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morning (n.) maddin, madran; moghrey: I get up every morning at six o'clock - Ta mee g'irree dagh moghrey ec shey er y chlag. JJK idiom; (gen.) madjin

Inexact matches:

all morning car y voghree

every morning dagh moghrey: I get up every morning at six o'clock - Ta mee g'irree dagh moghrey ec shey er y chlag. JJK idiom; gagh moghrey

Good morning1 (intj) Baill veih Jee dhyt, Baill veih Jee hood; Maddin vie, Moghrey mie, Moghrey dhyt

Good morning2 (intj) (answer) Baill veih Jee hood

morning before (n.) moghrey roish shen

morning dress (n.) coamrey moghree

morning prayer (n.) Ainrick Vadran, erin, padjer moghree, padjer voghree

morning room (n.) shamyr voghree

morning star (n.) maddinagh; rollage ny madjin

next morning (n.) moghrey laa ny vairagh

this morning (n.) moghrey jiu: Was it this morning you came? Yes - Moghrey jiu haink oo? She. DF idiom

tomorrow morning (n., adv.) moghrey mairagh; moghrey ny mairagh

yesterday morning moghrey jea

in the morning roish munlaa; 'sy voghrey; ayns y voghrey

morning after tomorrow (n.) moghrey nuyr

occurring in the morning (adj.) maddinoil

Ainrick Vadran morning prayer

coamrey moghree morning dress

gagh moghrey every morning

maddinagh (f.) matutinal, morning star

Maddin vie Good morning

padjer moghree (f.) morning prayer

shamyr voghree (f.) morning room

car y voghree all morning

maddin (f.) mattins; morning [L. matutinus]

moghrey nuyr morning after tomorrow

moghrey roish shen morning before

padjer voghree (f.) matins, morning prayer

roish munlaa in the morning

rollage ny madjin (f.) morning star

Baill veih Jee hood (intj) Good morning

maddinoil matutinal, occurring in the morning

Moghrey dhyt Good morning, Good morrow

get up (v.) irree: I get up every morning at six o'clock - Ta mee g'irree dagh moghrey ec shey er y chlag. JJK idiom; scolbey

phone (n.) chellvane: I was on to him on the 'phone this morning - Va mee loayrt rish er y chellvane moghrey jiu. DF idiom; (v.) chellvaney

prayer (n.) ainrick: Morning Prayer - Yn Ainrick Vadran. DF idiom; gueeder; padjer: Address a prayer to God - Padjer y chur seose dys Jee. DF idiom; yeearree

ayns y voghrey in the morning: Ta padjer ayns y voghrey fosley yn giat jeh nyn gurrym son yn laa. EF

Baill veih Jee dhyt (intj) Good morning: "Baill veih Jee dhyt, y Ghinah" dooyrt Noddee. Dhoor

erin Eucharist, mass, morning prayer: As dooyrt eh rishyn va harrish yn erin, Cur-jee lhieu magh coamraghyn son ooilley ooashleyderyn Vaal. Bible; (f.) vestry

madjin (f., gen.) morning: Ayns la dy tdy phuers ouri yn pobyl duitch ourel agnagh ry ammys kasserick : ta driught cymmyrkys iae biu ny madjyn. Psalm1610

madran aurora, dawn, daybreak, morning, peep-of-dawn: feer voghey ayns y vadran, er y chied laa jehn chiaghtin Bible

moghrey forenoon, morning: moghrey mairagh gow-jee er nyn yurnah Bible Sho mar ta ordyghy yn padjer moghrey as faskyr janu jerrey tryid magh ny bleyney slayn. PB1610

moghrey jea yesterday morning: Hooar y Coonseilagh Callow baase dy doaltattym moghrey jea. BS

moghrey jiu this morning: V'ad kiarail dooney ny raaidyn ec jeih er y chlag moghrey jiu as fosley ad ec queig er y chlag, my va gagh red goll dy mie. BS

moghrey laa ny vairagh next morning: Moghrey laa ny vairagh erreish dooin faagail Batavia, beggan ny lurg yn hoghtoo oor, honnick mee guilley mysh yn eash shen cheet veih cheu elley ny lhong JC

moghrey mairagh tomorrow morning: Shenn Raad Valley Chashtal, faggys da Thie ny Cailleeyn Dooey, bee eh foshlit reesht veih shey er y chlag moghrey mairagh. BS

Moghrey mie Good morning: My ta fys ayd t'eh cliaghtey gra 'Moghrey Mie' er y radio tra t'eh ymskeaylley fashnys ny h- emshir. Dhoor

moghrey ny mairagh tomorrow morning: "Moghrey ny mairagh," dooyrt eh, "yn fer s'tappee vees er-chosh (yn fer s'tappee vees son magh irree yn traa shoh), she echey vees ad." GB

'sy voghrey in the forenoon, in the morning: goaill arrane derrey ny ooryn moghey 'sy voghrey. Carn

commanded doardee: And I commanded Joshua at that time - As doardee mee Joshua ec y traa shen Bible; goardail: And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them - As hug y cheshaght nyn daa housane jeig jeh ny deiney sdunnal, goardail daue; haree: They commanded - Haree ad. DF idiom; oardit: and I did in the morning as I was commanded - as ren meesy voghrey myr ve oardit dou Bible; oardrit; hug currym er: And he commanded them - As hug eh currym orroo Bible

Monday (n.) Lhein, Luain, Jylhein, Jelhein, Jyluain; Jelune: Every Monday morning - Gagh moghrey Jelune. DF idiom; Jyluain: I shall have the pleasure of seeing you next week, on Monday or Tuesday - Bee taitnys aym jeeaghyn shiu yn chiaghtyn shoh cheet, Jyluain ny Jymart. JJK idiom

sign1 cowraghey; cowreydagh; monney: That's a sure sign - Ta shen monney shickyr. DF idiom; cowrey: They say it's a sign of fine weather, in the morning - Ta feallagh gra dy nee cowrey emshir aalin eh, ayns y voghrey. JJK idiom

year (n.) blein, bleïn: I wish you goodnight, good morning, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New year - Saillym diu Oie vie, Moghrey mie, Ollick ghennal, Blein vie Noa. JJK idiom; (the); (yn) vleïn, vlein: Do you remember the year we had the severe winter? - Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK idiom


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