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Mother (intj) Vummig, Voir

mother (n.) moir, mummig, mummog, mummug; (the); (y) ven; (voc.) Ven, Voir; (adj.) mayragh; (gen.) mayrey; (pref.) moir-

Inexact matches:

mother abbess (n.) abb-voir

mother church (n.) ard-agglish, moir-agglish, moir-cheeill

mother country (n.) cheer ghooie; moir-heer

mother tongue (n.) chengey ny mayrey

of mother mayrey

queen mother (n.) rein-voir

unmarried mother (n.) moir gyn poosey

of a mother (gen.) mayrey: The love of a mother - Graih mayrey. DF idiom

right of a mother (n.) mayraght

mayrey (gen.) maternal, mother; of mother, of a mother: dinsh ee ny reddyn shoh da lught-thie e mayrey. Bible

abb-voir mother abbess

mayragh mother

moir- (pref.) metro-; mother

moir-cheeill (f.) mother church

moir-heer (f.) mother country

mummog mother

mummug mother

rein-voir queen mother

Voir2 (voc.) (Y) mother

foster-mother (n.) mimmey; moir gholtee

mother-in-law (n.) moir 'sy leigh

mother-wit (n.) keeayl vayrey

ard-agglish (=Ir. airdeaglais) (f.) mother church, High Church

mayraght (f.) right of a mother

moir gholtee (f.) foster-mother

moir gyn poosey (f.) unmarried mother

moir 'sy leigh (f.) mother-in-law

ven See ben mother, woman

cheer ghooie (f.) mother country, motherland, native shore

keeayl vayrey (f.) common sense, mother-wit

unmarried (adj.) gyn poosey: Unmarried mother - Moir gyn poosey. DF idiom; neuphoost

Ven (voc.) Woman: Dooyrt Yeesey r'ee, Ven, cre'n-fa t'ou keayney? Bible; mother

afraid (adj.) aggle er: I'm afraid his mother will be very uneasy - Ta aggle orrym dy bee e voir feer neuaashagh. JJK idiom; agglit; fo atchim

cruel (adj.) barb, barbaragh, deinaghtagh, deinyssagh; dewil: I should never have thought that a mother could be so cruel to her children. - Cha jinnin rieau er smooinaghtyn dy jargagh moir ve cha dewil da e paitchyn. JJK idiom; durey

deeply (adv.) dowin; dy dowin: My father was deeply affected - Va m'ayr gleashit dy-dowin. JJK idiom; dy trome: My mother was deeply affected by it - Va my voir gleashit dy trome liorish. DF idiom

docked cuttagh; ec y cheiy; 'sy loghan; sniemmey stiagh: The capsule docked with the mother ship - Ren y finneig sniemmey stiagh er y voir-lhong. DF idiom

feeble (adj.) anlheiltagh: His mother is very feeble - Ta'n voir echey feer anlheiltagh. JJK idiom; annoon, faase, gyn vree, lhag, moal, treih

loved ennoil; bynney: He loved his mother - Bynney lesh e voir. JJK idiom

only one unnane ny lomarcan; ynrycan: she is the only one of her mother - teeish lhiannoo ynrycan e moir Bible

thousands of millions thousaneyn dy villaghyn: Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions - T'ou uss nyn shuyr; bee uss moir thousaneyn dy villaghyn Bible

uneasy (adj.) anaashagh, corragh, graue-aashagh, imneagh; neuaashagh: I'm afraid his mother will be very uneasy - Ta aggle orrym dy bee e voir feer neuaashagh. JJK idiom

very angry (adj.) jiarg-chorree; feer chorree: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

waters (npl.) faarkaghyn; ushtaghyn: The mother of the waters - Moir ny hushtaghyn. DF idiom

with them lhieu, lhieau, lioroo; maroo, mâroo; (emph.) maroosyn, mâroosyn; roo: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

chengey ny mayrey (f.) mother tongue, native language: As kys dy vel shin clashtyn dy chooilley ghooinney loayrt ayns chengey ny mayrey ain hene? Bible

moir (=O.Ir. máthir, Ir. máthair, Sc.G. màthair) (f.) pl. moiraghyn dam, mater, matron, mother, queen: ghow eh ayr as moir y ven-aeg, as adsyn va marish Bible; focus, fountainhead, generator [L. mater]

moir-agglish (=Ir. mathair-eaglis) (f.) cathedral, mother church: Ren mee lhaih dy row y Moir-agglish shen y Moir-agglish Gothagh jerrinagh dy row troggit sy Spaainey as syn Europey hene. Dhoor

mummig (=Ir. muime) (f.) See mummog mamma, mammy, mother, mum, mummy: Dy jinnagh chammah Mummig as mish shirrey urree dy heet, er-lhiats dy darragh ee? Coraa

Voir1 (voc.) See moir Mother: Ren y neen veg keayney dy-sharroo as ren ee geamagh "Voir, Voir! Dhoor

Vummig (voc.) See mummig Mother: As yinnagh Freddie geamagh er ash, "Ta mee aynshoh, vummig, ta mee cheet nish." LC

childless (adj.) dyn chloan: and he died childless - as hooar eshyn baase dyn chloan Bible; gyn cloan: As the sword hath made women childless - Myr ta dty chliwe er nyannoo mraane gyn cloan Bible; gyn sluight: what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless - cre ver oo dou, fakin dy vel mee gyn sluight Bible; fegooish cloan: so shall thy mother be childless among women - shen myr vees dty voir fegooish cloan mastey mraane Bible

hers (pron) e: Your mother and hers - Dty voir as e moirs. DF idiom; j'ee: He is an old beau of hers - T'eh ny henn leggad j'ee. DF idiom; jeeish: A friend of hers - Carrey jeeish. DF idiom; lheeish, lh'eeish: This house is hers - Lheeish yn thie shoh. DF idiom; eck: That son of hers - Yn mac shen eck. DF idiom; ecksh: My sister will give me hers - Ver my huyr y fer ecksh dou. JJK idiom

precious (adj.) braew, ennoil, leagh mooar, leaghar, leagharagh; costal: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things - hug eh myrgeddin dan vraar as y voir eck cowraghyn costal Bible; goaun: And the word of the Lord was precious in those days - As va goon Chiarn goaun ayns ny laghyn shen Bible; deyr: because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day - er-yn-oyr dy row my vioys deyr ayns dty hilley er y laa shoh Bible; costalagh, costallagh: with the precious stones - marish ny claghyn costalagh Bible; mooar-leagh: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life - as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible

wickedly (adv.) dy drogh; dy holk; dy aggairagh: Will ye speak wickedly for God? - Jean shiuish loayrt dy aggairagh ayns lieh Yee? Bible; dy mee-chrauee: I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God - ta mee er vreayll raaidyn y Chiarn, as cha vel mee dy mee-chrauee er hreigeil my Yee. Bible; mee-chairys: God will not do wickedly - cha jean Jee meechairys Bible; dy neuchairagh: thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly - tou uss er nyannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh Bible; dy olk: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly - son er drogh choyrle e voir ren eh dy olk Bible; dy olkyssagh: thou thoughtest wickedly - heill oo dy olkyssagh Bible; dy peccoil: and have done wickedly - as er nyannoo dy peccoil Bible

mimmey (f.) pl. mimmaghyn foster-mother, godmother, godparent, guardian, sponsor: As keead ben ayns nyn mimmey da maccan (Boanderey da oikan) Ry gheddyn ayns yn vrugh foddey lhein. Coraa


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