn

reill noi overrule: hig naight un vleïn, as naight elley sy vleïn cheddin: bee cragheyder 'sy cheer, fer-reill noi fer-reill. Bible

bad news (n.) drogh-naight

correspondent (n.) co-reggyrtagh, co-screeuder, fer naight

gazette (n.) earishlioar naight, earishlioar oikoil

gazetteer (n.) earisheyr oikoil, screeudeyr naight

gutter press pabyr-naight laaghagh

News Manager (n.) Reireyder-Naight

newspapers (npl.) pabyryn-naight

news reel naight-rollian, scannane naight

drogh-naight bad news: Huitt trimshey vooar er dy chooilley oltey ny Sheshaght Ghailckagh tra haink yn drogh-naight dy row baase er n'ghoaill ersooyl nyn garrey deyr Coraa

naight-rollian news reel, newsreel

pabyr-naight (=Ir. páipéar nuacht) newspaper: honnick mee red yindyssagh ayns pabyr-naight Sostnagh mychione turrys jeant ec earisheyr gys yn Eeslyn, gys Reykjavik. Carn

pabyryn-naight newspapers: As c'red ta ny politickeyryn cheddin coontey jeh ny pabyryn-naight as chellveeish Sostnagh ta gra 'ashooneyryn Yernagh' rish dy chooilley pheiagh ayns Nerin nagh vel ny Unnaneyseyr? Carn

Reireyder-Naight News Manager

news story editor (n.) fembleyder y naight

notification (n.) fogrey, fys; raaue; coyrle; naight

tabloid (n.) baghtagh, milljan, pabyr-naight baghtagh

Woe betide you (intj) Drogh-naight ort

Explore Newspapers and Journals Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Earish-lioaryn

Explore Newspapers and Publications Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Cooid-chlouit

journal (n.) jurnyl, laa-lioar, lioar choontys, lioar laa, pabyr-naight laaoil

erskyn credjue incredibly: Va shoh naight trimshagh as bunnys erskyn credjue. Dhoor

lhaihderaght (f.) circulation, readership: Pabyr naight as lhaihderaght vooar echey. DF

sheeyntoose subscription: Sheeyntoose y ghoaill son pabyr naight. DF

tosheeaght (f.) antecedence, precedence, preference, priority: Dy chur tosheeaght da peesh dy naight. DF

yindys er aback: Naight verragh ard yindys er. DF

advertise (v.) fograghey; soilshaghey magh; soilsheenaghey; soilsheenee; soilsheeney: To advertise something in a paper - Dy hoilsheenaghey red ennagh ayns pabyr naight. DF idiom

back to news manager index er-ash dys ayndagh y reireyder-naight

commotion (n.) trusley, anvea; irree-magh: the noise of the bruit is come, and a great commotion out of the north country - ta sheean y naight er jeet, as irree-magh dewil ass y cheer my-hwoaie Bible

depressing groamey: We've received some depressing news - Ta shin er n'gheddyn naight olk. JJK idiom; olk

intelligence (n.) chyrrysid, fys, inchynaght, naight, rick, tushtaght; tushtagh: It is the work of an intelligence - She obbyr hushtagh eh. DF idiom; toiggalys: He showed intelligence - Hoilshee eh toiggalys. DF idiom

newspaper (n.) pabyr-naight: I heard it through a newspaper - Hooar mee fys er ayns pabyr naight. DF idiom

shall write screeuys: I shall write them this news - Screeuym huc y naight shoh. JJK idiom

subscription (n.) co-rheynn, fo-screeuyn, tailley bleeaney; eeckys-oltey; eeck-olteynys; sheeyntoose: Take out a subscription to a paper - Sheeyntoose y ghoaill son pabyr naight. DF idiom

tale (n.) naight, rick; skeeal: I have heard that tale before - Cheayll mee yn skeeal shen hannah. DF idiom

true1 dy feer, dy firrinagh, dy jeeragh; feer; firrinagh: I am glad that the news is true - Ta mee boggoil dy vel y naight firrinagh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiartaghey; rieugh; spheer; s'feer shen

Barraie (f.) Barra: va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn

cur stap er stop: S'trimshagh dy vel argid ny jantee thallooin cur stap er naight seyr! Dhoor

faarney (f.) 1 drip, dripping, drop, get in; 2 leak, leakage a: Ec y traa cheddin va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn; 3 ferns

feddynys find: Agh cha row naight jeh'n feddynys currit magh gys y hiaghtin shoh. BS

fhyt fit: Tra cheayll e ven y naight  shoh, haink fhyt urree as ren ee tuittym sheese shiartanse dy ghreeishyn. Dhoor; short time

giare-choontey summary: Haink y naight shoh rish ayns giare-choontey jeh cooishyn y Lught-Reill Lectraghys liorish y Caairliagh Eddie Teare, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed. BS

gyn yeearree unbidden, unlooked for, unsolicited, unwanted: Haink yn naight gys Bendigeidfran dy row Matholwch faagail y chooyrt, gyn yeearree, gyn kied, as hie chaghteryn huggey dy vriaght jeh cre'n oyr va shoh Coraa

Kiare as Feed (Yn); (The) House of Keys: Jean-jee obbyr politickagh, cur screeuyn da ny pabyryn naight, as cur shilley er ny Olteynyn jeh'n Kiare as Feed. Carn

mooirchoor shipwreck: Agh roish shen, haink drogh naight son Eleanor - va'n ayr eck caillit ayns mooirchoor er Langness. Dhoor; wreck

peiagh ennagh somebody: Hie peiagh ennagh magh dy ghoaill ny pabyryn naight voish three buill. Dhoor; someone

skimmee cast, company, crew, gang, hands, personnel, ship's company, staff: Coardail rish ny pabyryn naight, bee skimmee jeh daeed pheiagh ec Oldfield. Carn

solleyder defiler, polluter, soiler: yrt magh kyndagh rish y naight y çhiaghtin shoh chaie dy bee yn Reiltys shirrey argid son geddyn rey rish orçh, coardail rish y phrinsabyl 'Eeckee yn Solleyder'. BS; sexual assaulter

startaghyn jobs: Ec bunnys yn traa cheddin haink yn naight dy hed 200 startaghyn coayl voish BBC Highland as BBC Radio nan Gàidheal. Carn; situations

tarrarey drill, drilling: Ec y traa cheddin va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn

tutlerys (f.) chat, chatter, gossip, tale-bearing, taletelling, tattle, tittle-tattle: agh ta ourys ayn dy row Kirree geearree dy hannaghtyn ayns y vargey dy gheddyn yn naight s'anmee as tutlerys! Dhoor; loquaciousness

from (prep.) jeh; maghey; voish, woish: From whom have you most news? - Quoi voish hooar oo yn naight shoh? JJK idiom; trooid; veih: I have just come from their house - Ta mee er jeet veih'n thie oc nish. JJK idiom

latest s'anmagh: At the very latest - Ec y chooid s'anmagh. DF idiom; s'anmee: It's eleven o'clock at the latest - Te unnane-jeig er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmee. JJK idiom; s'anmey: I'll come back at ten at the latest - Higym er ash ec jeih er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmey. DF idiom; s'jerree: Her latest born - Yn lhiannoo s'jerree t'eck. DF idiom; s'noa: The latest news - Yn naight s'noa. DF idiom; by yerree

lodge (v.) aaghtaghey; cur aaght da; fuirree; goaill aaght: The gentleman, at whose home I lodge, always lets me see the newspapers - Yn dooinney-seyr, ec y thie echeysyn ta mee goaill aaght, t'eh dy-kinjagh lhiggey dou lhaih ny pabyryn-naight. JJK idiom; lhiabbaghey; lhiaghtey; tannaghtyn; (n.) thie giattey; bwaag: left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers - treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney, as bwaag ayns garey-cucumber Bible

receive (v.) cur failt er, oltaghey, goaill rish, jannoo soiagh jeh, goaill stiagh; goaill; geddyn: You don't receive the newspapers regularly, do you? - Cha nel shiu geddyn ny pabyryn-naight dy-rea, vel (shiu) ? JJK idiom

brialtagh enquirer, examiner, searcher: Coardail rish skeeal ayns Brialtagh Ellan Vannin y çhiaghtin shoh, hie Patricia Kneen er feyshtey lurg jee v'er jebbal da'n phabyr-naight screeuyn mychione laghyn s'jerree e dooinney. BS; catechist

cheer vooar (f.) mainland: Hannah, ta skeealyn ayns pabyryn-naight dy vel sleih ayns Cheer Vooar ny hEuropey goaill aggle roish treealtyssyn yn SNP as dy vel Hollannee ennagh er ve agglit ass. Carn

craidagh jeering, mocking, sarcastic, sneering: Va drane-craidagh er ny screeu, as er ny choyrt ayns y pabyr-naight laa chaie. Dhoor

earisheyr (=Ir. iriseoir) journalist: honnick mee red yindyssagh ayns pabyr-naight Sostnagh mychione turrys jeant ec earisheyr gys yn Eeslyn, gys Reykjavik. Carn

hoilsheeney (dy); (to) demonstrate: Ayns ymmodee quaaltyssyn marish pabyryn-naight Goaldagh dy hoilsheeney e strane noa dy chiaull dowanagh son Radio 3 BBC BS

minjeig (f.) fawn, immature deer, one year old she goat: Cheayll yn feeaih moostit; cheayll yn minjeig faitagh, as by gooin lhieu er yn helg. Coraa; bundle: eisht chayrn eh yn eairk as cheau eh y minjeig jeh pabyryn naight rish oaie y chapp. Dhoor

recortit recorded, registered: Coardail rish y phabyr-naight sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit yn Independent, shoh ny hoght colughtyn ta recortit ayns Mannin BS


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