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naardey annihilate, decay, destroy, fade, fail, faint, waste: Ooilley dty viljyn as dty vess-hallooin ver yn locust naardey Bible; desolate; wasted

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coyrt naardey abolished; done away; overthrown

cur naardey annihilate, confound, ruin: tou cur orrym dy ve sheebit roish, tou cur naardey my vree Bible

currit naardey ruined: Ta Babylon goit, ta Bel currit naardey, ta Merodach brisht ayns peeshyn Bible

goll naardey decay; decaying: Ta'n Ghaelg goll naardey ayns Gaeltaght ny h-Albey. DF

decay cur mow; fioghey; fioghys; goll mow; goll naardey; loaughey; loauys; molkey; naardey

annihilate (v.) cur gys neunhee, cur lesh gys veg, cur mow, cur naardey; naardey, neunheeaghey, stroie

decaying eiglagh; fioghee; loauee; eighid; goll naardey: Gaelic is decaying in the Highlands of Scotland - Ta'n Ghaelg goll naardey ayns Gaeltaght ny h-Albey. DF idiom; eigid

vanish1 (v.) skellal roish, cherraghtyn; goll naardey: What time they wax warm, they vanish - Lesh y bree-hiass tad goll naardey Bible

desolate1 fadanagh; follym-faase: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath - son chouds vee ny lhie follym faase dreill ee doonaght Bible; follym feayn; traartyssey; faase; treigit: your high ways shall be desolate - bee nyn raaidyn mooarey treigit Bible; melley; faasagh: that the land be not desolate - nagh bee yn thalloo ny aasagh Bible; bane: As long as it lieth desolate - Choud as te ny lhie bane Bible; feayn: while she lieth desolate without them - choud as te ny lhie feayn nyn vegooish Bible fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste - chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; foddey feayn; fadane: let them seek it also out of desolate places - shirree ad eh ayns buill fadane Bible; currit mow: and they that dwell therein are desolate - as ta e chummaltee currit mow Bible; traartys: neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate - chamoo vees dty heer ny lurg shoh enmyssit Traartys Bible; naardey: And I will make the land desolate - As ver-ym naardey yn thalloo Bible

overthrown fo haart; coyrt naardey

wasted (v.) er ny juail; er ny uail; juaillit; jummalit; jummit; streelit; spooilley: Joab led forth the power of the army, and wasted the country of the children of Ammon - dy ren Joab leeideil magh ny reih deiney caggee, as ren eh spooilley cheer cloan Ammon bible; naardey: and they are wasted and desolate - as tad naardey as mow Bible

destroy (v.) cur mow, naardey, stroie; coayll; lhieggal

fade fajeil, cherraghtyn; fioghey; lhaggaghey; naardey

fail cherraghtyn; failleil, falleil, fajeil; naardey

chyrmid dryness: goll naardey 'sy chyrmid Bible

confound (v.) cur haart, cur naardey, cur sheese; coayl; (y) chraghey

ruined brisht; craiuaigagh; creuit; creujit; currit mow; currit naardey; fo haart; millit

accryssyd hunger: dy chur naardey yn slane cheshaght shoh lesh accryssyd. Bible

Albey Scotland: Ta'n Ghaelg goll naardey ayns Gaeltaght ny h-Albey. DF

baasoil deadly, deathlike, fatal: lesh doghan baasoil ver eh mee naardey Bible

cheaghil changed: cheaghil ad gloyr y Jee nagh vod goll naardey Bible; shifted

chirmit drained, dried, dried up: bee'n awin naardey as chirmit seose Bible

Gaeltaght ny h-Albey (f.) Highlands: Ta'n Ghaelg goll naardey ayns Gaeltaght ny h-Albey. DF

lhiannee shall cleave, shall pursue: lhiannee ad dhyt, derrey hed oo naardey Bible

locust locust: Ooilley dty viljyn as dty vess-hallooin ver yn locust naardey Bible

shoggyl (=Ir. seagal) (f.) rye: cha row'n churnagh n'yn shoggyl naardey Bible

troayr (f.) crop: son ta troayr y vagheragh er n'gholl naardey Bible

abolished ( astyrit; scryssit magh: This law has been abolished - Ta'n leigh shoh er ve scryssit magh. JJK idiom; coyrt naardey

done away (v.) callit: Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family - Cren faveagh ennym yn ayr ain callit mastey e chynney Bible; lheie ersooyl; coyrt naardey

seafaring men (npl.) deiney ny marrey: How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men - Kys tou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey Bible

shall pursue eiyree: the sword shall pursue thee - eiyree yn cliwe orts Bible; lhiannee: and they shall pursue thee until thou perish - as lhiannee ad dhyt, derrey hed oo naardey Bible

waste1 jeeill, jummalys, jummallys, naardey, mow, naardagh, reeastagh, reeastaneagh, naardys, ceau; fadaneys; jummal: They waste most of their time - T'ad jummal yn chooid smoo jeh'n traa oc. JJK idiom; brebban; prebban

aahroggal 1 rebuild, resurrect a: neem's aa-hroggal ny ynnydyn eck ta er ngholl naardey Bible; 2 reconstruction, resurrection

accrys hunger, hungering: cha bee ad ny-sodjey naardey lesh accrys ayns y cheer Bible

chyrmee-ym I will dry up: Ver-yms naardey sleityn as croink, as fiogh-ym nyn ghlassyraght: nee'm ellanyn ayns awinyn, as chyrmee-ym seose ny loghanyn. Bible

earrooaghyn multitudes: Cha row eh agh jeih bleeaney er-dy-henney tra scuirr ny earrooaghyn jeh ny loayrtee veih goll naardey. Carn

eunyssagh delectable, delicious, delightful, enchanting, pleasant, rapturous: ta ooilley ny nheeghyn eunyssagh ain er nyn goyrt naardey Bible; (n.) pleasure-seeker

fer-choyrlee advisor: Raad nagh vel coyrle, ta'n theay goll naardey: agh ayns ymmodee fer-choyrlee ta sauchys. Bible; warner

keeayllagh judicious, lucid, discreet: bee tushtey ny deiney keeayllagh er ny choyrt naardey Bible

mee-ynrick dishonest, disingenuous, faithless, morally crooked, unscrupulous: ta treishteil ny mee-ynrick goll naardey Bible

my-yeish fruitful: As hie yn lieen as yn oarn naardey; son va'n oarn my-yeish, as y lieen my-rass. Bible

oashyr (f.) 1 sock, stocking a pl. oashyryn; 2 (of grass) blade a: cha row'n churnagh n'yn shoggyl naardey, son cha row ad foast ass yn oashyr. Bible

rio frost, ice: ayns y laa, ren y chiass m'y choyrt naardey, as y rio, 'syn oie Bible; freezing

slyst ny marrey sea coast: verym naardey adsyn ta e-rmayrn jeh slyst ny marrey. Bible; seaside

vrish broke: hug y sniaghtey-garroo naardey ooilley glassyraght y thallooin, as vrish eh ooilley biljyn y vagheragh Bible eish haink ny sajuryn, as vrish ayd lurghyn yn ghied 'err, as yn 'err elle va erna ghrossy marishsyn. PB1610; burst

yinnagh (=Ir. dhéanadh) 1 would do a: te ny aile ta lostey gys toyrt-mow, yinnagh ooilley my chooid-seihlt y chur naardey. Bible; 2 would

faint1 gannooinee: lest they faint in the way - er aggle dy gannooinee ad er y raad Bible; annooiney; gannooinaghey: for my spirit waxeth faint son ta my spyrryd gannooinaghey Bible; gannoonaghey: Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto the people that follow me; for they be faint - Cur-jee, ta mee guee erriu, bwilleenyn arran dan pobble ta geiyrt orrymorrym; son tad gannoonaghey Bible; goaill neeal; goll neeal: and they shall be as when a standardbearer - as bee ad myr tra ta fer-cullee goll neeal Bible; faiynt: Esau came from the field, and he was faint - haink Esau veihn vagher, as veh faiynt Bible; traishtit, traashtit: my heart is faint in me - ta my chree traashtit cheusthie jeem Bible; naardey; neeal: She went off into a faint - Hie ee neeal. DF idiom; eighid; eigid; tooillit: and the people were very faint. - as van pobble slane tooillit Bible

I will dry up chyrmee-ym: I will dry up the pools - chyrmee-ym seose ny loghanyn Bible; fiogh-ym: I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs - Ver-yms naardey sleityn as croink, as fiogh-ym nyn ghlassyraght Bible

ruin boghlaneagh; tholtanagh: The house went to ruin - Haink y thie dy ve tholtanagh. DF idiom; (v.) craghey, creiu, cur mow, cur naardey, milley, brishey; (n.) baare, tholtan, striggaltys, craiuaig, craght, stroiltys, stroialtys; cragh: It was the ruin of him - V'eh yn chragh echey. DF idiom

were not1 cha row: But the wheat and the rie were not smitten - Agh cha rown churnagh nyn shoggyl naardey Bible; nagh row: that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us - dy voddagh enney ver ny choyrt orroo, nagh row ad ooilley jinyn Bible

deiney ny marrey seafaring men: 17 As troggee ad seose accan treih er dty hon, as jir ad rhyt, Kys t'ou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey, yn ard-valley ooasle, va lajer ayns yn aarkey, ish as ny cummaltee eck hug nyn dappey vouesyn ooilley va taaghey huic. Bible


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