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mwannal (=Ir. muineál, muinéal, Sc.G. muineal) 1 pl. mwannallyn col, collar, neck, scruff a: bee dty laue ayns mwannal dty noidyn Bible; 2 fingerboard; 3 impudence, imprudence [O.Ir. muinél]

Inexact matches:

brishey mwannal breakneck

bussal mwannal muffler, scarf

falaroip mwannal-jiarg red-necked phalarope

Feeagh mwannal-dhone Brown-necked Raven

leayrane mwannal-jiarg red-necked stint

mwannal birragh V-neck

mwannal cam stiff neck, torticollis, wryneck

Mwannal Guoiee (Y); (The) Gooseneck

mwannal laue wrist

mwannal ard er high-necked

mwannal ny cass ankle

Mwannal ny Guiy Goose Neck

mwannal y chass small of the leg

mwannal y laue wrist

wrist (n.) keylid ny laue, mwannal laue, mwannal y laue

col (n.) braaid; mwannal

fingerboard (n.) mair-chlaare, mwannal

Gooseneck (n.) (The); (Y) Mwannal Guoiee

high-necked (adj.) mwannal ard er

muffler (n.) bussal mwannal, kiuneyder

neck muin; (n.) mwannal; (v.) nuiddraghey

scruff (n.) cooyl-mwannalagh; mwannal; scoig

torticollis (n.) mwannal cam

V-neck (n.) mwannal birragh

breakneck (adj.) bieauid lossee, brishey mwannal

Brown-necked Raven (n.) Feeagh mwannal-dhone

Goose Neck (n.) Mwannal ny Guiy

rabbit punch (n.) mwannal-vuilley

red-necked stint (n.) leayrane mwannal-jiarg

scarf (n.) bussal mwannal; skerin; sliman

mwannal-vuilley rabbit punch

imprudence (n.) neuchreenaght, neufeeudid, neufeeudys, neughoaieys, baaish, meenearey, mwannal

small of the leg (n.) mwannal y chass

stiff neck (n.) cleayn eiyrt, mwannal cam

wryneck (n.) mwannal cam, ushag y wannal cam

red-necked phalarope (n.) ushag ny Sheltyn; falaroip mwannal-jiarg

ankle (n.) abane: He gave his ankle a wrench - Cass eh yn abane echey. DF idiom; abbane, abaneagh, mwannal ny cass

collar (n.) brilleig, mwannal; coillar: Stand-up collar - Colliar ard creoi. DF idiom; (v.) cur coillar er

impudence (n.) baaish, eddin, meenearey, mwannal; daanys: The impudence of it! - Lhied y ghaanys! DF idiom

leg1 (n.) cass: Small of the leg - Mwannal y chass. DF idiom; lurgagh; lurgey: My leg is all black and blue - Ta my lurgey ooilley condoo. DF idiom

braag vaidjagh (f.) clog: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee Carn

colliar pl. colliaryn collar, necklet: Ta quing as colliar freayll yn mwannal fo smaght, shen myr ta torchaghyn as greddyn yn drogh-harvaant. Apoc

jannoo faghid scorning: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee, as craidjey mysh adsyn va ceau Carn

liorish bree by virtue: Liorish bree trome my ghoghan ta my choamrey er ny chaghlaa: te lhiantyn hym cha chion as mwannal my chooat. Bible


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