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cruin near: ta ny oaiaghyn eck cruin mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible; masts; poles

dorraghys blackness, darkness, obscurity: Ta bodjallyn as dorraghys mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

lhie mygeayrt lie about: lesh y ghleeb va lhie mygeayrt-y-mysh. Bible

armyderyn armourers: As haink jeih deiney aegey, armyderyn Yoab, mygeayrt-y-mysh, as woaill ad Absalom, as varr ad eh. Bible

cumraagys association, comradeship, familiarity, intimacy: Rish yn ayrn smoo jeh'n vea echey, v'eh baghey ny lomarcan, as hooar eh cumraagys sy cheer mygeayrt-y-mysh - va shen e lioar as e haitnys. Coraa; camaraderie

fir vooinjerey men servants: deie eh er jees jeh ny fir vooinjerey echey as er sidoor crauee jeusyn va dy kinjagh mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

harryn over us: agh ny-yeih hie ny sling harryn mygeayrt-y-mysh, as woaill ad eh. Bible As dooyrt eshyn, Quoi ren uss dty phrince as dty vriw harryn? Bible

kibbin beg skewer: y cowrey-bannee enmyssit 'Callenig' - ooyl ny oranje, ny hassoo er tree cassyn, as croin, corkey ny arroo, as foddee luss y teim mygeayrt-y-mysh as kibbin beg ayn. Dhoor

lhiggey rish disclose, discover: Chroym eh gys ainle jeu va mygeayrt-y-mysh as ren eh 'roon myr shoh y lhiggey rish: "O vraar gloyroil, kys oddys uss v'ec fea fo errey'n leigh dewil chie er cur dooin jea? PC

mee-ourys (f.) doubt: Eisht haink ny Hewnyn mygeayrt-y-mysh, as dooyrt ad rish, Caid t'ou freayll shin fo mee-ourys? Bible; misgiving

meeryn pieces: Cur eh ayns claare-stainney smarrit dy mie, deayrt yn ushtey mygeayrt-y-mysh as cur yn eeym er y vullagh ayns meeryn veggey. Dhoor

cleiy 1 delve, dig, digging, dig out, harvest, quarry a: Ta goaill foddeeaght son y vaase, as cha vel eh cheet; as cleiy er y hon ny smoo na son berchys follit Bible; 2 earthwork, hedge, hedging: Nagh vel oo er nyannoo cleiy mygeayrt-y-mysh as mysh e hie Bible [O.Ir. claidid]


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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