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myrrh (n.) myrrh

myrrh myrrh, sweet cicely: cur lhieu spiceyn, as balm, as myrrh Bible

Inexact matches:

of myrrh myrrhey

sweet cicely (n.) myrrh

cassia (f.) cassia: soaral jeh myrrh, aloes, as cassia Bible

cinnamon cinnamon: As cinnamon, as spiceyn millish, as myrrh Bible

dhossan bundle, cluster, lump: ta my ghraih dooys myr dhossan myrrh Bible

frankincense frankincense: heb ad giootyn da; airh, as frankincense, as myrrh Bible

myrrhey of myrrh: hem's roym gys y charnane myrrhey Bible

almonyn almonds: cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese da'n dooinney, red beg dy valm, as kuse dy vill, spiceyn as myrrh, croyn as almonyn. Bible

cloveyn cloves: ayns ynnyd elley gum as spiceyn deyr, nutmeg, cloveyn, pibbyr, frankincense as myrrh, cassia, aloes, mace as cinnamon PC

jeh reih preferably; pure, choice: Gow myrgeddin ard-spiceyn, jeh reih myrrh queig cheead shekel Bible

pibbyr (=Ir. peubar) pepper: ayns ynnyd elley gum as spiceyn deyr, nutmeg, cloveyn, pibbyr, frankincense as myrrh, cassia, aloes, mace as cinnamon, dagh mess gaase er biljyn ny thammagyn PC

poodyryn powders: Quoi eh shoh ta cheet seose ass yn aasagh, goll-rish pillaryn jaagh, as marish bree dy hoar millish myrrh as frankincense, lesh ooilley poodyryn spiceit y varchan. Bible

slaveyn slaves: spiceyn millish, as myrrh, as frankincense, as feeyn, as ooil, as flooyr meen, as curnaght, as ollagh, as kirree, as cabbil, as fainee, as slaveyn, as anmeenyn deiney. Bible

soaral jeh 1 redolence, redolent; 2 smell of a: Ta ooilley dty gharmadyn soaral jeh myrrh Bible

spiceyn spices: cur lhieu spiceyn, as balm, as myrrh, goll lesh sheese gys Egypt Bible


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