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mwyllin (=Ir. muileann) (f.) pl. mwyljyn factory, mill: tra vees feiyr ny claghyn mwyllin er n'aase moal Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Mwyllin Milntown

braain mwyllin millstone

Creg Mwyllin Mill Rock

Cronk Mwyllin Mill Hill

Magher Mwyllin Mill Field

mwyllin aamaid timber mill

Mwyllin Abbagh Abbey Mill

Mwyllin Aragher Mullenaragher

mwyllin argid mint, minting press

mwyllin arroo corn mill

Mwyllin Aspick Bishop's Mill

Mwyllin Beg Little Mill

mwyllin bleih corn mill

mwyllin braghee malt mill

mwyllin brooee stamping mill

mwyllin bwoallee threshing machine, threshing mill

mwyllin caartee carding mill

mwyllin cadee cotton mill

Mwyllin Colvin Colvin's Mill

Mwyllin Corran Corran's Mill

mwyllin coshey treadmill

mwyllin eaddee cloth mill

mwyllin fasnee winnowing machine

mwyllin flooyr flour mill

mwyllin fuygh lumber mill

Mwyllin Garrett Garrett's Mill

mwyllin geayee windmill

Mwyllin Ghavee Milngavie

Mwyllin Glionney Glen Mill

Mwyllin Harry Harry's Mill

mwyllin jelliu warping mill

mwyllin keck cesspit, cesspool

Mwyllin Kiarr (Yn) Mullingar

mwyllin laarey floor mill

mwyllin leoaie lead works

mwyllin lhieen flax mill

mwyllin meinney corn mill

Mwyllin Mooar Great Mill

Mwyllin Oates Oates' Mill

mwyllin olley wool mill

mwyllin pabyragh paper mill

mwyllin poodyragh powder mill

mwyllin rowlee rolling mill

mwyllin saaual sawmill

mwyllin saauederagh sawmill

Mwyllin Sayle Sayles Mill

mwyllin scoltee slitting mill

mwyllin smooirlagh crusher

mwyllin sneeshyn snuff mill

mwyllin sneeuee spinning mill

Mwyllin Ton Mill Ton

mwyllin ushtey water mill: honnick ad dooinney va freayll mwyllin-ushtey goll shiaghey er yn vayr son dy gheddyn kostrayl ooill son y mwyllin echey GB

mwyllin walkee tuck mill

mwyllin yiarn foundry

obbree mwyllin mill hand

seyir mwyllin millwright

Ard ny Mwyllin Ardmillan

Cass y Mwyllin Foot of the Mill

Lhing ny Mwyllin Beg Little Mill Pool

Mwyllin Balley Nicholas Nicholas' Farm Mill

Mwyllin Doo Aah Union Mills, Mill of the Black Ford: She coontysseyr kaartit Mainshtyr y Karagher, ta cummal ec Thie Ballafreer, Mwyllin Doo Aah. BS

Mwyllin Keeill Pharick Patrick's Church Mill

Mwyllin ny h'Aash Hill Mill

Mwyllin ny Liargee Mill Slope

Mwyllin ny Moddee Dogmills

Mwyllin ny Moddey Dogs' Mill

Mwyllin ny Smeyr Blackberry Mill

Mwyllin Rheynn Eas Waterfall Division Mill

mwyllin roie'n eas water mill

Mwyllin y Caine Caine's Mill

Mwyllin y Chiarn Lord's Mill: vrish ad ooilley ny quernyn ayns peeshyn, as hoig shin dy begin dooin as dy chooilley ghooinney-eirinee, goaill nyn arroo dys Mwyllin y Chiarn ec Grenaby, Ballasallagh ny Ballachashtal. Dhoor

Mwyllin y Cloaie Stone Mill

Mwyllin y Corran Corran's Mill

Mwyllin y Cowle Cowle's Mill

Mwyllin y Gaue Smith's Mill

Mwyllin y Geayee Windmill

Mwyllin y Ghreasee Cobbler's Mill

mwyllin y jouyll motor car

Mwyllin y Kelley Kelly's Mill

Mwyllin y Kew Kewe's Mill

Mwyllin y Liargee Slope Mill

Mwyllin y Moddey Dog Mill

Mwyllin yn Argid Mint

Mwyllin y Quinney Quinney's mill

Mwyllin y Thammag Bush Mill

Mwyllin y Voddey Dog Mill

corn mill (n.) mwyllin arroo, mwyllin bleih, mwyllin meinney

Corran's Mill Mwyllin y Corran, Mwyllin Corran

Dog Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Voddey, Mwyllin y Moddey

sawmill (n.) mwyllin saaual, mwyllin saauederagh

water mill (n.) mwyllin roie'n eas, mwyllin ushtey

Abbey Mill (n.) Mwyllin Abbagh

Ardmillan (n.) Ard ny Mwyllin

Bishop's Mill (n.) Mwyllin Aspick

carding mill (n.) mwyllin caartee

cloth mill (n.) mwyllin eaddee

Colvin's Mill (n.) Mwyllin Colvin

cotton mill (n.) mwyllin cadee

Dogmills (n.) Mwyllin ny Moddee

Faragher's Mill (n.) Mwyllin Aragher

flax mill (n.) mwyllin lhieen

floor mill (n.) mwyllin laarey

flour mill (n.) mwyllin flooyr

foundry (n.) mwyllin yiarn; smelt

Garrett's Mill (n.) Mwyllin Garrett

Glen Mill (n.) Mwyllin Glionney

Great Mill (n.) Mwyllin Mooar

Harry's Mill (n.) Mwyllin Harry

lead works (n.) mwyllin leoaie

Little Mill (n.) Mwyllin Beg

lumber mill (n.) mwyllin fuygh

malt mill (n.) mwyllin braghee

mill (n.) mwyllin

mill hand (n.) obbree mwyllin

Mill Hill (n.) Cronk Mwyllin

Mill Rock (n.) Creg Mwyllin

Mill Ton (n.) Mwyllin Ton

millwright (n.) seyir mwyllin

Milngavie (n.) Mwyllin Ghavee

Milntown (n.) Balley Mwyllin

Mint (n.) Mwyllin yn Argid

minting press (n.) mwyllin argid

Mullenaragher (n.) Mwyllin Aragher

Mullingar (n.) (Yn) Mwyllin Kiarr

Oates' Mill (n.) Mwyllin Oates

paper mill (n.) mwyllin pabyragh

powder mill (n.) mwyllin poodyragh

rolling mill (n.) mwyllin rowlee

Sayles Mill (n.) Mwyllin Sayle

slitting mill (n.) mwyllin scoltee

snuff mill (n.) mwyllin sneeshyn

spinning mill (n.) mwyllin sneeuee

stamping mill (n.) mwyllin brooee

threshing machine (n.) mwyllin bwoallee

threshing mill (n.) mwyllin bwoallee

timber mill (n.) mwyllin aamaid

treadmill (n.) mwyllin coshey

tuck mill mwyllin walkee

warping mill (n.) mwyllin jelliu

Windmill (n.) Mwyllin y Geayee

windmill (n.) mwyllin geayee; mwyllin-gheayee

winnowing machine (n.) mwyllin fasnee

wool mill (n.) mwyllin olley

Blackberry Mill (n.) Mwyllin ny Smeyr

Bush Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Thammag

Caine's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Caine

cesspit (n.) carn eoylley, mwyllin keck

Cobbler's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Ghreasee

Cowle's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Cowle

Dogs' Mill (n.) Mwyllin ny Moddey

Hill Mill (n.) Mwyllin ny h'Aash

Kelly's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Kelley

Kewe's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Kew

Lord's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Chiarn

mill finishing mwyllin-ghloasey

Mill Slope (n.) Mwyllin ny Liargee

Quinney's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Quinney

Slope Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Liargee

Smith's Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Gaue

Stone Mill (n.) Mwyllin y Cloaie

mwyllin-gheayee windmill

mwyllin-ghloasey mill finishing

cesspool (n.) mwyllin keck, poyll keck, thorran

crusher (n.) broojer, jingeyder, lahneyder, mwyllin smooirlagh

Foot of the Mill (n.) Cass y Mwyllin

Little Mill Pool (n.) Lhing ny Mwyllin Beg

Mill Field (n.) Magher y Wyllin, Magher Mwyllin

Mill of the Black Ford (n.) Mwyllin Doo Aah

millstone (n.) braain mwyllin, clagh vleih, clagh wyllin

motor car (n.) gleashtan; gleayshtan; mwyllin y jouyll

Nicholas' Farm Mill (n.) Mwyllin Balley Nicholas

Patrick's Church Mill (n.) Mwyllin Keeill Pharick

Union Mills (n.) Mwyllin Doo Aah, Balley Keeill Varkysh

Waterfall Division Mill (n.) Mwyllin Rheynn Eas

factory (n.) mwyllin, stashoon dellal; thie grease: The unions blacked the factory - Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF idiom; thie obbree

mint bwoalley, cooiney, jannoo cooinney jeh; carnanaghey argid; mwyllin argid; myndey; mynthey; thie cooinnee

bleih See blieh grind, grist: Gow ny claghyn mwyllin as bleih meinn. DF; duffer, halfling, hobbledehoy, ninny, trifler

also (adv.) myrchaagh; myrgeddin: I'm very fond of our orchard, its verdure is so beautiful, its shade so pleasant, its fruit is also excellent - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh, ta e eayney cha aalin, e scaa cha taitnyssagh, ta e vess myrgeddin feer vie. JJK idiom; neesht: Please send some also to my brother, who lives at the Union Mills - Cur paart gys my vraar neesht my sailt, t'eh baghey ec Mwyllin Doo-aah. JJK idiom; (emph.) neeshtagh; myr-chaagh

thie obbyr work house, workshop: lurg fockley magh yn Slattys shoh, dy bee dy chooilley choirrey ta ymmyd jeant eh ayns mwyllin, thie obbyr-laue, thie-prental, thie-daah, thie son lheie yiarn, thie-imbyl, thie-fuinney, obbraghyn-gas, obbraghyn-ushtey, ny thieyn erbee elley ta ymmyd jeant Coraa


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