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myrgeddin See myrgeddyn accordingly, also, likewise, to boot, too: Er yn laa shen myrgeddin heb ad ymmodee ourallyn mooarey Bible

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boot2 (v.) (to) brebbal; (adv.) myrgeddin

wash6 (v.) (of person) oonley; (to); (dy) oonlagh: Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal - Nee oo myrgeddin tobbyr prashey, as e chass myrgeddin dy phrash, dy oonlagh ayn Bible

also (adv.) myrchaagh; myrgeddin: I'm very fond of our orchard, its verdure is so beautiful, its shade so pleasant, its fruit is also excellent - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh, ta e eayney cha aalin, e scaa cha taitnyssagh, ta e vess myrgeddin feer vie. JJK idiom; neesht: Please send some also to my brother, who lives at the Union Mills - Cur paart gys my vraar neesht my sailt, t'eh baghey ec Mwyllin Doo-aah. JJK idiom; (emph.) neeshtagh; myr-chaagh

likewise (adv.) lheid elley; myrgeddin: And likewise did he for all his strange wives - As myrgeddin hrog eh son ooilley e vraane joarree Bible; neesht: in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand - ayns y choorse echeysyn neesht va kiare thousaneyn as feed Bible; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh: Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab - Myr-chaagh, tra va ooilley ny Hewnyn y ayns Moab Bible; er yn aght cheddin: he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise - hie eh magh mysh y cheyoo as yn nuyoo oor, as ren eh er yn aght cheddin Bible

singers (npl.) arranee: So the singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, were appointed - Myrgeddin va ny arranee, Heman Asaph, as Ethan, pointit Bible; arraneyderyn; fir arrane; fir chiaullee: Chenaniah the master of the song with the singers - Chenaniah mainshtyr yn arrane, marish ny firchiaullee Bible; kiaulleyderyn: Also the Levites which were the singers - Myrgeddin, ny Leviteyn, ny kiaulleyderyn Bible

phadeyrben prophetess: va myrgeddin phadeyrben enmyssit Anna Bible

shaghym passed me: t'eh myrgeddin goll shaghym Bible

ayninyn in us: dy vod adsyn myrgeddin ve unnane ayninyn Bible

aynsyn in him, in it: Aynsyn ren shiuish myrgeddin treishteil Bible

boynyn heels: t'ou cur cowrey myrgeddin er boynyn my choshey. Bible

breidyn kerchiefs: Ny breidyn eu myrgeddin neems y raipey Bible; mufflers, tires

brisht sheese broken down: ta voalley Yerusalem myrgeddin brisht sheese Bible

chaglit gathered: Nish myrgeddin ta ymmodee ashoonee chaglit dt'oï Bible

cheeadoo See keeadoo (yn) hundredth: myrgeddin yn cheeadoo ayrn jeh'n argid Bible

co-chruinnaght (f.) assembly, beseigement, concentration, concourse, convention: soie-yms myrgeddin er cronk yn cho-chruinnaght Bible

cooat-caggee (=Ir. cota-cogaigh) coat of mail: hug eh er myrgeddin cooat-caggee

Creesteenyn disciples: Hie mârin myrgeddin paart jeh Creesteenyn Cesarea Bible

dhossanyn clusters: bee dty cheeaghyn nish myrgeddin myr dhossanyn yn villey-feeyney Bible

eeanlee fowl, fowls, poultry: Jeh eeanlee yn aer myrgeddin shiaght piyryn Bible

er-jerrey finally, lastly: er-jerrey ooilley hooar y ven baase myrgeddin Bible

faishnee soothsayers: Myrgeddin ny faishnee, as ny fir-obbee Bible

feeacklyn (f.) teeth, toothing: lhig-ym feayshlit orroo myrgeddin feeacklyn beishtyn feïe Bible

fenyms I will ask: Fenyms jiuish myrgeddin un red Bible

freillee will keep: freillee ad ny goan euish myrgeddin Bible; shall keep

gyn cree heartless: Ta Ephraim myrgeddin myr calmane oney gyn cree Bible

haggil gathered: Haggil mee dou hene myrgeddin argid as airh, Bible

hed shall go: Hed eh stiagh myrgeddin gys y cheer aalin Bible

hene (=Ir. féin) actual, even, own, self, very: Ren shin myrgeddin oardaghyn dooin hene Bible

hilt hilt: As hie yn hilt myrgeddin stiagh marish y vlod Bible; haft

hullad-screeagh (f.) screech owl: nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible

kainlere pl. kainlereyn candlestick: Yn kainlere myrgeddin son soilshey Bible

neem I will: neem myrgeddin tayrn ushtey da dty chamelyn Bible

niaughyn heavens: nee e niaughyn myrgeddin shilley neose druight Bible

phrow proved: Phrow mee oo myrgeddin: ec ushtaghyn y streeu Bible; tried

piyryn pairs: Jeh eeanlee yn aer myrgeddin shiaght piyryn, fyrryn as bwoirryn Bible

poanrey bean, legume: Gow hood myrgeddin curnaght, as oarn, as poanrey Bible

Raue (f.) (Yn) Rome: shegin dou myrgeddin yn Raue y akin Bible

resowryn treasurers: ver-ym harryd myrgeddin fir-olk sheeoil, as resowryn ynrick. Bible; exactors

roosteyryn spoilers, rovers, robbers: van garrison as ny roosteyryn er-creau myrgeddin Bible

ruggit (=Ir. rugadh) born: Myrgeddin yn chied ruggit jeh ny mec Bible

seaghney cree vexation of spirit: Ta shoh myrgeddin fardail, as seaghney cree. Bible

seihlt possessions: va myrgeddin aym ymmodee seihlt dy hellooyn as dy hioltaneyn Bible

seiyr carpenters: Hug ad argid myrgeddin da ny masoonee as ny seiyr Bible

sheeynee shall stretch: Sheeynee eh magh myrgeddin e laue er ny cheeraghyn Bible

shickyree affirmatory: Ta ain myrgeddin goo shickyree dy adeyrys Bible

smerg woe: smerg dauesyn myrgeddin, tra nee'm ad y hreigeil. Bible

stott pl. stitt bullock, steer: yiow ad aarloo myrgeddin stott aeg Bible

tobbyr (=Ir. tobair) See tubbyr laver: Nee oo myrgeddin tobbyr prashey Bible

traitoor (=Ir. tréatúir) (pl -yn) betrayer, traitor: Yuaase Iscariot, va myrgeddin yn traitoor. Bible

voish shen 1 consequently; 2 whence a: voish shen myrgeddin hooar eh eh ayns caslys. Bible

accordingly (adv.) 'naght, reir shen, rere shen; myrgeddin; myr shen: Accordingly I wrote to him - Myr shen screeu mee rish. DF idiom

Assyrians (npl.) Assyrianee: Thou hast played the whore also with the Assyrians, - Tou er nyannoo maarderys myrgeddin rish ny Assyrianee Bible

commended (v.) voyll: The princes also of Pharaoh saw her, and commended her before Pharaoh - Honnick princeyn Pharoah ee myrgeddin, as voyll ad ee kiongoyrt rish Pharoah Bible

committed er n'yannoo: He has not only stolen, but he has committed a murder - Cha nel eh ynrican er n'gheid, agh t'eh myrgeddin er n'yannoo dunverys. JJK idiom

creatures (npl.) cretooryn: Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures - Myrgeddin ass y vean echey haink cochaslys kiare cretooryn bio Bible

cupbearers (npl.) butleryn: his cupbearers also, and their apparel - e vutleryn myrgeddin, as nyn goamraghyn Bible

fast1 chionn, shickyr; dain; er hoshiagh, tappee; (v.) trosht, trostey; (adv.) (dy) tappee: I think so, too, the glass is going down fast - Ta mish credjal myrgeddin, ta'n gless tuittym dy-tappee. JJK idiom

fornication (n.) maarderys: Thou hast also committed fornication with the Egyptians - Tou er nyannoo maarderys myrgeddin rish ny Egyptianee Bible

Gentile (n., adj.) ashoonagh: and also to the Gentile - as myrgeddin dan Ashoonagh Bible; chymmyltagh; angreestee

groaning (v.) soghal; (n.) osnaghyn: And I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel - As ta mee myrgeddin er chlashtyn osnaghyn chloan Israel Bible

haft (n.) (v.) cur cass ayn, cur doarnane ayn; (n.) dhornane, doarnane; hilt: And the haft also went in after the blade - As hie yn hilt myrgeddin stiagh marish y vlod Bible

I could oddin: I listened to him as long as I could - Deaisht mee rish chouds oddin. DF idiom; oddin's: I also could speak as ye do - Oddins myrgeddin loayrt myr ta shiuish Bible

indebted (adj.) fo feeaghyn, fo lhiastynys, lhiastynagh; ayns lhiastynys da: for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us - son ta shinyn myrgeddin leih da dy chooilley unnane ta ayns lhiastynys dooin Bible

I will draw tayrn-yms: I will draw water for thy camels also - Tayrn-yms ushtey myrgeddin da dty chamelyn Bible

I will lodge goyms aaght: where thou lodgest, I will lodge - raad nee uss aaght y ghoaill, goyms myrgeddin aaght Bible

Jesus (n.) Yeesey: Jesus said unto him, It is written again - Dooyrt Yeesey rish, Te scruit myrgeddin Bible; Jesus [Ir. Íosa]

murder (n.) dunverys: He has not only stolen, but he has committed a murder - Cha nel eh ynrican er n'gheid, agh t'eh myrgeddin er n'yannoo dunverys. JJK idiom; milley, foall, marroo; murder; (v.) jannoo dunverys

of brass (gen.) prashey: Thou shalt also make a laver of brass - Nee oo myrgeddin tobbyr prashey Bible

reveal (v.) ashlaghey; giall; soilshaghey: God shall reveal even this unto you. - nee Jee shoh myrgeddin y hoilshaghey diu bible; soilshaghey magh; taishbyney

screech owl (n.) hullad-screeagh: the screech owl also shall rest there - nee yn hulladscreeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible; hullad rhullickey

shawms (npl.) shawmyn: With trumpets also and shawms - Lesh cayrnyn myrgeddin as shawmyn Bible

taught (v.) ynsit: Moreover, by them is thy servant taught - Lioroosyn myrgeddin ta dty harvaant ynsit Bible; dynsee: and taught it the children of Israel - as dynsee eh eh da cloan Israel Bible

too (adv.) foast, myrgeddin, ro; (pref.) ro-; neesht: Please cut my hair, too - Giar m'olt neesht, my sailliu. JJK idiom; chammah: My friend is yours too - Ta'n carrey ayms chammah euish. JJK idiom

aalyn fleshhooks: Ny coirraghyn myrgeddin as ny sleaystyn aile, as ny aalyn, as ooilley ny greinyn oc Bible

aigney-mie amicableness: Son myr dooinney ta er stroie e noid; eer myrgeddin t'ou er choayl aigney-mie dty naboo. Apoc

akin (dy); (to) see: Myrgeddin hug eh magh calmane, dy akin row ny ushtaghyn er sloateil jeh eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

annooinidyn 1 infirmities a: Tan Spyrryd hene myrgeddin niartaghey lesh ny annooinidyn ain Bible; 2 passions a: Cha vel shinyn agh deiney jeh ny annooinidyn cheddin riu hene Bible

ard-leeideilagh captain, governing principle: Myrgeddin roish nish, tra va Saul ny ree harrin, uss va ard-leeideilagh Israel Bible

Barnabas Barnabas: Duirree Paul myrgeddin as Barnabas ayns Antioch, gynsaghey as preacheil goo yn Chiarn, marish ymmodee elley. Bible

bayrn (of men) cap, cap with peak; bonnet: Ren ee cloagey jiarg da'n neen as myrgeddin bayrn jiarg feer aalin. Dhoor; cloud cap

beishtyn feïe wild beasts: lhig-ym feayshlit orroo myrgeddin feeacklyn beishtyn feïe, lesh pyshoon ard-nieughyn ny hooirey. Bible

bennaylt winnow: Nee ny dew myrgeddin, as ny assyllyn aegey, ta traaue yn thalloo, gee arroo glen t'er ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt. Bible

boggey 1 gladness, joy, joyfulness a: va boggey myrgeddin er ny mraane as y chloan Bible; 2 scumble

bracelettyn bracelets: Hoie mee magh oo myrgeddin dy stoamey, as hug mee bracelettyn er dty laueyn Bible

brastyllyn classes: Myrgeddin va resoonaghtyn ayn, margey ellynyn, brastyllyn rinkey as shooill lesh shilley er Crosh Noo Piran as e Cheeill. Carn

bun yn arbyl base of the tail; rump: Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible

cappanyn cups: Airh ghlen myrgeddin son ny aalyn, as ny meilaghyn, as ny cappanyn Bible

cassyn (f.) feet: As va shuyr eck enmyssit Moirrey hoie myrgeddin ec cassyn Yeesey, clashtyn e ghoo Bible

Charrick (Yn); (The) Rock: Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim, as y reeriaght veih Damascus; as bee fooilliagh Syria myr gloyr cloan Israel, ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee dy ghra. Bible

cha-surrym I will not suffer: Quoi-erbee myrgeddin techey shilley mooaralagh as cree ard: cha surr-ym eh Bible

chea roish avoid; flee: and the people fled eisht ren adsyn myrgeddin chea roish Abishai, as chossyn ad stiagh 'syn ard-valley. Bible

chengey lhiam lhiat (f.) 1 double-tongued, time-serving a: Myrgeddin shegin da ny shirveishee ve soccaragh, cha nee chengey lhiam as lhiat Bible; 2 tergiversation

chyndaays pl. chyndaayssyn conversion; translation: va shin cliaghtit jannoo chyndaays dooin-hene, as myr shen, loayr yn coonseilagh rooin ayns Frangish myrgeddin. Carn; return: derrey chyndaays oo, gys yn ooir: Bible

combaasit encompassed: fakin dy vel shinyn myrgeddin combaasit mygeayrt lesh lheid yn earroo dy eanishyn Bible

cooid ronney (=Ir. cuid-ronna) (f.) allowance, dividend, portion: Cur cooid ronney da shiaght, as myrgeddin da hoght ; son cha vel fys ayd, cre'n lhag-haghyrt hig er yn ooir. Bible

co-trome commensurate: as dy vod yn phalchey ocsyn myrgeddin jannoo feaysley er y feme euish, dy vod yn errey ve co-trome Bible

craidey mysh burlesque; deride, jeer, mock, scoff: Heeyn sleih cairal shoh myrgeddin, as gowee ad aggle: as nee ad craidey mysh as gearey Bible

croink veggey little hills: Ver ny sleityn myrgeddin lhieu shee: as ny croink veggey cairys da'n pobble. Bible

daa cheayrt doubly, twice, twice over: As hrog Moses e laue, as lesh e lorg woaill eh yn chreg daa cheayrt: as roie yn ushtey magh dy palchey, as ren y pobble giu, as nyn maase myrgeddin. Bible; double

derrin (dy) I would give: As ta mee myrgeddin er niartaghey my chonaant roosyn, dy derrin daue cheer Chanaan Bible

dooinney boght poor man: As haink eh gy-kione, dy dooar y dooinney boght baase, as dy dug dy ainleyn lhieu eh gys oghrish Abraham: hooar y dooinney berchagh myrgeddin baase, as v'eh er ny oanluckey. Bible; beggar

dreamallyn dreams: Son ayns ymmodee dreamallyn as mooarane goan, ta myrgeddin niart fardail Bible

drineyn thorns: Drineyn myrgeddin as onnaneyn nee eh gymmyrkey dhyt: as nee oo beaghey er lhuss y vagher Bible

drogh choamrey vile raiment: as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey Bible

dy chooilley heu every side: eisht sheid jee shiuish ny trumpetyn eu myrgeddin er dy chooilley heu jehn champ Bible

eearlys (tip) drink money; earnest, handsel, imprest: She Jee eh, ta myrgeddin er chur dooin eearlys y Spyrryd. Bible

er eeasagh borrowed: Ta shin er eeasagh argid son keesh y ree, as shen er nyn magheryn, as nyn garaghyn-feeyney. Bible; lent: Shen-y-fa ta mish myrgeddin er eeasagh eh dan Chiarn Bible

er-egin force: Eisht dooyrt y ree, Vel eh son goaill er-egin yn ven-rein myrgeddin roish my hooillyn ayns my hie hene? Bible; barely

er-jerrey ooilley last of all: Er-jerrey ooilley hooar y ven ee hene baase myrgeddin. Bible

er nyn skyn over them: t'ou myrgeddin er my hroggal seose dy ard er nyn skyn dirree seose m'oï Bible

faasechredjuagh superstitious: Ny bee-jee er-y-fa shen faasechredjuagh, agh dy shickyr credjal, dy jean eh myrgeddin dy foayroil goaill yn Oikan shoh kionfenish; dy gow eh stiagh eh ayns roihaghyn e vyghin PB1765

fainey airh (f.) gold ring: Son my ta cheet stiagh 'sy whaiyl eu dooinney lesh fainey airh, ayns coamrey seyr, as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey Bible

fainney-cleaysh earring: hug ad dy chooilley ghooinney da myrgeddin peesh dy argid, as fainney-cleaysh Bible

feie natural, savage, untame, wild: lhig-ym feayshlit orroo myrgeddin feeacklyn beishtyn feïe Bible; froward; uncivilized

fer coyrlee pl. fir-choyrlee adviser, council, counsellor: Haink Joseph dy Arimathea, fer coyrlee ooasle, va myrgeddin eh-hene farkiaght son reeriaght Yee Bible

fer-obbee enchanter; magician: Balaam myrgeddin, mac Beor, yn fer-obbee ren cloan Israel y varroo lesh y chliwe mâroosyn huitt 'sy chaggey. Bible

foue below them, under them: As myrgeddin yn ashoon, foue vees ad ayns bondiaght Bible

gaartlian weed, weeding: er aggle ayns gaartlian yn coggyl, dy n'astyrt shiu yn churnaght myrgeddin ass ny fraueyn mârish. Bible

giarey cut: she Jee myrgeddin ta giarey sleih jeh nyn dreishteil as jannoo'n laboraght oc fardail CS

giat ny eeastee fish gate: As giat ny eeastee hrog mec Hassenaah, ren myrgeddin layal ny beamyn Bible

Grail Casherick Holy Grail: T'eh credjal myrgeddin dy nee lioar va'n Grail Casherick, va cummal ny folliaghtyn jeh far-chemmig, as dy vel grainney er crosh Cheltiagh y Cholloo ta bentyn rish y lioar shoh. BS

gyn dooyt doubtless, undoubtedly: As gyn dooyt, ta eu, nyn oltyn, cheeraghyn Celtiagh, mooarane jeh'n shenn eiraght eu-hene dy reayll myrgeddin. Carn

gyn earroo COMPARE dyn earroo countless, myriad, numberless, unnumbered: Myr shen tan faarkey mooar as feayn myrgeddin: ayn ta cretooryn snauee gyn earroo Bible

gyn sparail not sparing: jean oo myrgeddin stroie as gyn sparail yn ynnyd er graih yn jeih as da-eed dy leih cairal oddys ve ayn. Bible

gys y chooid sodjey (to) extremes, uttermost: Shen-y-fa t'eh pooaral myrgeddin dy hauail gys y chooid sodjey adsyn ta cheet gys Jee liorishyn, fakin dy vel eh dy bragh bio dy jannoo stiagh [rish Jee] er nyn son. Bible

hoshiaght ooilley first of all: Son livrey mee diu hoshiaght ooilley shen ny hooar mee hene myrgeddin, kys dy dooar Creest baase son nyn beccaghyn cordail rish ny scriptyryn Bible

hug shoh so far; this put: As hug shoh jymmoose er y Chiarn; shen-y-fa hug eh eshyn dy-baase myrgeddin. Bible

Israeliteyn Israelites: As ny Hebrewnee va marish ny Philistinee roish y traa shen, hie seose mâroo gys y champ, hyndaa adsyn myrgeddin dy ve er cheu ny Israeliteyn va marish Saul as Jonathan. Bible

jannoo peccah sin: son ren mish myrgeddin dty lhiettal veih jannoo peccah moi Bible

jeanmayd shall we: Son jeanmayd reddyn mie y ghoaill veih laue Yee, as nagh gowmayd rish reddyn olk myrgeddin? CS

jeh (=Ir. de) 1 of, of him, whereof a: yn chied-vess jeh dty laboraght Bible; 2 off a: As ren ny ushtaghyn traie jehn thalloo dy kinjagh Bible; 3 from a: Myrgeddin hug eh magh calmane, dy akin row ny ushtaghyn er sloateil jeh eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

jeh reih preferably; pure, choice: Gow myrgeddin ard-spiceyn, jeh reih myrrh queig cheead shekel Bible

jiooldyms I will reject: son dy vel uss er n'yiooldey rish tushtey, jiooldyms myrgeddin rhyt's Bible

keirdey industrial, occupational, professional, trade: Va Harry ny ghooinney keirdey-seyr-thie as v'eh fer-toshiaght yn "Fire Brigade" myrgeddin. Coraa; (gen.) of trade; of craft

keyl 1 attenuated, drawn out, fine, gracile, hairline, lanky, lean, narrow, slender, slight, slim, small, spare, tapered, thin, willowy a: Adsyn myrgeddin ta gobbragh ayns lieen keyl Bible; 2 (of soup) watery; 3 (as solution) weak [O.Ir. cáel]

leigh scruit (y) statute law: Ta soilshaghey obbyr y leigh scruit ayns nyn greeaghyn, nyn gooinsheanseyn myrgeddin gymmyrkey feanish, as nyn smooinaghtyn hene deyrey, ny seyrey ad ec y traa cheddin. Bible

leihys forgive, pardon, remission: Son my leihys shiuish da deiney nyn loghtyn, leihee nyn Ayr flaunyssagh myrgeddin diuish. Bible

leodaghey (morally) cheap; decrease, degrade, depreciate, derogate, detract, detractor, diminution, dislike, disparage, disparagement, disrespect, drop, dull, impair, impairment, minimize, mitigate, mitigation, offset, reduce, reduction, remission, subtract, undervalue; diminish: shen-y-fa neem's uss myrgeddin y leodaghey Bible; impoverished

letteryn letters: As va'n scrieu shoh myrgeddin soit erskyn e chione, ayns letteryn dy Ghreek as dy Latin, as dy Hebrew, SHOH REE NY HEWNYN. Bible

level (n.) plummet: Briwnys myrgeddin neem's layal gys y line, as cairys gys y level Bible

lheeish hers: Va ben-seyr ny cummal 'sy valley veg cheerey shoh, as s'lhee hene va'n bwaane, as s'lheeish myrgeddin thieyn elley ayns Doolish, as ny maylyn oc ry haglym. Coraa

loauys (f.) caries, decay, gangrene, putrescence, putridity, rot, rottenness: eshyn ta cuirr gys yn eill, nee jeh'n eill myrgeddin buinn loauys Bible

loayrt ry-cheilley commune: Myrgeddin uss vac y dooinney ta cloan dty phobble kinjagh loayrt my-dty-chione, rish ny voallaghyn, as ayns porchyn nyn dhieyn, as loayrt ry-cheilley, dagh fer rish e vraar Bible

lurg coyrle advisedly: Ayn myrgeddin ta shin er gheddyn eiraght, myr va shin pointit ro-laue cordail rish y chiarail echeysyn ta gobbraghey dy chooilley nhee lurg coyrle e aigney hene Bible

margey pl. margaghyn emporium, fair, market, mart: Myrgeddin va resoonaghtyn ayn, margey ellynyn, brastyllyn rinkey as shooill lesh shilley er Crosh Noo Piran as e Cheeill. Carn; treaty

mooee about her: ren ish va geadaghey mooee myrgeddin brasnaghey ee dy floutagh Bible

mynlught minority: T'ad goaill yindys myrgeddin tra ta ny mynlughtyn elley g'earree nyn giannoortys-hene. Carn

nabooys neighbourhood: Nish, t'ad cur booise da troggeyderyn, lectreyryn, thieyn-nieeaghyn as fir-dellal sy nabooys ren cur cooney myrgeddin. BS

nagh vod-ym shall I not: Nagh vod-ym, myr ta mee er n'yannoo rish Samaria as ny jallooyn eck, jannoo myrgeddin rish Jerusalem, as ny jallooyn ecksh? Bible

nieuaghey alcoalagh alcoholic poisoning: Dooyrt eh dy row nieuaghey alcoalagh jannoo urree myrgeddin. BS

noa (=Ir. nua, O.Ir. núa) fresh, modern, new, novel, original, recent, unused: Cree noa myrgeddin ver-yms ayndiu, as spyrryd noa ver-ym er cheu-sthie j'iu Bible [L. novus]

nyn gour hene for themselves: As ny queig thousaneyn as feed dy lhiurid as ny jeih thousaneyn dy lheead vees myrgeddin ec ny Leviteyn, shirveishee yn thie, nyn gour hene Bible

oaseiryn y chloan bringers up of children: hug fer-reill y thie, as kiannoort yn ard-valley, yn chanstyr myrgeddin, as oaseiryn y chloan, chaghteraght gys Jehu Bible

ooylagh orchard: Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh; ta e eayney cha aalin; e scaa cha taitnyssagh; ta e vess myrgeddin feer vie. PC

ourallyn sacrifices: As dooyrt Moses, Shegin dhyt myrgeddin cur dooin ourallyn as chebballyn-losht Bible

parteeas interest payer; pl. parteeassyn partner: as myrgeddin parteeas jeh'n ghloyr vees er ny hoilshaghey Bible

peccagh (=Ir. Ir. peacach) pl. peccee COMPARE peiagh human, person: Ta peccagh ennagh er ventyn rhym Bible; transgressor, sinner: cre'n-fa foast ta mish myrgeddin er my vriwnys myr peccagh? Bible

phaartail See paartail (dy); (to) pass away: As ta shin myrgeddin bannaghey dty Ennym casherick son ooilley dty harvaantyn t'er phaartail y vea shoh ayns dty chredjue as dty aggle PB1765

pharoah pharaoh: Honnick princeyn Pharoah ee myrgeddin, as voyll ad ee kiongoyrt rish Pharoah: as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible

piobeyryn pipers: Ta skeealyn myrgeddin voish beeal arrish ta imraa piobeyryn va chyndaait dys claghyn er-yn-oyr dy row ad cloie er y Ghoonaght. Carn

planetyn planets: adsyn myrgeddin ren lostey incense da Baal, da'n ghrian, as da'n eayst, as da ny planetyn, as da ooilley pooaraghyn yn aer. Bible

pobbylagh populous, public: Myrgeddin, ta'n Ghailck ry-akin ny s'menckey er ny straaidjyn as er troggalyn pobbylagh liorish jannooaghyn yn Cheshaght.Carn Carn

possan-cloie playgroup: Ayns 1996 myrgeddin hie Phil Gawne as Chris Sheard (caairliagh jeh'n phossan- cloie Gaelgagh Yn Chied Chesmad) gys Nalbin d'eddyn magh mychione possan-cloie Gaidhlig hoal ayns shen. Carn

raah 1 good luck, prosperity, well-doing a: ta mee myrgeddin fakin drogh 'leih ayns lheid y raah Bible; 2 report; 3 (f.) rath, ring-fort

Rangish (Yn) French language: Dooyrt fer-ynsee yn Rangish dy vel cummaghyn ny vreearyn cosoylley roosyn ayns Bretnish as myrgeddin ta enmyn firrynagh as bwoirrinagh ayns nyn yees jeu. Carn

reaillys abide, keep: Agh t'ee ny s'maynrey ayns y smooinaght aym's, my reaillys ee myr t'ee: as er-lhiam pene myrgeddin dy vel Spyrryd Yee aym. Bible

riurey fat, fatter: As hug Abel lesh myrgeddin jeh toshiaght e hioltane, as y chooid s'riurey. Bible

roie ersooyl flow away, fly away, run away, run off: As dreggyr eh, Ta'n pobble er roie ersooyl veih'n chaggey, as ta ymmodee jeu myrgeddin er duittym, as t'ad marroo Bible

roish nish erstwhile; heretofore: Va ny Horimee myrgeddin roish nish cummal ayns Seir Bible; before now

ronney 1 beat, category, departmental, division, lot, part, political ward, portion, quota, share, verse; 2 (gen.) of a division a: Ta mee myrgeddin er choyrt dhyt cooid-ronney sodjey, erskyn dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 (of land) claim; 4 (of land) parcel

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

sayntyn ny foalley lusts: Ayndoo shoh ren shin ooilley myrgeddin baghey roish nish, ayns sayntyn ny foalley, cooilleeney yeearreeyn yn eill, as yn aigney Bible

scape pl. scapeyn screen, shield: T'ou myrgeddin er choyrt dou scape dty haualtys Bible

screeagh hoot, scream, shriek, squall, yell, yelp: nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible

seihllyn worlds: teh er phointeil ny eirey er dy chooilley nhee, liorish myrgeddin chroo eh ny seihllyn Bible

sett (f.) seed, seed potato, set: Ghow eh myrgeddin sett jeh mess y cheer, as phlant eh eh ayns magher messoil Bible

shawmyn shawms: Lesh cayrnyn myrgeddin as shawmyn: O jeeagh-jee shiu hene gennal kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn y Ree. Bible

shellooyn properties, holdings; herds: As va myrgeddin ec Lot, hie marish Abram, shioltaneyn, as shellooyn, as cabbaneyn. Bible

shenn eiraght ancient heritage: As gyn dooyt, ta eu, nyn oltyn, cheeraghyn Celtiagh, mooarane jeh'n shenn eiraght eu-hene dy reayll myrgeddin. Carn

shenn laghyn lang syne; old days, old times: As cur-my-ner, dty ven-vooinjerey Elizabeth, t'eeish myrgeddin er ghiennaght yn mac ayns ny shenn laghyn eck Bible

shenn-raa adage, aphorism, cliché, maxim, proverb: Shen-y-fa haink eh dy ve shenn-raa, Vel Saul myrgeddin mastey ny phadeyryn? Bible

shenn vraane aged women: Ny shenn vraane myrgeddin, dy bee ad dy ymmyrkey-bea crauee Bible; old women

shiaghey past: Ayndoo hug shiu myrgeddin raad diu hene ayns y traa t'er n'gholl shiaghey, tra ren shiu baghey ny-vud oc. Bible

shill shed: ver-yms ny bodjallyn myrgeddin fo harey, nagh shill ad fliaghey er Bible

shleeuit 1 keen, keen-minded, wide-awake: myr ree shleeuit son caggey Bible; 2 ground, sharpened, whetted a: ta cliwe shleeuit, as myrgeddin er ny ghlenney Bible

s'injilley rock-bottom; lower: Nish, dy jagh eh seose, cre te agh dy jagh eh myrgeddin sheese hoshiaght gys ayrnyn s'injilley ny hooirey? Bible

skelt 1 clove, clave a: skelt eh yn chreg myrgeddin, as ren ny ushtaghyn brishey magh Bible; 2 squat

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

sleih cairal righteous: Heeyn sleih cairal shoh myrgeddin, as gowee ad aggle: as nee ad craidey mysh as gearey Bible

sodjey2 (ny) anymore, any more, farther, furthermore, longer, moreover, no more: nee sluight Israel myrgeddin failleil nagh bee ad ny-sodjey ny ashoon kiongoyrt rhym son dy bragh. Bible

soiaghey stiagh inoculate; graff: As bee adsyn myrgeddin, mannagh vel ad dy kinjagh tannaghtyn ayns mee hredjue, er nyn soiaghey stiagh: son ta Jee abyl dy hoiaghey ad stiagh reesht. Bible

sou-aigney (f.) anxiety, dejection, despond, mirthlessness, sorrow: Ooilley e laghyn myrgeddin, goaill e veaghey ayns dorraghys, as t'echey mooarane trimshey, as sou-aigney lesh e hingys. Bible

spaagey 1 pouch, scrip a: eshyn ta sporran echey, lhig da y ghoaill eh, as myrgeddin e spaagey Bible; 2 paddle

sy (=Ir. sa) in the: Son, Cur-my-ner, va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher, as cur-my-ner, hrog yn vunney aym's, as myrgeddin, hass eh seose jeeragh Bible

thallooinyn lands: Hug eh myrgeddin da kialteenyn elley ny hEllanyn thallooinyn as vondeishyn er lheh. Chron

traa giare short time: Agh ta mee treishteil ayns y Chiarn, dy jig-yms mee hene myrgeddin ayns traa giare. Bible

treoghe orphaned, widowed: honnick eh myrgeddin ben voght treoghe dy row, tilgey ayn daa vite. Bible

troggalyn premises: Myrgeddin, ta'n Ghailck ry-akin ny s'menckey er ny straaidjyn as er troggalyn pobbylagh liorish jannooaghyn yn Cheshaght. Carn

tuittym ersooyl die out: cur-jee twoaie nagh jean shiuish myrgeddin, cleaynit lesh shaghrynys ny mee-chrauee, tuittym ersooyl veih'n shickyrys eu 'sy chredjue. Bible; fall away


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